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Having recently announced their new album, Emerald Sea, is set for release June 17 via Joyful Noise Recordings, New York-based audiovisual project Sound of Ceres are sharing the second glimpse of the record with their new single and video ‘Sunray Venus’ directed by Matthew Maddox. Speaking about new track ‘Sunray Venus’, Ryan Hover of Sound of Ceres said “A song of nascent mind’s curiosity. Venus Caelestis, the morning star, has left the cradle of the void to climb sea-crags and delve in grottos for the flame spied from afar, a flicker beneath the waves, the deep wish of the unknown to be known.” On the visuals, director Matthew Maddox said “Listening to the song and speaking with K and Ryan, an image of a visitor to this planet popped into my mind. I wanted to capture the mystery and child-like wonder of what it would be like to explore a new world for the first time.”

Daily Harvest is a plant-based food company and to celebrate Earth Month, they’ve teamed up with Kelis to make a new song titled ‘Feed Them’. The new track is teamed with a video filmed at Kelis’ California farm, and features on the Daily Harvest: Eat The Solution EP with other songs from Kyla Imani, Shuba and Damoyee. In a statement, Kelis said, “If we’re able to plant these little seeds, give people the information and let them see how feasible and tangible eating the solution really is, that’s the first step towards change.” On Instagram, she added, “The Earth gives us everything we need to nourish ourselves and our families, if we take care of it. Healing our planet doesn’t have to be so complicated. If we all just up our fruits + veggies and choose food that’s good for us and the planet, we can all do our part to take better care of the Earth.” [via Line Of Best Fit]

Florence + the Machine unveil a new single, ‘Free,’ with a video starring acclaimed actor Bill Nighy as Florence’s anxiety and directed by Autumn de Wilde. The track is the latest from Florence’s forthcoming fifth LP Dance Fever, out May 13.

ARO (Aimée Osbourne) shares a brand new track ‘AGAINST MINE,’ alongside an accompanying music video. This is her first new track in two years, and it exhibits her sultry, dark, and melodic electro-pop sound in all its glory. She will share more new music this year.

Last month, Flasher announced a new album, Love Is Yours, the band’s first since their 2018 debut. Its lead single ‘Sideways’ was the first that Taylor Mulitz and Emma Baker presented from the group as a duo, and it was groovier and more chilled-out than what’s come before. Now, they’re back with the album’s second single, title track ‘Love Is Yours.’ “‘Love Is Yours’ is about the roller-coaster highs and lows of a long-term relationship—the kind where a conversation can feel like a tripwire, with subtextual clues that offer the promise of reward if correctly decoded,” the band said in a statement. The track comes with a Camille Smura-directed music video homage to National Treasure, with Baker playing Nic Cage. Perfect timing for the Cage meta-comedy The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, which hits theaters this weekend. [via Stereogum]

Under the name BETWEEN FRIENDS, Los Angeles-based sibling duo Brandon and Savannah Hudson make woozy bedroom pop ballads that explore social anxieties and romance. Now, they’ve shared a video for their latest single, ‘orange juice.’ In the video, the pair pretend to be adults and call up a school to have their humanoid orange friend released early. Check out the Kevin Clark-directed video above. Wale says Jerry Seinfeld helped clear samples to bring 2010’s More About Nothing to streaming ‘orange juice’ is a slow-burner, opening with mellow chords before soft guitar plucks gently rock the song back and forth. “Like you best with words unsaid,” Savannah coos. “Can we just watch the time slowly go? You know I’m hung on this reality.” “When creating ‘orange juice’ we wanted to write a song that was as colorful as possible,” the duo said about the song in a press release. “Lyrically the song touches on making the ultimate unexpected fantasy out of something as simple as a comedown from a night out. Pairing this with sonics reminiscent of cartoons and a groove made after listening to a lot of D’Angelo’s Voodoo, we hope that the song will take you on a small mental trip.” [via The FADER]

Melbourne trio Telenova return with glorious new single ‘Why Do I Keep You?’. The three-piece made their bow in 2021, with their silken, studied alt-pop becoming the tastemakers’ pick. Hailed for greatness, new single ‘Why Do I Keep You?’ is genuinely wonderful pop song, full of intrigue, mystery, and a glorious melodic touch. Worth aligning alongside mid 90s guitar pop melancholy, it’s also shot through with a brilliant white light, presenting a solution amid the darkness. A song about love pushing you to the edge, Telenova sing: “I kissed the ground before you, I cut my eyes out for you, restless, blinded by my love…oh why do I keep you?” Angeline Armstrong directs the colourful, super-chic video, with tightly wound choreography from Zoe Marsh. [via Clash]

Laufey returns with new single ‘Everything I Know About Love’. Out now, it further blends jazz tropes with her exquisite songwriting, with the Icelandic-Chinese artist chasing magical highs. Transforming everyday feelings into something remote and inspired, the single is marked by her painterly touch. ‘Everything I Know About Love’ reaches towards some inspired truth, and while failing to get there relishes in the journey. Laufey comments… “This song is about all the magical things that I was told love was like but I’ve never gotten to experience. I’ve tried many times but fail every time. Turns out, I don’t know anything about love! The intro composed by Bach is played by myself on cello, and my mother and sister on violin.” [via Clash]

