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In This Moment releases the second new song with the title track off their forthcoming new studio album GODMODE out October 27 via BMG. “The lyrics came from feeling powerful and tribal and entrancing. The fact that Chris [Howorth] gets me so much that I can literally send him a voicemail and he sends it back to me in music form shows how in tune we are. It’s been a long time since I screamed on an entire verse for a song. I wanted to release a bunch of stuff and it felt visceral,” says vocalist Maria Brink about the title track.

MYRKUR unfolds the next chapter in her personal mythology of Amalie Bruun, setting a new course for the enigmatic composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Marked by the birth of her child, and a means of making sense of the storm of emotions in that wake, her forthcoming album Spine charts a new course for Bruun through the most turbulent period of her life to new territories beyond, free from genre constraints, and giving rise to a new range of emotional and sonic contours. Spine’s lead single, ‘Like Humans’, is a blend of lush, airy textures and apprehension-inducing, pounding undertow, where Bruun’s voice floats over the top as if from another dimension. She reveals, “When I wrote ‘Like Humans’ I felt very disconnected and isolated from the human race. The lack of touch and being in the first few years of motherhood forced me to become human in a way I never thought I would. Going through all of these changes at once made me desperately want to feel a connection with the earth and humans. Writing and recording this album helped me heal and succeed with that dream.”

Prepare to be hooked by the gripping melodies and powerful symphonies of German melodic metal powerhouse, Silent Revenants, as they embark on a thrilling new chapter. The band is thrilled to announce their signing with Wormholedeath for their highly anticipated album, The Withering Of The Blue Flower, set to be released on October 13. Join the fascinating journey now with the official music video for ‘Let the Dragons Fly Forever’.

Italian symphonic metallers ELEGY OF MADNESS have released a video for ‘Broken Soul’, first single taken from the new album XI to be released on October 20 via Scarlet Records.

Italian maestros of modern melodic/symphonic metal TEMPERANCE will unleash their new concept album, Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2, on October 20 via Napalm Records. During their successful European tour with Tarja (ex-Nightwish) this spring, the band introduced its new lineup and proved once and for all that this new arrangement is more than just convincing. Expanding the characteristic sound of the band with a new member – professional opera/metal singer and vocal coach Kristin Starkey – the essence of charismatic singer Michele Guaitoli (Visions of Atlantis) and mastermind singer/guitarist Marco Pastorino (Serenity) reaches a higher level. Guest musicians like Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Fabienne Erni (Eluveitie, Illumishade), Laura Fella (Faun) and Alessandro Conti (Twilight Force) complement the exciting journey of the new album. Now, the five-piece have finally released their new single, ‘Daruma’, together with a colorful official music video that perfectly introduces the mood and exciting story of the multifaceted album. Galloping guitar passages open the single while the album narrator and multitalented Arjen Lucassen guides through the catchy melodies. The dark timbre of singer Kristin Starkey introduces the villain Anningan, who will turn the life of the album’s protagonist Viktor upside down. Singer Kristin Starkey on ‘Daruma’: “I’m so excited for you to hear our new single called “Daruma”. It not only sets the stage for the dramatic storytelling of our new album, Hermitage: Daruma’s Eyes Pt. II, but also marks the beginning of my chapter with TEMPERANCE. I really believe our new sound will be loved by fans new and old, and I am looking forward to your feedback! See you on the road.” [via All About The Rock]

Spiritbox have announced a new six-song EP titled The Fear of Fear. In advance of its November 3 release, the Canadian metallers have unveiled the new single and video ‘Jaded.’ The Fear of Fear contains five new songs and the previously released stand-alone single ‘The Void,’ which arrived in April of this year. ‘Jaded’ finds singer Courtney LaPlante shifting between clean melodic vocals and a vicious scream. [via Consequence]

Much-loved UK modern metal quartet Skarlett Riot return with their brand new single, ‘Chemicals’. Dealing with a subject very close to home for singer Skarlett; “‘Chemicals is about the struggles day to day with anxiety and how it can take over your whole mind if you’re not careful.” She comments, “Sometimes day-to-day life can feel overwhelming and I’ve learned to take some time out for myself and be kind to myself. It’s what we all forget to do and we all need sometimes just a moment to breathe.” Taken from the band’s upcoming NEW album (due 2024), this track led by Skarlett’s unmistakable voice combines the band’s familiar sense of melodic intent with crushingly heavy riffs and harsh vocals. As the band states: “We are excited to finally release new Skarlett Riot music into the world and we believe this is the perfect track to welcome the new campaign into the world! It’s melodic, hard-hitting, and punches you right in the chest!” [via All About the Rock]

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