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Weyes Blood has unveiled a new music video for ‘Twin Flame,’ which appears on her 2022 album, And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow. Directed by Ambar Navarro, the moody, medieval visual follows Natalie Mering herself in a red dress as she traverses through the candlelit halls of a castle, waiting for her husband to return on horseback. [via Pitchfork]

Born from Riot Grrrl, VENUS GRRRLS are an alternative rock band from Leeds. From twinkling synth motifs to raspy guitar lines, the girls present the dark yet empowering discourse surrounding their own synergistic experiences. Seeing someone you care about manipulated, demeaned, and have their self-esteem crushed by a narcissistic individual can evoke a sense of helplessness and frustration. ‘Liar Liar’ is written from the abuser’s grip, but encourages the idea that people can reclaim their autonomy, rediscover their worth, and ultimately, forge a path towards renewed emotional well-being and empowerment. The band say, “‘Liar Liar’ took some time to finish, both lyrically and instrumentally. The topic, often very personal and contextual was something I wanted to make sure was adequately represented despite its vast nature. The idea was that the ‘narrator’ of the song has become aware of the dynamic of another relationship, and that it isn’t necessarily a good dynamic. Spotting patterns of emotional manipulation and abuse, the narrator seeks not only to empower the victim but to let the perpetrator know that they’ve figured out what’s happening despite the ‘games’.”

Acclaimed indie R&B singer, songwriter Celine Love shares the gorgeously cinematic music video for her new single ‘Gold Plated Tears’. The track is taken from her upcoming new EP Colouring In, out on October 26. Following the release of her breezy, summer single ‘Candy Eyes’, the new single slows the pace down and showcases Celine’s love for indie and folk music. With a haunting guitar riff at its core, Celine’s gorgeously sultry vocals take centre stage. Lyrically, it explores situationships that you find yourself pouring too much of yourself into. She says, “I am a sad guitar girl at heart and find that I get to be me truest as an artist when writing with an instrument in my hand. My love for Jeff Buckley definitely comes to light in this track through dark and deep metaphors with an emotional and soulful performance. The song is about a situationship I poured far too much of myself into. The first half was written when I was still very confused about it. By the time I recorded the song and wrote the rest of it I was more angry and hurt, which is why the song takes a turn emotionally. The idea behind the ‘gold plated tears’ line was a happy accident because I was simply trying to make the song fit the colour theme of the EP. However once I wrote that line, it shaped the meaning of the track. Tears were spilled because of the sadness and anger I felt but because I get to create art from my experience they became valuable. Plated in gold. I can only hope the listener is inspired to be true to their emotions. This is one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written, and I especially struggle writing about people who have hurt me. If sining or crying along to the track can give anyone some sort of catharsis, then the message has been delivered.”

“Our hostess starts out perfect, but gradually begins to unravel as the song progresses,” says SURVIVAL GUIDE, a.k.a. Emily “Agent M” Whitehurst (former vocalist for punk standouts Tsunami Bomb) about the deranged Stepford Wives treatment for her video for ‘Pie,’ the third single off her fourth full-length electropop Survival Guide album deathdreams, out October 19 via Double Helix Records. The vivid metaphor in the lyrics as a protector (“Let me bubblewrap you / Hide you from his eyes”) begins to reveal itself as she dreads younger women having to endure some of the darker things she’s been through. The song’s origin as a “basic demo” with just a “weird clicky drumbeat, a few bass synths and the vocals” was fleshed out at Mesa, AZ’s Flying Blanket Recording Studio with producer Bob Hoag (Dear and the Headlights, The Ataris, The Format) who added in some various layers in production to make the song shine. “Bob really filled it in with harps, violins, mellotron flutes and so much more, and turned it into this unique song,” she says. “Also, I really love desserts and baking, so I’m excited that I figured out how to make pie such a focus in one of my songs.” “Some of the instrumentation on ‘Pie’ gave it a hint of a 1950s sound, which inspired video director Bryan Heiden and the team at The Motivated Mind Group to create the look and feel of the music video,” she adds on the video’s treatment. “Even though the song isn’t literally about pie” she laughs, “we all wanted to use the imagery of it, so we filmed a cooking show set in the ‘50s. I loved getting to attempt all the different emotions that went into this character. And since I enjoy baking so much, it was super fun to do an exaggerated version of a baking show for the video. It even comes with a few commercial breaks!” The deviant ‘Pie’ video follows in tune with the previous action-packed videos: ‘Lady Neptune’ which follows a narrative driven ‘rise and fall’ type story that features a plot of a character who wants something more out of life, but ends up choosing organized crime,” and the macabre and blood-splattered short film-esque music video for ‘Blood Perfume,’ which stars Em as a deranged serial killer who outsmarts her victims.

