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Acclaimed Los Angeles-based Icelandic-Chinese artist, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Laufey premieres the new music video for her hit single, ‘From The Start,’ off her highly-anticipated album Bewitched, due September 8 via AWAL. The video was directed by Jason Lester (Hozier, Phoebe Bridgers), with concept and creative direction by Laufey’s identical twin Junia Lin. It is a mid-century fantasia, drawing inspiration from the minimalism, shapes, and colors of Piet Mondrian, Bauhaus architecture, modernist design and Golden Age Hollywood movie musicals. Filmed on 16mm film, the visual centers around a charismatic performance from Laufey, choreographed by Molly Long (founder of the acclaimed dance studio, Project 21). [via Brodway World]

It’s been a few years since Alexandra Drewchin’s last full-length album as Eartheater, 2020’s Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, but she’s kept busy, popping up as a featured guest on tracks by LSDXOXO and Rabit, executive producing the debut EP from Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, and putting out a few songs tracks of her own, ‘Scripture’ and ‘Mitosis.’ But Eartheater now has two albums ready to go. The first of those, Powders, will be released next month; its follow-up Aftermath will be out next year and is described in a press release as a sister album to Powders. Now, she’s sharing lead single ‘Pure Smile Snake Venom,’ a bright, breezy, and sickeningly catchy co-production with her frequent collaborator Sega Bodega. [via Stereogum]

Sans Soucis has shared new single ‘Lost When I’m Around You’. The Italian force is a master at blending superb pop melodies with intriguing lyricism, daring to cross boundaries nobody else would go near. ‘Lost When I’m Around You’ is a glorious summer bop, a carefree song for the summer months. Beneath this, however, lie some of Sans Soucis finest lyrics yet – they dare to tackle menstruation in a pop song format, while broadening the scope of the song to discuss body politics in a patriarchal society. Quietly groundbreaking, Sans Soucis crosses lines of gender, opening up some bold discussions while remaining true to their pop principles. Sans Soucis comments… “‘Lost When I’m Around You’ is a song I wrote to complain about my PMS and period, when I was at the cusp of both. It’s a catalyst for a wider reflection around how and why bodies get censored in a patriarchal society, how that affects my work ethics, relationships, the perception of my body as a gender non-conforming person, and ultimately my mental health. Complaints aside, I hope people will shake their soggy pAdSS (!) to this song and that we all get to be more vocal about periods and considerate towards people who menstruate.” [via Clash]

Tele Novella‘s new single and official music video for ‘Eggs in one Basket’ is out now. This is the latest track off their forthcoming album Poet’s Tooth out October 6. Watch the surreal video directed by Vanessa Pla.

Orla Garland has released a video for ‘Kiss Ur Face Forever’. Following up on 2021’s ‘Woman On The Internet’, Orla explains: “This song is about being in love and split down the middle by it; one side embracing it full throttle and the other side like some evil cynical twin trying to ruin it all. It felt only right to mirror that meaning in a crazy parent-trap esque music video, with both sides of myself fighting it out in the karaoke battle of a lifetime. This video was shot and edited by Alex Evans (FlowerUp) – it was our first time working together and I absolutely loved it. We conceptualised the video together, assembled a small dream team and got to work. The track has gone nuts since it’s appearance in Heartstopper series 2 and I can’t wait to put this music video up & give everyone more of the story behind the song.” [via Dork]

Fusing elements of classic house sounds with bouncy underground club vibes and irresistible pop vocals is Mo•Louie on her new single ‘Hold You’, which alongside a video that explores the concept of “eroticism & suffocation” is out now. Following on from recent single ‘Signs’, ‘Hold You’ sees Mo continue her personal approach to songwriting, being inspired by daily life experiences as she explains, “‘Hold You’ represents me being suffocated by my everyday life, being completely burnt out and knocked down, just wanting to go out and get messy. Rather than put this suffocated feeling aside and go out, drink, dance and have a good time, I would use the frustration to elevate my free and reckless experience. Using that energy with someone I don’t know and feeling it with them sexually. So the pain and pleasure coincide.” ‘Hold You’ comes alongside a music video that saw Mo collaborate with fellow Naarm-based designer Something Shit, with the clip filmed by Bonn Creative and edited by Mo herself, as the video literally reflects the suffocation through being wrapped in clear plastic, complete with smeared lipstick. [via Pilerats]

Korean-American singer Audrey Nuna has returned with a new single entitled ‘Locket.’ Following her 2021 debut album, a liquid breakfast, and last year’s deluxe version, she’s preparing to put out another full-length project. Last month, she kicked off the roll out with the punchy ‘IdgaF.’ The eclectic, trap-inspired ‘Locket’ arrives with a music video directed by the late French director Valentin Petit, who tragically passed away in a plane crash earlier this year. Nuna first encountered Petit’s work in A$AP Ferg’s ‘Floor Seats’ video years before ever meeting him. When it came time for ‘Locket’ to get the visual treatment, she reached out to Petit directly. After two months of corresponding and preparing online, the two met up in Paris in April to shoot the video. Set in an art gallery, Nuna performs as the world moves on at high speed around her, occasionally pausing to dance or snap a selfie with her friends. “Even though I only knew Valentin for a sum of three months, I found in this short time that everything that drew me to his videos clearly stemmed from the blueprint of his soul and who he was at his core,” Nuna said of their partnership. “I’m honored to have worked with him and been inspired by him as a fellow artist. I’m just as honored to have gotten to know him as a person; his honesty, the undying and selfless passion he had for the craft, his free spirit and anti-gravity, his love and respect of people and adventure. He was gifted in all the ways his work vividly illustrated, and with such a sense of refreshing humility towards his collaborators and crew that can often times feel rare to find in this industry.” [via Hypebeast]

Catie Turner has released her dramatic new single, ‘Someone That I’m Afraid Of’. The track is taken from Comedy & Tragedy: Act 2, the eagerly awaited second installment in her ambitious new project, coming October 27. [via Prelude Press]

Rising pop artist, Madeline The Person has released her angsty yet upbeat new single, ‘Tantrum’ via Warner Records. Packed with witty wordplay and charming melodies, the track is the kind of introspective ear-candy Madeline has all but perfected. It marks her first release since 2022’s CHAPTER 3: The Burning EP, which features her breakout viral hit ‘MEAN!’. “‘Tantrum’ is my ode to escapism,” Madeline says of her new track. “It’s a glimpse into a moment of genuine consideration of the coping mechanisms that my therapist would probably steer me away from. No more meditation and journaling, I just wanna lose my absolute shit!” [via Prelude Press]

Brooklyn-based soul singer Kendra Morris has unveiled her fifth full-length album, I Am What I’m Waiting For, along with a DIY music video for the single, ‘Dominoes,’ which warns us right off the bat that “what you are about to witness is all based on true events.” “’Dominoes’ was written in a blur of pet peeve explosions I was in the midst of with my partner,” Morris tells us. “When I decided to make a video for it I knew who the star needed to be: the culprit himself. I know I’m not innocent and do my share of annoying things too. We get through it because we can laugh about it—and get even from time to time. “The video was shot at my house using my old Magnavox VHS camera and a couple of weird ideas that my friend Julia Haltigan and I came up with,” she continues. “Talking food? No problem. Give us an idea and we’ll throw it against a wall and watch it drip.” [via FLOOD]

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