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Following the release of the first two singles, ‘Ribbons’ and ‘Illuminate,’ Birdeatsbaby are about to release their darkest creation, ‘HEX’ – the title track from their upcoming album. Produced by award-winning Evan Rodaniche (of Cage9 fame), ‘HEX’ is a post-metal masterpiece that is at first celestial and enchanting, then escalates into a living nightmare. Once again working with Scott Chalmers, Birdeatsbaby have created a visual representation of the song that draws inspiration from demonic texts such as the Ars Goetia.

Worth, the rising star of melodic death metal from Spain, is pleased to announce their signing with Wormholedeath Records for the release of their second studio album, self-titled WORTH. The album is set to be released worldwide on May 12. With the announcement comes the release of the first single ‘Vanished’.

Tribe Of Ghosts are proud to share their brand new single ‘Sunburner (Deny The Rot)’. The track is a journey of ambient synths and pop hooks that descends into an unrelenting sonic assault, with a guest appearance from vocalist Ben Mason, known for his devastating vocals in Bound in Fear and Pintglass. The lyrics of ‘Sunburner (Deny The Rot)’ were originally written in 2018 by guitarist Adam Sedgwick about his experiences before and after being diagnosed with ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’. A powerfully personal disclosure, the lyrics outline the daily denial of mental illness, ending with the acceptance of the disorder and the beginning of therapy and healing. Adam explains: “When my mental health began severely declining before my diagnosis, I always associated the Sun as some kind of aggressor or enemy as it would cause emotional and physical discomfort whenever I saw it… This discomfort would bring on these intense feelings of anxiety and intense physical pain that I would daily attempt to mask and ignore as I didn’t want to accept that I was mentally unwell.”

Stavanger, Norway-based symphonic gothic metal band Sirenia have filmed a music video for the track ‘Deadlight’, which can be viewed below. Speaking about the song, Sirenia mastermind Morten Veland said: “‘Deadlight’ is in many ways a typical Sirenia song, it has all those elements which is represenatble for our sound and style. I find it to be a very melodic and catchy song, and a good choice for our second single off the new album 1977. I hope you’ll enjoy it.” [via Metal Forces Mag]

Spiritbox have dropped a new one-off single titled ‘The Void’ amidst their ongoing “Eternal Blue” North American tour. Vocalist Courtney LaPlante said the song “came about very quickly,” and it and sees the Canadian band delivering one of its leanest and most succinct tracks to date. Despite the sub-four-minute runtime, all of the Spiritbox signatures are here: winding prog passages, jittery math guitar theatrics, and, of course, LaPlante’s dominant and melodic singing. “I didn’t have to fight with anything to write it, and when that happens, I don’t argue with it,” she said in a press release. “It’s a type of song that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, I’ve heard it hundreds of times now, and it makes me so happy every time I hear it. It’s been such an amazing experience playing this song on our tour, and watching people hear it for the first time, in real time.” [via Consequence]

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