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Photo credit: Delila Rio

Ada Marques releases evocative new single ‘Porcelain’

Rising indie-folk singer-songwriter Ada Marques has revealed that her debut EP, Creature Of Habit, will be released on November 18. Alongside the EP announcement, Marques has released the evocative new single ‘Porcelain,’ the third song taken from Creature Of Habit.

Examining ongoing heartbreak and loss, Marques emphasizes the persistent, evolving affliction from losing someone on ‘Porcelain.’ Uttering “let it flicker, blow on the embers of what could have been” before the wistful chorus, which states, “lightning never strikes the same place twice,” Marques illustrates the inevitable regret of a lost relationship, calling attention to the often overwhelming feeling of defeat.

With a deceptively upbeat instrumental and a haunting vocal line, ‘Porcelain’ – mixed, mastered, and produced by Grammy-nominated Chris Reynolds – is a goodbye letter to a love outgrown. Like previously released singles ‘Bell’ and ‘Napkin,’ the single comes from a place of hurt and deceit. The feeling is familiar to Marques, who admits, “I always write songs from a place of hurt, but this song seemed to come from a place of anger. It was the first time in a long time that I allowed myself to write when I was purely angry. I usually write to process my feelings more calmly, but this song was written like a rant rather than a self-controlled dissection of a situation.”

Ada Marques beautifully demonstrates the discontent and distress that may come with heartache, especially with repeated instances of pain, as she sings, “I was never one to take things and stride.” Listeners can relate their experiences of love and loss with this song, as it evokes an emotive, melancholy response.

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