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Released on the heels of the Lovable EP, ROKI’s new single ‘Foolish Heart’ showcases a darker and broodier side of her pop sensibilities, delving into the intricate conflict between emotions and logic. With ‘Foolish Heart,’ ROKI demonstrates her versatility as an artist, unafraid to explore the complex nuances of human experience through her music.

Australian folk-drenched indie pop sister duo Charm of Finches have shared a new single and video. Called ‘Clean Cut’, the duo confide, “Going away on tour served as the catalyst for a break-up and ‘Clean Cut’ is some self-advice. We stayed with a lovely lady in Oslo, Norway who let us play her gorgeous grand piano and the first part of ‘Clean Cut’ was penned. We created a music video for this song with the help of lots of friends who were willing to dress up as dolls and clowns. This was a huge 22 hour shoot in a warehouse in Melbourne creating the world of a mysterious haunted doll museum.” The track features stunning dark-hued harmonies over spellbinding strings and driving folk pop rhythms.

Indie-pop sensation PEGGY, with her enchanting acoustic guitar melodies and boundless vision for the future of pop music, is gearing up to captivate audiences with her debut EP, Dear Reader, set to release on March 22. The project explores the universal themes of relationships, self-love, mental health, and more. Now, she announces the EP alongside her mesmerizing new single, ‘Flight Risk.’ “When I listen to the songs on the project, it’s like I’m escaping into a sanctuary or a safe place. I get overwhelmed very easily, and the world can be too much. Sonically, I’m creating the world I want to create. I get calm from the music, so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. My world is less of a ‘place’ and more of a feeling,” says PEGGY. We get another sneak peek into PEGGY’s world with ‘Flight Risk’ – the feedback from a pilot’s intercom dissolves into a quirky beat topped off by twinkling piano and her magical voice. “It’s a song about air travel, but it’s all a metaphor for commitment issues and running away from people,” PEGGY explains. She continues , “In society and just in general, I put on this face, and then when my full personality comes out, I’m always afraid it’s going be too much for somebody. If I’m getting too close to somebody in a way that it’s scary, I pull away.” PEGGY draws inspiration for the incredibly creative official music video from the Talking Heads’ ‘And She Was,’ infusing the visuals with a captivating blend of whimsy and nostalgia that pays homage to the iconic band’s groundbreaking style.

FIZZ have shared the cute new video for ‘The Secret To Life’. Created by Lulu Vicedomini, the new clip focusses on the title track of their debut LP, with ‘The Secret To Life’ transformed into an array of circus characters escaping from a fantastical world. Discussing the song, FIZZ recall… “Orla brought a wonky guitar riff to the table which the group tweaked and before long it had morphed into something new entirely – meanwhile Pete Miles (producer, wizard) recorded a loop of the group stomping on the live room floor. From there, it’s all a blur… The creation of this song will forever remain a mystery, even to the band.” [via Clash]

Dance star Kiesza is back with new single ‘Heaven Ain’t Calling’ featuring Sugar Jesus. The star, who had a huge breakthrough hit with ‘Hideaway’, returns to the house-infected pop sound that made her a global star. ‘Heaven Ain’t Calling’ is the first taster from Kiesza’s upcoming new album. The video for the track is described by the star as ‘a futuristic spaghetti western film noir’. On the new single, Kiesza comments, “People step onto the dance floor to be themselves, whether they seek to disconnect or are in search of a deeper connection with others. It unlocks a part of ourselves that often lies dormant in our daily lives. The dance floor offers an escape from a world that tries to funnel people down the same cookie-cutter pathways, even though no one is built for the same path.” She continues, “A friend of mine once said, ‘If none of my friends are going to Heaven, I just want to go where they’re going’. It made me think about the oppression that can come with self-expression and the courage it takes to wake up every day and be completely yourself. In ‘Heaven Ain’t Calling,’ the underlying message I’m conveying is that nothing will stop me from being exactly who and what I was created to be. And if Heaven Ain’t Calling me, I’m going where all the people go!” [via Entertainment Focus]

Giolì & Assia‘s latest release, ‘The Point of Living,’ delves into the existential inquiry: What is the meaning of life? The duo combines electronic beats with introspective lyrics to provoke contemplation on this profound theme. It’s the first release of 2024 from the innovative duo Giolì & Assia. After the stunning song ‘Young Forever’ that came out at the end of last year, Giolì & Assia are back with another powerful track. It shows how raw and personal they are with every release. A soundscape that leans more toward clubs, with resampled voices that sound like sirens. The song features also driving percussion and a mix of synths and orchestral elements. They work together to make the full range of sounds that fans have come to expect from a Giolì & Assia production. Giolì & Assia are passionate writers. The upcoming music video is yet another visual masterpiece that truly shows how creative they are. The music video is a powerful visual interpretation of how fragile life and love are, going deeper into the song’s meaning. “‘The Point of living’ is the second single from our new EP Resurrection” say the duo. “Following the dark yet melodic tones of ‘Young Forever’, the lead single off the EP, this time our lyrical focus was on the existential question – what is the meaning of life? At the same time, we wanted to conjure an electronic, romantic sound that evoked the sublime feeling of the ocean’s wave, from the opening verse, chorus, right up until the drop. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have creating it!” [via The Groove Cartel]

