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Photo credit: Eva Smittle

Daisy The Great share new single/video ‘Tough Kid’

Indie pop band Daisy the Great share ‘Tough Kid,’ the second song from their upcoming EP, which will be released October 6.

“’Tough Kid’ is a really special song to us,” say the duo. “We’ve been holding on to this song for a while and as we’re putting it out now, it almost seems like our younger selves are teaching us this lesson all over again. The song is about feeling scared that you’re not able to keep up, like you’re all scrambled up and overwhelmed and ten steps behind everyone else. It’s about wanting to be able to handle everything and not understanding how it seems like everyone else can do it all. The song is a wish to talk yourself out of your insecurities. We hope that it can be a safe spot for anyone feeling that way – we’ve been there and we hope the song can be a reminder to trust your own instincts and believe in yourself and allow yourself space to mess up.”

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