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Natalie Lew, better known as the floaty, lovelorn Sea Lemon, has announced her sophomore EP Stop at Nothing, which is due out August 25 via Luminelle Recordings. Lew describes the ethereal album as “Costco Cocteau Twins” and a “modern spin on classic dream-pop and shoegaze.” Her newest single ‘Vaporized’ is bubbly and upbeat with a dark underbelly. Its glimmering instrumentals swirl around Lew’s lilting soprano seemingly celebratory, but the song’s lyrics are about her fear of death and health anxieties. It’s dramatic and dreamlike, painting Lew as self-aware about the leaps from reality she’s taking without affording her the clarity to separate herself from them completely. [via Paste Magazine]

Poppy wants that real shit. She makes it abundantly clear on her new single, ‘Knockoff.’ A pulsing, sultry, industrial-tinged dancefloor killer, the song arrived accompanied by a surreal music video filled with tarot card imagery and Suspiria-esque choreography. ‘Knockoff’ is the lead single off Poppy’s forthcoming new album, Zig, the full-length follow-up to 2022’s Stagger EP, which was recorded with producer Ali Payami, as well as her long term collaborative partner Simon Wilcox. [via Revolver]

Step into the neon-lit arena of avant-garde pop, where the ultimate provocateur, Dorian Electra, reigns supreme. Brace yourselves, dear happy readers, for the eagerly awaited opus, Fanfare, slated to hit the airwaves on October 6 via via MTheory/Virgin Music Australia. A declaration of unyielding creativity, this audacious artist has already set ablaze the ether with their latest single and video, ‘anon’, igniting a firestorm of anticipation that surges through the ether. In this enigmatic odyssey, Dorian Electra embarks on an exploration of parasocial relationships, as they fearlessly navigate the terrain of claims we stake on the lives of figureheads, embracing the fervor of obsession, idolatry, and pop culture as a living mythology. With a dexterity that defies categorization, the line between love and loathing, fandom and control, blurs like watercolor dissolving in the rain. Fanfare represents an unapologetic rewriting of narratives thrust upon us by a conformist society, as Dorian dismantles the shackles of heteronormativity with unwavering conviction. Collaborative synergy pervades every beat of this magnum opus, with a talented cadre of creatives in tow, including the venerable Clarence Clarity and the visionary Weston Allen, alongside the likes of Casey MQ, Count Baldor, and Klaxons’ Jamie Reynolds. Together, they pose a rhetorical query that hangs tantalizingly in the ether: what, dear voyagers of sound, do we truly expect—or dare I say, demand—from our public icons? Directed with artful prowess, Dorian Electra and their creative partner, Weston Allen, present the music video for ‘anon’, laying bare the multifaceted nature of stan culture that, like a capricious gale, propels one to soaring heights or plummets them to the abyss of anonymity. [via Happy Mag]

LØLØ has returned with the fiery new single ‘hot girls in hell.’ The scathing track is an instant breakup anthem as LØLØ belts: “You’re fucking disgusting/You’re good for nothing/You think you’re special/I think you’re mental/I hope there’s no hot girls in hell.” The song begins with a gentle, acoustic verse before exploding into thrashing guitars and combusting percussion, neatly demonstrating the Toronto-based artist’s talent for blending vulnerability and unapologetic authority within the same track. “I wrote the first half when I was really sad and the second half when I was really mad,” LØLØ says of the track. “The person I wrote this about is definitely going to hell, so here’s hoping there’s no hot girls there for him to f**k.” [via Alt Press]

Baby Queen has shared a brand new song and video – watch ‘We Can Be Anything’ below. The video was premiered on the Instagram page for Netflix show Heartstopper, which Baby Queen contributed the song ‘Colours Of You’ to in 2022. Discussing the idea behind the new song, Baby Queen said in a statement: “I’ve been having a prolonged existential crisis for the better part of the past 5 years and would consider myself to be a nihilist in many ways, which has made being alive quite bleak at times. I think human beings really crave purpose but there is ultimately no clear-cut reason we’re here and if there is one, we’re just not intelligent enough to figure it out. “Despite it all, life is beautiful and i think our lack of purpose and our insignificance gives us the greatest level of freedom. Society, culture, rules, laws – these are all constructs. I like to believe that as long as you’re not hurting people, you do have the freedom and the prerogative to do with your life what you will.” She added: That’s what this song is about: non-confinement and non-conformity in the face of what is essentially absurdity. I just want people to listen to it and feel free – because they are free.” [via NME]

Kenzie Ziegler has just released an intimate and personal new track ‘anatomy’. The 19-year-old entertainer addresses the absence of her father during her childhood years and navigating through life without him. She also debuted a new music video, with choreography by her older sister Maddie. Kendall Ryan Krajewski portrays a younger version of Kenzie. “’anatomy’ is a very personal record to me, because it’s the first time I’ve publicly opened up about the absence of my dad while growing up,” Kenzie shared in a statement about the song. “The team I wrote it with gave me the safe space to finally share my story, and that was a really empowering moment for me. When I listen back to it now, I’m just proud of what we made because I think a lot of people can relate. If you grew up without a parent, I hope you know that you are not alone, and I hope this record can provide some type of peace and safe space for you all.” Kenzie penned the track alongside Ellen Murphy, Elizabeth Jane Murphy and Bill Maybury, and it was produced by Lenii. Henry DaCosta directed the music video. [via Just Jared Jr]

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