London-based newcomer Lola Wild shares her debut single ‘Rendezvous’ via Tip Top Recordings. The single, a pensive indie burner for fans of artists like Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten and Chromatics, is the first to be taken from her forthcoming debut EP. The single is accompanied by a striking music video featuring showgirl dancer Coco Belle and directed by Jack Satchell and Mars Washington. ‘Rendezvous’ is a retro-tinged ode to pansexuality and sexual fluidity. The story of the single holds a more poignant meaning than the up-beat crooney, Fosse inspired video lets out. Written about two same sex lovers and the social pressures of where they should sit with their sexuality and gender roles, the song recounts Lola’s own experience at the time she began exploring her sexual identity. It details the challenges faced by two friends falling in love and fear of the judgement and stereotypes that came with it. Of her new single, Lola says: “Bob Fosse is one of my biggest idols, he influenced the choreography in the music video. Films like Sweet Charity and Cabaret inspired me to make music in the same way that Fosse made films. He created an entire signature style through embracing insecurities and experiences, ditching emulation and embracing individuality. I never thought that ‘Rendezvous’ would end up turning into a queer love song. It’s loosely based on my own experiences and the stereotypes I faced when exploring my own sexuality.”

Scene Queen has released a new single, ‘Pink Push Up Bra’. “I wanted a song about finally getting the Justice you deserve because I realize that doesn’t happen for a lot of women,” she explains. “I was having a not so great day that ended up turning into one of my new favorite songs. The idea for the song actually came to me in the shower as I was getting ready for the studio session because I was feeling very triggered that day. I was an hour late to the session because of it, but knew it would be a quick write. The whole song top to bottom took about 2.5 hours total to write and record. It’s probably my most rage-filled song and one of my heaviest. I hope anyone that relates gets the Justice they deserve or at least can use it as an outlet for all the complex emotions that go along with the trauma of assault.” [via Dork]

This past Friday, CHAI released their new self-titled album, the Japanese group’s fourth full-length overall, and they’ve been rolling it out over the last few months with ‘We The Female!,’ ‘PARA PARA,’ ‘NEO KAWAII, K?,’ and now they’re sharing the video for ‘GAME’. Here’s what the group’s MANA had to say about it: “Winning isn’t the goal, it’s the strategizing and challenge that matters♡ So it doesn’t matter if you lose. Take that loss and turn it into an even better strategy! Life’s a game! We made the video with our lovely friend Ginger Root♡ It’s fun and NEO KAWAII♡ As long as you’re living, you can play the game as many times as you want. Be honest to your heart, don’t take it too seriously, and live life.” [via Stereogum]

Experimental pop artist Eartheater has released her sixth full-length studio album Powders. The project is available via her own label, Chemical X, and features the previously released singles ‘Pure Smile Snake Venom’ and ‘Chop Suey.’ The latter is a blissed-out cover of System of a Down’s nu-metal classic. Producers and contributors on Powders include Yves Rothman, Sega Bodega, Lecx Stacy, Casey MQ, Elliott Kozel, Tony Seltzer, Luis Aponte, Isaiah Barr, Sammy, and Kiri. Powders arrives alongside a video for the album track ‘Crushing.’ Andrew Thomas Huang, who has previously worked with Björk, FKA twigs, and Kelela, directed the video, which culminates with Eartheater shattering a wine glass with her extraordinary voice. In a statement, Huang says, “The video concept for ‘Crushing’ arose out of a mutual intention between me and Alex [Eartheater] to focus on process instead of results. After long conversations about the themes of chance, entropy and chaos behind Powders, we landed on the idea of breaking a wine glass with Alex’s voice as a simple, powerful performance act. The resulting video is builds to this climax while drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of erotic thrillers of the early 90s, the introspective surrealism of Albrecht Durer’s Melencolia, and the ‘memento mori’ eroding dice collection of the late actor magician Ricky Jay exhibited at the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Ultimately, ‘Crushing’ is a portrait of the artist as an observer contemplating the unraveling universe both in the external world and in the crashing inner depths of the heart.” [via The FADER]