Keaper have been busy in the couple of years since they formed in 2020, already with two EPs to their name and now announcing their new concept album Waking Dream with fuzzy, atmospheric and melodic new single ‘Alone’ featuring a gorgeous semi-animated, semi-stop motion video. A key part of Waking Dream’s story, ‘Alone’ tells a tale through the eyes of the album’s protagonist as she explores a strange new world in her dreams, delivered by vocalist Ameya Ajay’s evocative vocals. “‘Alone’ was the first song we wrote off the album during a little writing retreat in South Australia. It relates to the “transformation” step of the “hero’s journey”, just after the character experiences their lowest point,” explains Ameya. “It’s about daring to be different and authentic, potentially challenging the status quo and coming to terms with standing alone in that space. That’s conveyed in the empowering energy of the music as well. Meanwhile, the striking video shot by Ramsay Waterhouse / Papermoon Projects and edited by Ameya channels the adventurous vibes of the single in a playful manner, featuring light houses, boat journeys and… vampires! After releasing many reflective and meaningful music videos, we wanted to make a fun and silly one. By juxtaposing visual influences such as Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse with a “school play” style set design, we could make it both childlike as well as strange and supernatural,” says Ameya. [via Pilerats]

Do you crave the gothic sounds of ’80s and ’90s post-punk and industrial — and updated with everything we could want in 2024? Do you also wish there could be video that takes it and channels it with the energy and atmosphere of a Gaspar Noe film? Then you need to watch and listen to Vosh‘s video for ‘Perfection.’ The song comes from the band’s stellar album Vessel, which came out last March, and the video allows the band to further expand on the song’s themes. Here is how the band describes the video: “Perfection is impossible within the confines of our human form. We beg and ache and reach for grace but find ourselves flesh, blood, and mortal. We use some special moments to be released from this captivity. In the end, we cannot break free from ourselves. From the visionary Brandon Pierce and fabulous art director Anastasia Bobrova comes ‘Perfection,’ starring the unmatched skill and poise of Charlotte Sartre and our own Josephine Olivia.” [via Decibel Mag]

Gearing up for what promises to be an unforgettable next phase, the alternative sister-trio from Monterrey, Mexico, The Warning, unleash a brand new single and music video entitled ‘S!CK’ via Lava Records/Republic Records. Showcasing their evolution, the single shows a new side of the band, leaning into an evolved yet familiar sound.“Kill the silence. Till it makes me feel, till it makes me feel, till it makes me feel…SICK!” A hypnotic bridge takes hold punctuated by haunting harmonies only for the momentum to pick up with one last blast of energy. The accompanying video mirrors this ebb and flow of the song as it simultaneously captures the band in the throes of a powerhouse performance. On the new track the band said: S!CK: A song about fearing that you never lived out your life and desperately wanting to live it.

Hannah Grae captures the trials and tribulations of navigating a breakup on her new single ‘Better Now You’re Gone’ – a track which arrives alongside the announcement of the breakout star’s second mini album. Nothing Lasts Forever will arrive March 15, and follows her debut mini album Hell Is A Teenage Girl, which arrived in April last year. Speaking to Rock Sound about her previous project, Hannah explained: “I had basically just left school when I wrote that project and I had so many stories and a lot of anger and bitterness to get out. Because I had a pretty tough experience and never really got the chance to get closure or I guess get revenge. And so my way of doing that was writing Hell Is A Teenage Girl.” Nothing Lasts Forever picks up where that project left off, which you can get a sense of via the new single ‘Better Now You’re Gone’ – check out the Lola Webster-directed video for it below. Discussing the inspiration behind the new track, which was co-written and produced by Rob Brinkmann, Hannah says: “‘Better Now You’re Gone’ is about that stage of a breakup where you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re better off without them. The song starts in an extremely convincing way and it’s almost as if I truly believe that I’m better off. But as the song unravels, it becomes a bit clearer that maybe that’s not the case at all. It’s such a fun song and it’s one of my favourites that I’ve ever written. It’s full of denial and regret; my perfect idea of a breakup anthem. It feels so authentic to me and my chaotic mind and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” [via Rock Sound]

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