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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Oriana Curls
Oriana Curls is a French artist based in London. Having a successful career as an international performer, singer and songwriter, she’s now releasing her new EP Curlsworld with focus track ‘Soldier of Love’. Talking about mental health and inner growth, she’s presenting her new electro pop project, mixing art, story telling and dark sounds. Oriana has been working on Curlsworld for many years. It is a multidimentional concept that she finally decided to turn into music with this three track EP, exploring new electronic sounds thanks to producer Joe Rodwell. “I wanted to create a world where people are able to be who they are, to create and express themselves freely,” says Oriana. “It can be a challenging journey to get there and this piece of work reflects those struggles, as a person and an artist. This song is about raising awareness on mental health issues. Being a soldier of love is like being a protector, and during my launch we also raised money for charity BAPAM, in order to support performers during difficult times.” Listen to ‘Soldier of Love’ below.

Zoltar are a fuzz trio from Sweden and have just released their third single ‘Bury’. a naive and energetic stoner/sludge/doom track born from punk and rock ‘n roll. “Its an ode to late LG Petrov of Entombed who was one of our biggest sources of inspiration for such a long time,” explain the band. “Not just as a showman but also all the stories from parties and shit he got going on. We miss him a lot even tough we didn’t know him personally.” Listen below.

Josefine Landelius
Josefine Landelius is a singer-songwriter from Strängnäs, Sweden. Her interest for music began at a young age with dreams of singing and performing all over the world. At the age of 22 she decided to follow that dream and enrolled in an education in singing which slowly developed into Josefine writing her own songs. Her new single ‘Somewhere far away’ is about “wanting to escape reality and just dream away for a while,” she explains. “To be aware of where you are at the moment might not be the best, and at the same time know what you need to get out of there, in this case going somewhere far away. It’s a catchy pop song where the simplicity takes place and the melodies and vocals are in focus.” The song was written by Josefine and producer Liam Erixon at a 3hour camp while they were studying together at Songwriters Academy of Sweden in Örnsköldsvik. Listen below.

Frankie Bird
‘Campfire’ is the second single from 22 year old indie pop/rocksinger-songwriter Frankie Bird. It is a summery indie rock track about staying true to yourself and not letting anybody change you. It was recorded in North London a few months ago, utilising electric guitars anda pulsating bass line. Frankie Bird grew up in Reading, UK and developed her songwriting through performing live in local pubs at age 16, inspired by the music of Oasis and The Beatles which was often played there. She moved to London in late 2021 to pursue her career in music, becoming a regular on the open mic circuit and proving popular with audiences across the city. Her guitar based music has been noted for its personal lyrics and authenticity. Frankie released her debut single indie pop/rock anthem ‘Younger Dreams’ in April. Her follow up single ‘Campfire’ shows a different side to her diverse songwriting. Listen below.

As an all around creative and entertainer, Hip Hop artist, producer, engineer, photographer, videographer, director, editor, artist mentor, actor and writer, NOR KIN4LIFE effortlessly manages many hats. Born and raised in Mt. Vernon, NY, a town known for it’s contribution to hip hop with artists like Al B Sure, Heavy D and P Diddy, NOR wrote her first song at 8 years old which led her to music production. Her latest single is called ‘Like Nipsey’. “‘Like Nipsey’ is a tribute to the late great Nipsey Hussle,” says NOR. “Produced and written by myself, the listener is taken on a lyrical ride that is meant to inspire. Keep going and believing in yourself, anyone can be great just don’t give up!” Listen below.

Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas is a 21 year old LGBT singer-songwriter from South East London. She has recently released her new album Goodbye Past, Hello Future. She wrote the songs on the album about mental health and non gender specific love songs. Taylor’s current favourite song from the record is ‘Burnouts’. “I wanted to write a song about feeling Burntout,” explains Taylor. “A song about feeling like the world was burning. And about two normal people being in love who couldn’t do anything to stop the way the world was heading. Being sadly happy about the fact that it was all ending. Watching the world burn but being in love with each over. And happy that they were together. ‘We can toast marshmallows around the fire of the world'” Listen below.

Castle Hughes
Perth born rising music artist Castle Hughes releases ‘Fairplay,’ the follow-up to her 2021 debut single ‘Moving On.’ Castle Hughes’ new release reveals a maturation of her extraordinary talents, blending organic, retro and electro elements to create a spellbinding contemporary pop track with hooks, heart and integrity. As Castle says about her latest release, “This song was written during my last year of high school (2021). I was really struggling, seemed to be at conflict with everyone and felt not good enough. I had another argument with my mum and this song kind of spewed out post argument.” The song’s lyrics explores the nuances of relationship dynamics, with an emphasis on relinquishing control. ‘Fairplay’ merges a hypnotic rhythm to swathes of melodic magic, all highlighted by Castle’s incredible vocal performance—controlled yet enticing. ‘Fairplay’ outlines more than just a personal awakening but a creative one and is sure to resonate with many. Listen below.

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