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Photo credit: Kirt Barnett

Kitty Coen taps into Western witch rock with double single release ‘cadillac’ and ‘el paso’

Today, Nashville-based alternative pop/rock artist Kitty Coen shares two cinematic new tracks ‘cadillac’ and ‘el paso’ out now. Inspired by her time in West Texas and Western films, each track takes on a life of its own, delving into tumultuous love affairs and late night drives over smooth guitar licks and mesmerizing melodies.

‘cadillac’ rolls in like the height of an old Western movie with a brooding baseline, and sultry vocals that paint a picture of smoke, an old car, a horse and “talking smack.” Exuding an unmistakable dark and stormy energy, Coen describes the track as a “metaphorical dance with the devil on fateful night in a desolate West Texas saloon.” The artist cites old spaghetti Western films and Quentin Tarantino as inspirations that touch on her roots to bring a refreshed sound that is uniquely Coen.

The second single ‘el paso,’ swiftly picks up where ‘cadillac’ left off, evoking a Southern Gothic aura that envelops the listener. An autobiographical plunge into heartbreak, ‘el paso’ sheds light on the pain that addiction can inflict on users and their loved ones. The Western-tinged acoustic ballad, Coen says, is “a true story about love and loss in my own life. In my opinion, being in love with an addict is one of the hardest things a person can go through.” Musically, Coen points to the emotional country heavy-hitters like Noah Cyrus, Kacey Musgraves as influences, and reveals it was the creation of this song that pulled her in a similar direction, where she intends to keep going. Coen admits, “I’ve always been a Bluegrass girl at heart even if I’ve been fighting it my whole life.” With her heart on her sleeve, Coen shares her own experiences of joy and pain with unwavering honesty and uncompromising artistry.

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