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Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce the signing of The Erinyes, an exciting new musical force fronted by three superb female singers. The band name is derived from Greek mythology, where the Erinyes (also known as the Furies) were a trio of chthonic deities of vengeance. The Erinyes boast the frontwomen from three exciting acts on the international metal scene. French artist Justine Daaé records goth-industrial tinged music as Elyose, Mizuho Lin is co-lead vocalist in the Brazilian symphonic/dark metal band Semblant (also signed to Frontiers), while Nicoletta Rosellini sings in the Italian groups Walk In Darkness and Kalidia. A first single and video by The Erinyes entitled ‘Drown The Flame’ is available now. Produced by Aldo Lonobile, it serves as a preview of what fans can expect from their forthcoming debut album, further details of which will be revealed shortly.

Los Angeles-based multi-cultural rock band Circle The Earth has released their new single ‘Sweetest Pain’ along with its official music video. The driving pop-rock song, co-written by Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne, Weezer, Gwen Stefani, Goo Goo Dolls) and produced by Ethan Kaufman (Avril Lavigne, Ryan Cabrera, DOROTHY), illustrates the quintet’s diverse backgrounds and eclectic approach. Anchored by front woman Khadia’s yearning vocals and lightning-bolt rock riffs and solos from guitarist Kazuki Tokaji, ‘Sweetest Pain’ laments the emotional tumult of a romance that’s slowly disintegrating. “We’re excited to share our new single ‘Sweetest Pain’ with everyone,” exclaims Circle The Earth. “This song is about when you are living with a situation or a person that you know is not good for you, but you are too afraid to leave it. It’s the devil you know. The pain or stress is familiar and it outweighs the unknown. Coming together in a spirit of cooperation to create music, seeing our differences as strengths rather than weaknesses, and our diversity as a wonderful thing is the overall message that we hope to bring to the world with our music and this song.”

Cadaveria are premiering a brand new official video for ‘Silver Rain’, the song taken off their recently released full length Emptiness. The clip was directed, filmed and edited by Morbid Vision Italy. Cadaveria commented: “This song comes from our recently released album Emptiness and is dedicated to those who, finding themselves in adversity, have learned to dance in the rain, without waiting for the storm to end. Some scenes from the video are an explicit homage to David Lynch, who has always been our mentor in the language of cinema, and to the recently deceased Julee Cruise.” [via Metal Storm]

The increasingly-genre-defying Dreadnought have announced a followup to 2019’s Emergence, The Endless, due August 26 via Profound Lore. “The Endless is our 5th album in our Zelda temple series, the Shadow Temple,” says co-vocalist Kelly Schilling. “Exploring the everlasting struggle between human light and suffering. It is about the current of causality, the everlasting trail of events and choices of the past and present that shape our world and our lives – for better or for worse.” The album was produced by Pete de Boer (Blood Incantation, Devil Master, etc), and three songs feature synth by The Flight Of Sleipnir’s Clayton Cushman (who also plays with Kelly in Morningstar Delirium), including first single ‘Midnight Moon.’ The song starts out as sort of a prog/goth/folk/classical fusion, with Kelly and co-vocalist Lauren Vieira sharing hauntingly angelic singing duties, before things take a turn towards harsh, apocalyptic black metal. It feels like a clear evolution for Dreadnought, and one of the most unique songs that fall under the metal umbrella that I’ve heard in a minute. “With ‘Midnight Moon’ we aim to evoke feelings of intrigue and adventure, entangled with fear, betrayal, and chaos as our character finds herself swallowed by the depths of cult manipulation and escapes at an unforeseen cost,” Kelly adds. [via Brooklyn Vegan]

Spiritbox have surprise-dropped a three-song EP called Rotoscope, along with a music video for its title track. While Spiritbox’s music has never settled into one sound in particular, this new release explores an industrial and ’90s-style alt-metal side of the band that sounds unlike anything they’ve released so far. [via Revolver]

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