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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Sofia Gobbi
Sofia Gobbi is a 24 year-old singer-songwriter born to an Italian father and Californian mother. She was raised in a small town in Italy and has been writing songs since she was 8. Her music combines a Beatles-like love for melody with poetic yet conversational lyrics that are vulnerable, honest, and oh-so relatable. Since moving to London a year ago, Sofia has been recording and producing with a friend at Baltic Studios, and her debut single ‘Ten’ is out now. The song is a heartwarming ballad about the challenges that come with growing up and moving out for the first time, which can be daunting and lonely. Whether you’re going through a quarter or mid-life crisis, or are simply feeling nostalgic, it’s one of those universal songs that everyone can relate to – especially lyrics like, “When did I stop holding my dad’s hand in public?”. If you’re a fan of ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac, ‘Stop This Train’ by John Mayer, or ‘We’re Going to be Friends’ by The White Stripes”, Sofia Gobbi’s ‘Ten’ is definitely the song for you. Listen below.

Queer Naarm-based alt-pop creator Prudns (she/they) returns with an entirely self-composed and produced banger called ‘Riddle’. After months of gigging alongside Australian bands like Telenova, Skeleten and Sex on Toast, Prudns’ production prowess is evident in this highly elevated track. ‘Riddle’ is inspired by the late 90s and early 2000s pop and contains Prudns’ calling card – a generous dosage of synths and a smothering of kinetic beats. The lyrics tell the story of Prudns’ journey with depression recounting their lowest moment to when she found herself again. Listen below.

Shannon Curtis
Although Shannon Curtis has been making music for 25 years—first as the frontwoman for a Christian-lite rock band in her twenties while a pastor’s wife, then as a chanteuse divorcée composing broken-hearted love songs after leaving both her marriage and her religion—she found her stride when she stopped trying to “make it” and instead leaned into the community of people that had formed around her music over the years. She has just released her new album Good To Me. “‘Good to Me’ is the last song on the concept album of the same name, which came out of an intentional journey I took last year to connect with my personal peace and power in hard times,” explains Shannon. “At the end of that journey, I wanted to make a commitment to myself to continue this work, because I learned that cultivating serenity and agency within myself will always only be up to me. So that’s what ‘Good to Me’ is: it’s a promise I made—and make every day—to myself, that no matter how the hard times come and go, I will be good to myself.” Listen below.

Frankie Bird
‘Never Did Me Any Good’ is the third single from 22 year old indie pop/rock singer-songwriter Frankie Bird. Out now, it is an uptempo indie reflection on trying to fit in with lyrics touching upon identity and self-acceptance. It was recorded in a north London studio a few months ago, utilising jangly electric guitars and crashing drums. Frankie Bird grew up in Reading and developed her songwriting through performing live in local pubs at age 16, inspired by the music of Oasis and The Beatles which was often played there. She moved to London in late 2021 to pursue her career in music, becoming a regular on the open mic circuit and proving popular with audiences across the city. Her guitar based music has been noted for its personal lyrics and authenticity. Comparisons have been drawn to bands such as The Cranberries. Her latest track ‘Never Did Me Any Good’ shows a different side to Bird’s songwriting through the energetic feel. Listen below.

Kristen Grainger
Kristen Grainger & True North is a bluegrass-leaning Americana powerhouse of terrific songwriting, lush vocals and crazy-good instrumentalists. Fronted by singer-songwriter Kristen Grainger, the band is comprised of multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Dan Wetzel and Pacific Northwest bluegrass superstars Martin Stevens (mandolin, octave mandolin, fiddle, vocals) and Josh Adkins (upright bass, vocals), both formerly of the Bluegrass Regulators.When some realities feel too difficult and upsetting to take in, a song can help. “I wrote ‘Buckeye State,’ recounting the recent news of an Ohio girl, raped and pregnant at age 10, as a call to rethink perceptions of right and wrong and what it means to be human,” explains Kristen. “The unspeakable cruelty of her situation is emblematic of arbitrary and misogynistic policies in many parts of the US. It’s time to take action, hands joined across conventional barriers, in an unbreakable chain of resolve.” Listen below.

Heron Rana
Heron Rana is a musician, saxophonist, singer, poet, songwriter, producer, and mother from California. She plays her original music, in collaboration with other excellent artists. Her music has influences of jazz, hip-hop, neo-soul, and Brasilian music. She is in the process of releasing In All Her Glory, an EP based on real life stories, created by women, dedicated to women and about women and non-binary people. Singles are being released every couple of weeks to complete the 5 song EP. The EP will be fully released by the end of January. ‘Women’ is a song about the love between women. “The strength and community that is created when we love eachother, support one another, raise each others children together, make art and music and culture together, listen to each others pain and problem solve together, party together, romance together,” says Heron. Listen below.

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