070 Shake is finally coming back with her sophomore album. YOU CAN’T KILL ME is due out this spring via G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam Recordings, and now, the singer has shared the project’s lead single, ‘Skin and Bones.’ ‘Skin and Bones’ is simultaneously a banger and a slow jam that incorporates 070 Shake’s signature blend of hip-hop, soul, and danceable pop. The track documents a clandestine love affair that seems to be slipping through the cracks: “Skin and bones under the covers/ Kept our love undercover/ Nonchalant, very subtle/ Tryin’ not to step on the puddle,” 070 Shake sings over spacey production. The Noah Lee-directed music video for ‘Skin and Bones’ is a surreal, cinematic trip, taking 070 Shake and her cohort of co-stars throughout various locations until she arrives at an empty auditorium for a shocking conclusion. [via Consequence]

Back in February, we heard the first new PinkPantheress appearance on record since last fall’s breakthrough mixtape To Hell With It when, along with Lil Uzi Vert and Shygirl, she appeared on Mura Masa’s ‘bbycakes.’ Now PinkPantheress has her own new single out; once again it’s a superstar collaboration, and once again Mura Masa is involved. ‘Where You Are’ teams PinkPantheress with the omnipresent WILLOW, who brings the same dark and angsty TikTok-rock energy to the track that she supplied for Camila Cabello’s ‘psychofreak.’ The new song, co-produced by PinkPantheress, Mura Masa, and Skrillex, is like a more haunted version of the to hell with it highlight ‘Just For Me.’ In a press release, PinkPantheress writes, “i had a lot of fun writing this song. it took loads of attempts to get it right but this is probably my proudest work to date, and i’m super happy for everyone to hear it.” [via Stereogum]

Sunflower Thieves have shared their new EP Someone To Be There For which is released with their latest single and video for ‘Grown Out Of You’. The EP sees Sunflower Thieves exploring themes of self-discovery and growth, navigating and reflecting on the past as well as looking towards the future as they touch upon friendship, relationships, personal growth and loss along the way. All of which is delivered by the duo in their unique way as they release a body of work which is all at once warming, reflective, honest and authentic. Released with the EP is focus track, ‘Grown Out Of You’ which is the duo’s latest track offering, inspired by the nostalgia and curiosity of returning home and seeing their childhood friends moving on with their lives, in a different direction and being happy for them from a distance. The childhood nostalgia of the track is brought to life as the duo feature in the accompanying visual set at a village hall kids’ party where they are seen to be disconnected from the other party guests who are enjoying traditional party games. The video concludes with Sunflower Thieves accepting that they’ve grown out of their past friendships which means they can find contentment and happiness for their friends from a distance. Speaking on the new track, the duo added “You forget life goes on while you’re away but when you come back expecting things to have remained, it’s bittersweet but also easy to accept that things have changed and that you’ve grown apart from those you once knew so well.”

After making history as one of Coachella’s first Indian-origin performing artists, Raveena is back with the psychedelic music video for ‘Love Overgrown.’ Starring model Salem Mitchell, the duo catch themselves in the midst of a passionate relationship with an ultra-saturated futuristic landscape as the backdrop. Rocking Euphoria-inspired makeup in the form of ample face jewels and graphic silver eyeliner, Mitchell and the R&B and soul songstress embrace and fight, while wearing Bollywood-esque midriff-baring ensembles. At one point, the pair morph into technicolor points when they lock lips. Featured on her sophomore album, Asha Awakening, Raveena sings, “I don’t need your apologies/I don’t need any waterfall/I don’t need midnight beg and call, no/You love a big reaction/You said it feels more passionate/You love my anger, you said it turns you on/You know that’s wrong, hey.” [via Hypebae]

Music creator Anna Sofia showcases her talent for storytelling in her brand new single ‘Cruel World’. This is the third offering this year from the Toronto-based songstress, and showcases people who will do anything for power, ignoring the consequences that come with it. She reveals her realization that the world is a harsh place when you’re living as if you’re the only one in it. The visual for the track focuses on the same physical and mental confines present in the ‘No. 5’ visual, but this time including experiments from the outside world. Part of a larger, upcoming film project from Anna, the video leaves fans questioning what’s next for Anna. Will she make it out? This will all be continued in Anna’s upcoming debut EP, LET ME OUT I’M FREE! which will be arriving May 19 via Mismatched Socks Presents. Anna Sofia on the process of creating ‘Cruel World’: “At the time of writing this song, I was in a position in my career where I felt I was being treated as a product by the people around me. A bunch of money and power-hungry business people, using me as another stepping stone to their success. This inspired me to use this concept that I was already very eager to speak about, but turn it into some crazy fictional fairytale. We ended up making each verse their own separate story that, in the end, speak on the same life lesson. We decided to use the chorus as an opportunity to sum up both stories and explain the message they were both telling which is: money and power can take you far, but it’s a cruel world when there’s no love.” [via Pop Nerd Lounge]

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