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shallow pools announce debut album I Think About It All The Time & share new single/video ‘Nightmare’

Equal Vision Records and shallow pools are excited to announce the October 13 release of I Think About It All The Time, the Boston-based indie-pop band’s full-length debut album.

Featuring songs co-written with LGBTQ+ icon Lynn Gunn of PVRIS, I Think About It All The Time is a record that paints a vivid picture of the dystopian times we find ourselves in in 2023 — both in general, but especially in the USA if you’re a minority. It’s that unavoidable setting that dictated both the tone and the themes of this album, but also which propelled the band — all of whom are close friends who live together — to rally against the discrimination and oppression which seems to be becoming more and more a part of everyday life. “I feel like we always want to make some kind of statement,” says vocalist Glynnis Brennan, “and we wanted to write something that basically said ‘Fuck the haters’. As members of the LGBT community, this just feels really important to us.”

With the announce, the band release the music video for its new single ‘Nightmare,’ which is a song about how the band won’t stand for the lack of respect for physical and emotional boundaries. While on tour, they experienced uncomfortable physical and verbal interactions with men in the crowd multiple times. Inappropriate touches and conversations. Backhanded compliments. Condescending tones. It became frequent enough that they started a note called “shit they said to us” just so they could document the ridiculousness of it all.

When they got home from the tour, they read through the note again and thought about how they could channel their anger and exasperation with the situation into a song. “We want this song to empower anyone who has been in a similar situation,” the band says. “And we hope that we’re one step closer to creating a safe space for everyone in the music scene.”

I Think About It All The Time:

  1. Nightmare
  2. Say What You Want
  3. In Too Deep
  4. Glass House
  5. IHYK
  6. Now Or Never
  7. Dead Ends
  8. All We Got
  9. Golden
  10. No Good At Goodbyes

Photo credit: Sarah Mentus

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