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Kitty Coen announces spellbinding debut LP Hellcat & shares warm love song ‘yellow light’

Nashville-based alternative pop/rock artist Kitty Coen announces her long-awaited, spellbinding debut album, HELLCAT, due out April 30. Alongside the announcement, Coen recalls falling in love with the wistful, glowing track ‘yellow light’ out now. With her first full-length project, Kitty Coen finally writes her own story where she reclaims her own narrative and fervently learns to turn pain and anger into power and fiercely uncompromising artistry.

HELLCAT, the forthcoming unapologetic collection by Kitty Coen, is a defiant body of work that showcases the artist’s strength, perseverance and determination through a blend of genres, confessional lyricism and unflinching honesty. The title and the album’s themes are derived from the word’s definition, and its ties to societal rejection of women deemed “witches.” Coen explains, “At one time the word ‘witch’ was not negative but was applied to women who worked in holistic medicine to heal people with illnesses. Through time, the church detested these women because it argued with divine greatness and ultimately went against the church.”

Coen continues, “They began hunting and killing any woman that fit this “description” consisting of any woman who appeared educated, attractive, tempting, or dominant in any way.” It was this attack on women that has played a role in societal stigmas against women today, and with this project, the musician intends to take back her power and empower silenced voices along the way. Coen shares, “I believe that this album shows the progression of a woman harnessing her anger and frustrations with the world and utilizing them to create magic, love and light.” Over eleven potent tracks, Coen finds hope in struggle and finds solace in her own strength.

‘yellow light’ is a nostalgia-soaked recollection of a first love throughout balmy summer nights filled with fireflies and mosquitoes. The airy, acoustic track reflects Coen’s newfound romance that brings her ease and comfort like never before. Coen says the track is a testament to freely falling in love and, “showcases the alchemy of my music and how I have used the fire I have in me to harness love and magic instead of stew in my anger towards the world and ultimately the patriarchy.” With her soothing vocals, Coen skillfully paints a vivid picture of a sentimental moment in time, capping off the project with a heartwarming memory and oozes with pride and joy.


  1. center of the sun
  2. bad bad liar
  3. unfollow me
  4. black nails (ft. the pastlives)
  5. I’m afraid all boys are the same
  6. watermoon 222☾ (interlude)
  7. el paso
  8. cadillac
  9. everything’s a mess
  10. rotten tomatoes
  11. yellow light
Photo credit: Kirt Barnett

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