Lime Garden are a Brighton four-piece who, whilst growing into adulthood together, are writing coming of age indie-rock with the influence of the modern pop culture that surrounds them Horrifying and brilliant in equal measure, Lime Garden’s video for new single ‘Love Song’ dropped earlier this week at your peril! Last week, the band announced that their debut album One More Thing will be released next February and they’ll be going on a big ol’ UK tour so they can bring all your favourite newbies to life. The debut album One More Thing is the band’s love letter to the indie music they surrounded themselves with in their formative years, as well as a statement of love, fear, gratitude and embracing imperfections. [via The Fat Angel Sings]

Sadness & Complete Disappointment have released the second instalment of their forthcoming GBH EP. The ‘B’ of the EP, ‘BARB’, is out now. Says drummer and lead vocalist Esmee Baker, “Everyone thinks this song is about someone called Barb. And I am happy to let them believe that. BUT alas, it is not. My grandmother’s name was Barbara though – she changed it to sound more English – yuck. BACK TO THE SONG – this one is simultaneously about wanting to fuck someone’s brains out (not grandma), but also knowing they are a terrible person. And then it’s also about how, no matter how we wile away our mortal hours, we are all on the slow march to the grave (like grandma).” As is becoming the band’s signature move, a delicate and atmospheric overture of falsetto vocals gives way to a magnificent riff-edged finale.

Girli has released a new video for ‘Matriarchy’. The single follows her 2023 EP why am I like this?, and arrives to coincide with a headline tour of North America. She says of the track: “I wrote ‘Matriarchy’ about sapphic relationships and how they feel like an act of rebellion towards the patriarchy. Women are taught that they exist for the male gaze, so when women love women, it’s like putting a massive middle finger up to the homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, patriarchal society we live in and saying “f**k you, I exist and I’m gonna have fun”. Existing in the female gaze feels so liberating. When I’m in love with a woman, it feels like we’re rewriting the rules of society and creating our own brand-new world.” Of the video, she adds: “I wanted to create a dreamy her-storical matriarchal world ruled by sapphics, set in a forgotten era of the past. We shot the video at a palatial manor house and had an amazing cast and crew of women. It’s sensual, powerful and queer. It’s the kind of music video I wish I’d seen growing up and figuring out my sexuality.” [via Dork]

Pop sensation Slayyyter has just released the highly anticipated music video for her latest single, ‘I LOVE HOLLYWOOD!’ The track is part of her new album, STARFUCKER, which has been generating buzz among fans and music critics alike. The ‘I LOVE HOLLYWOOD!’ music video exudes a sense of glamour and extravagance, perfectly capturing the essence of the album’s theme. Set against the backdrop of the luxurious Chateau Marmont, the video features stunning visuals, vibrant colors, and Slayyyter’s signature edgy style. It is a true visual feast for fans and a testament to Slayyyter’s creative vision. [via Foggy Media]

Last year, the impossible-to-categorize New Jersey artist 070 Shake released her album You Can’t Kill Me. This year, Shake appeared on RAYE’s massive UK pop hit ‘Escapism’ and on Christine And The Queens’ ‘True Love,’ and her sampled voice popped up on the Fred again.. banger ‘Danielle (Smile On My Face).’ Right now, Shake is touring American stadiums as Coldplay’s opening act. She’s got another new LP in the works, and she’s just dropped its first single. The new 070 Shake song ‘Black Dress’ is a banger. Shake recorded the track with her longtime collaborator Dave Hamelin and with Johan Lenox, a producer who’s done a lot of work with Metro Boomin. Shake has been performing ‘Black Dress’ live all year. It’s a ghostly, pretty song with heavy, churning guitars, blurry synths, and trap 808s — the kind of thing that might happen if the Deftones tried to make a Future song, or vice versa. The song’s Noah Lee-directed video starts out with Shake stuck in a tree, hanging from her parachute, with the wreckage of a crashed plane strewn on the ground around her. From there, things get psychedelic. [via Stereogum]

In addition to dropping her fourth studio album, Scarlet, Doja Cat also released a music video for her song ‘Agora Hills.’ The song is the ninth track on Doja‘s latest album, and has already amassed over 1 million views on YouTube. The highly stylized, mildly hellish video features Doja Cat in several unique outfits, hanging with friends at a dystopian mall setting, as well as sitting on a sign that says ‘Agora Hills.’ The video is directed by Hannah Lux Davis & Doja Cat. [via American Songwriter]

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