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Photo credit: Mick Marseilles

Kiesza returns with new single ‘Heaven Ain’t Calling’

JUNO Award-winning and critically acclaimed Canadian electro-pop artist, Kiesza returns with a new dance floor anthem ‘Heaven Ain’t Calling’ featuring Sugar Jesus, available now on all streaming services. The track is the lead single from a forthcoming collection of songs that Kiesza will be dropping later this year.

“People step onto the dance floor to be themselves, whether they seek to disconnect or are in search of a deeper connection with others. It unlocks a part of ourselves that often lies dormant in our daily lives. The dance floor offers an escape from a world that tries to funnel people down the same cookie-cutter pathways, even though no one is built for the same path,” says Kiesza about the new track.

“A friend of mine once said, ‘If none of my friends are going to Heaven, I just want to go where they’re going’. It made me think about the oppression that can come with self-expression and the courage it takes to wake up every day and be completely yourself. In ‘Heaven Ain’t Calling,’ the underlying message I’m conveying is that nothing will stop me from being exactly who and what I was created to be. And if Heaven Ain’t Calling me, I’m going where all the people go!”

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