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Baby Queen announces debut album Quarter Life Crisis; shares new track ‘All The Things’

The wait is over for her devoted kingdom as Baby Queen announces details of her eagerly awaited debut album. Quarter Life Crisis is set for release on October 6 via Polydor Records and trailed by new track ‘All The Things’. The announcement coincides with news of a UK headline tour and US shows in November.

‘All The Things’ features on the deluxe edition of Baby Queen’s forthcoming debut album. It is one of six songs Baby Queen has contributed to the soundtrack of the new series of the global smash Netflix show Heartstopper, which launched on August 3. The new series also features a cameo appearance from Baby Queen aka 23-year-old Bella Latham, who takes on the role of a performer at the school prom.

Speaking about her new single, Latham says, “’All The Things’ draws inspiration from the relationship between two of the main characters in Heartstopper called Tao and Elle, but also encapsulates the emotions I was feeling very strongly at the time of writing it, so it’s a very personal song to me. It’s about being so enamoured with a person that the things that once brought you happiness don’t hit or affect you in quite the same way because all the things you used to want to do, you now want to do with that person by your side.”

Elaborating on Quarter Life Crisis, Latham says, “This album tells the story of my journey through my early 20s – leaving my childhood and my adolescence behind but never really losing my childlike wonder and never quite growing up. The songs are all facets of what early adulthood has been like for me while discovering new parts of myself, my sexuality, my past and my place in this world.

“It has been lonely, chaotic, beautiful, devastating and inspiring and I think these songs reflect that, creating a space in which innocence and experience can live side by side as two conflicting entities. I’ve always been really inspired by the dichotomy and tension between two opposite things – hence the name Baby Queen.

“Human beings are complex, and life and growth are complex and nuanced. I’m not sure anybody ever truly feels like they have it all figured out – I certainly don’t, but it has been the greatest joy of my life to be able to share my experiences with those willing to listen to my stories.

“I really want this album to leave people feeling hopeful, because there is so much beauty to live through and look forward to and it truly is magical and extraordinary to be alive and to have the very short opportunity to experience every emotion imaginable.”

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