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Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes has dropped a new music video for ‘So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth’. The song is featured on her fifth studio album Miss Anthropocene, which was released in February 2020. It was written and produced by Grimes. Grimes shared on social media, “It’s the Miss Anthropocene anniversary so here’s the music video for ‘So heavy I fell through the earth’ I decided to finish it last night finally haha.” She added, “I was like 3 weeks pregnant when we filmed this and insanely sick so we didn’t get a lot of the shots we wanted so I thought it was too boring to put out but but it’s a vibe enough – was supposed to be a pas de deux with an assault rifle.” [via pmstudio]

Earlier this month, St. Vincent divulged details about the follow-up to her 2021 album Daddy’s Home, describing it as “urgent and psychotic.” Now, Annie Clark is announcing the LP, entitled All Born Screaming, and sharing the lead single ‘Broken Man.’ “There are some places, emotionally, that you can only get to by taking the long walk into the woods alone — to find out what your heart is really saying,” Clark said in a statement. “It sounds real because it is real.” Friends who helped Clark with the album include Rachel Eckroth, Josh Freese, Dave Grohl, Mark Guiliana, Cate Le Bon, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Stella Mozgawa, and David Ralicke. It’s her first self-produced album, recorded at her own Compound Fracture studio in LA, as well as Electric Lady in New York and Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago. All Born Screaming will arrive via Virgin Music Group, though her last three came out through Loma Vista. In this month’s Mojo feature, she said, “I needed to go deeper in finding my own sonic vocabulary. I like to think of [the record] as post-plague pop, it’s a lot about heaven and hell – the metaphorical kinds. Which is appropriate, because sitting alone in a studio for that many hours I would say is a version of hell.” Below, watch the ‘Broken Man’ video, shot by Alex Da Corte. [via Stereogum]

mui zyu has announced her sophomore album, nothing or something to die for, which will be out in May. It’s the artist’s follow-up to Rotten Bug For An Eggless Century, which came out early last year. It was preceded by ‘everything to die for’ last month, and now project mastermind Eva Liu is sharing another single, ‘the mould.’ Here’s what she had to say about it: “‘the mould’ is a frosted glacial sweetie about the many meanings of mould. mould is very cool, and the right kind can give you super powers. unfortunately though, it’s less than ideal to be squeezed in to a mould that doesn’t fit snuggly. so i’m at the bottom of the rotten jelly bowl trying to work out what mould is the good kind, and what is the bad kind, and maybe realising none of it really matters at all, as long as i can get out of this steep, slippery bowl. this also marks a new approach for my writing indicative of the whole record in a kind of anti-overture-y way.” [via Stereogum]

CLT DRP are back with a new love song, ‘Until You Showed Me’. Out now via Venn Records, it follows the release of the Brighton-based trio’s latest album Nothing Clever, Just Feelings, and arrives ahead of sets at Strangeforms, Reverie, Noizze Fest, Ceremony, Brighten The Corners, 2000trees and more. Commenting on the track, vocalist Annie Dorrett says: “Femininity is a word that has haunted me my whole life, whereas Masculinity is something that I’ve longed for. ‘Until You Showed Me’ is a love song to my current partner for making my gender fluidity something that they nourish and make room for rather than dismiss or ignore. It’s no secret that a lot of people feel the need to lean into a gender role in order to gain respect or normalcy and if they mess with anything outside the binary it can seem threatening. Funnily enough I’ve found myself playing with my femininity a lot more now that I’ve found comfort in my skin again. This song is a little ode to the queers and anyone who strays from the binary in any way small or large. Break the wall from either side, that’s how we get ‘em to listen.” [via Dork]

Paramore have shared a new video for This Is Why track ‘Thick Skull.’ Billed as a sequel to the ‘This Is Why’ video, and again directed by Turnstile’s Brendan Yates, the video depicts an ill-fated van ride, with Hayley Williams in the back. Hayey recently said, “I can’t remember a time I didn’t want to be in a band. I knew not joining forces with similarly crazed people might mean I’d never be brave enough to create things and even if I did, I may never risk sharing them. Selfish? Maybe. Or lonely? Maybe to “leave the house” is a metaphor for risking true vulnerability. This job includes being a mirror or a blank screen for people to project onto and find themselves in. Being perceived in broad strokes will make you feel like a clown. Goofy and/or terrifying, depending on the day. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve felt myself, little by little, let go of the tireless need for people to see me as “good”. Indeed, everyday I learn there is no such box to fit neatly into. It’s taken a lot of hard looks in the mirror, over many seasons of adulthood… but no longer do I question my ability to lead Paramore with integrity (and a healthy dose of dark and self-deprecating humor). And just like a house can be a metaphor, so can a band. Paramore has been the vehicle by which me and my friends have learned our toughest lessons. It has kept us close and it has nearly killed us. You also have these metaphors in your life: What holds you back— what gives you courage— what force compels you to grow even when it’s uncomfortable or embarrassing. (As for Paramore, the band, not the metaphor: We have crashed the van. We’re finding new ways. We have new maps. We are starting from point zero. And this time, we’re reading the fine print.) Love to the ones who’ve needed our band the way we’ve needed it. Just know we are grateful.” [via Pitchfork]

PVRIS have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Burn The Witch’, is the brand new single from the American pop-rock band and marks their first new music since their latest studio album, Evergreen, which was released in July last year. The new song features collaborations with Canadian rapper TOMMY GENESIS and experimental DJ/producer/vocalist ALICE LONGYU-GAO as well as the track’s co-writer, Kanner. Speaking about the new song, band mastermind Lyndsey Gunnulfsen says, “I’ve been a huge fan of both Tommy and Alice for quite a while so it was an absolute dream to not only have them on a track together but to also get to be crafting the production around their parts. At its core, I just wanted to make a fun project full of some bad bitches in music that I love and create a space where we can express whatever we want and get to experiment sonically. I didn’t want to be overly precious about it, I just want to have fun and free flow! It should be noted that while there are already so many iconic and incredible female producers, writers, engineers etc. out there (I’m no trailblazer here), but there is nowhere near the amount that there should be. This isn’t even something to debate, go look at the statistics.” [via Distorted Sound]

Låpsley is back with brand new single and music video, ‘4AM Ascension Day’. It’s the first taste of an upcoming new EP, and follows the 2023 release of her third album Cautionary Tales of Youth. A press release explains that the track is “about the anxiety of a past infidelity and the guilt that lingers long after a relationship ends. In expressing such home truths with unflinching honesty, Låpsley seeks to release herself from the past – a mindset manifested in the song’s visual, with its imagery of sleepless nights and a kite in full flight.” [via Dork]

After weeks of teasing, Charli XCX has released her new song ‘Von Dutch.’ The Easyfun-produced track arrives with a music video that was filmed at France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport. Watch the clip, directed by Torso, below. Charli XCX also recently announced the title of her new album: Brat. The pop musician’s follow-up to Crash will arrive in the summer. Charli XCX has described Brat as “a club record,” explaining, “i was born to make dance music.. i came from the clubs.. xcx6 is the album i’ve always wanted to make.” [via Pitchfork]

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