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‘Make It Easy’ is the second single taken from ILA’s debut album Ayna — out on April 26, 2024 via [PIAS] Recordings. Dropping the quiet/loud dynamics of previous single ‘All Again’, this new track is a breezy, sunny and jangling affair. Dreamy but upbeat ‘Make It Easy’ is what you get if PJ Harvey would front The Byrds. When 60s pop meets 90s alternative rock the sum of its parts is an addictive and quintessential 2024 rock tune. “The song delves into the cycle of self-pity and the yearning for change, yet feeling powerless to initiate it”, Ilayda Cicek explains, “the video is the first part of our trilogy. A twist on traditional folklore with a touch of queerness. I’ve been waiting to share this for a long time.” [via FrontView]

Toronto musician Charlotte Day Wilson shares new track, ‘Canopy’, the third lifted from forthcoming album Cyan Blue, following previous singles ‘Forever’ featuring Snoh Aalegra and ‘I Don’t Love You’. Over plucked acoustics and finger snaps, Wilson sings her ode to inner peace and self-preservation. The moody, mercurial vibe of the track is in keeping with the lilting feel of new album Cyan Blue, which sees Wilson thread together vestiges of her past and present, reflecting on her journey and how far she’s come. “I want to look through the unjaded eyes of my younger self again,” Wilson explains of making Cyan Blue. “Before there wasn’t as much baggage, before so much life was lived. But I also wish that my younger self could see where I am now. It would be nice to be able to impart some of the wisdom and clarity that I have now onto her.” ‘Canopy’ comes accompanied with a monochrome video, filmed by cinematographer Sylvain Chaussée and styled by Mellany Sanchez. The video features Wilson, a hockey player in her own right, skating with a hockey stick in hand across the vast expanse of an ice rink. [via Clash]

London alt-pop artist Millie Turner shares a self-directed official music video for her stunning recent single ‘Starfish’. Showcasing the otherworldly alt-pop stylings that have seen Millie pick up support from areas such as NME, The FADER and more, ‘Starfish’ is the latest deep dive into the arresting artistic universe of Millie Turner. Expanding on the story behind her new song, Millie Turner shares; “’Starfish’ is the twin sister of ‘Venus’, who fell to earth and now lives in everything strange and chaotic. She sympathises with madness and exists like the dark side of the moon. She’s crazed by the smell of petrol on the dance floor, and wires herself to electric guitars eating nothing but chili oil. But she will always hold your hand if you’re walking in the dark” The grey-scale music video, directed by Millie herself and filmed by Maia Walker is a retro, gothic style production which acts as the perfect accompaniment to the soundtrack of ‘Starfish’.

Stand Atlantic have announced their new album, WAS HERE. The full-length is set for release on August 23 via Hopeless Records, teased by early single ‘GIRL$ (Feat. PVRIS and Bruses)’. Bonnie Fraser explains: “I feel like the message of the song speaks for itself, I wanted to show my appreciation for women and personally, my experience growing up knowing I was attracted to women but still feeling like I had to fit the mould of the male gaze, just based on the way I was influenced by a male dominated society. I hope other queer women and women in general resonate with this track, but also anyone in between. I wrote it for anyone who’s ever felt squashed by the strange and subtle pressures society can place on young people based off old as shit paradigms. That being said, having Lynn (PVRIS) and Amalia (Bruses) on this track made it so much more meaningful to me personally. Both female, queer and talented artists I respect so much. Making this music video was a friggen gas, me and Lynn both had the same idea independently of each other when she agreed to be on the track – ‘lets be old ladies’. I’m sure people expected us all to be selling sex and queer baiting the shit out of this – so we did what any rap video would do, but as old ladies.” [via Dork]

Sister pop punk guitar and bass duo Dog Party are over 15 years into their career, having put out their first albums when they were literally children. The sisters Lucy and Gwendolyn Giles show no signs of slowing down, as now they announce their seventh studio album Dangerous on May 17, which will be the inaugural release of the new label Sneak Dog Records, which was founded as a collaboration between the Giles sisters and Lizzie Killian of Teens in Trouble. Coinciding with the exciting album announcement comes the release of the lead single ‘Bullet in Disguise’ and accompanying music video.“It made sense for us to lead with ‘Bullet In Disguise’ because it showcases the true Dog Party sound—catchy riffs, bombastic drums, and emotive belting,” explains Lucy Giles. “‘Bullet In Disguise’ also gives the listener a glimpse of the elevated production of the album! It is a nice little teaser for what’s to come!” The single is a heavy dose of pop punk meets spaghetti western vibe, as Dog Party do what they always do best: bring pop punk back to its most basic roots. The 1970s-style, grindhouse-inspired video, directed by Aja Pop, finds the duo getting a touch more polish in contrast to their DIY reputation. [via New Noise]

Laurel has shared her new single ‘Burning up’. The pop voyager is ready to unfurl her next chapter, following helter-skelter sessions with a number of collaborators. New album Palpitations is out on June 14, and as ever Laurel’s lyricism comes straight from the heart. Out now, new single ‘Burning Up’ is about living life at too fast a pace, and how sometimes you need to take a step back, and slow down. The dulcet vocal reflects this, with Laurel’s feelings coming to the fore over a gorgeous arrangement. She comments: “‘Burning Up’ is about not being able to keep up with yourself. The constant need for excitement, changeability, and adrenaline, which leaves you on the edge of a panic attack. No matter whether you’re in the city or living a simple life in the countryside, your mind is a jungle – relentless and exhausting. You’re trying to hold onto a sense of yourself, of normality, but in the end you lose yourself in it.” [via Clash]

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