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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

KAELI’s latest single ‘Fires’ is a rousing pop anthem that evokes the electric intensity of first love. Blending pulsing guitar riffs with KAELI’s characteristically powerful vocals, ‘Fires’ is a rallying cry against complacency. Nostalgic lyrics and smooth melodic hooks are paired with a gritty production style and textured, industrial sound that nods towards artists like Nothing But Thieves and Paramore by way of Sigrid. KAELI says: “I could see so vividly the beach I would go to with my friends, the bonfire where we’d drink and dance like we’d never grow old. With ‘Fires’ I wanted to capture that feeling. It’s nostalgic for those times, but not about longing to be back there – it’s a call to arms to rekindle that fire in yourself here and now. To live with that intensity, rather than numbing yourself to the world. It’s a song to blast in the car and sing along to at the top of your lungs”. Listen below.

Orla Monelle
Orla Monelle is an independent Pop/R&B artist based in Dublin. Growing up in Belgium with Irish parents, she was surrounded by all kinds of music. From the Irish trad her father played, to the French songs she listened to in Brussels, she was always exploring new genres. At just 17 years old she moved to Dublin and has since performed around multiple venues in Ireland, including the well known Dublin showcase, The Ruby Sessions. New single ‘Selfish’ was co-written by Orla Monelle, songwriter Edward O’Mahony and producer Alex O’Keeffe. It is a Pop/R&B song that explores the story of staying in a relationship out of fear of loneliness rather than love. The narrator of the song struggles with feelings of guilt and jumps between acknowledging the selfish behaviour as well as trying to justify it. With its powerful bass line, vintage keys and layered vocals, ‘Selfish’ brings back the slick grooves of 90s R&B. Orla says, “I originally started writing this song in a session with Edward and that’s when the line ‘I’m only Selfish cause I’m lonely’ came out. I put the song away for a few months until I showed it to Alex in a session. He loved the vibe and I felt connected with that lyric again. Deep down we usually know when we’re not with the right person but it can still be hard to walk away and face being alone.” Listen below.

SoCalTheory releases a new song ‘Phone-Tag’. ‘Phone-Tag’ takes the listeners on a journey of playing phone tag with your friends to share the latest happenings in Nayla Savannah’s life. ‘Phone-Tag’ was written after breaking up with her best friend and getting in a crazy car wreck that left Nayla with a concussion for a couple of months. ‘Phone-Tag’ was recorded in the Sturage in Long Beach, California. ‘Phone-Tag’ was produced by Bigg Shmezz. Nayla Savannah is a theatre sound designer, actress and musician in her own right. Nayla was born and raised in Compton Ca. Her spoken-word and introspective approach fosters a confessional tone, one that is as candid as it is deliberate. She began making music in high school and continued to explore the journey of making music. She makes music with her heart, sharing experiences she has had to help someone else on their journey. She is inspired by the all of the greats including Jill Scott, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot and Nelly. Listen to ‘Phone-Tag’ below.

Sarah Heneghan
‘Petrichor’ paints a picture of a dry and dusty plain, crying out for water. As the song progresses, a downpour grows, painted by overdubbed washy cymbal tracks, deep bass tones and bright, fresh synth chords. It’s the grounding, earthy, summer single from Sheffield-based drummer Sarah Heneghan’s debut album, Power Out. Sarah says, “‘Petrichor’ was initially written for an old project, but the rearrangement lent itself beautifully to pure electronics and drums, with gorgeous washy cymbal work and deep bass tones. Live, ‘Petrichor’ is the subversive show-ending piece, allowing everyone to feel refreshed and grounded after a symphony of flashing lights, hard beats, and chaotic drumming.” Listen below.

The Redroom
The Redroom continue to cement themselves into the Manchester music scene as they announce their latest single, ‘Coffee (What It’s Like To Fall in love). Building on the band’s pop sensibilities, ‘Coffee’ follows ear-worming synths and saxophone melodies backing a tale of young love from frontwoman Jess Lewis-Ward. Upbeat and bright in its intentions, ‘Coffee’ puts a foot forward to be a soundtrack for the summer. Continuing to mesh together the old with the new, The Redroom have mastered the art of creating their own multi-genre sound backed by Lewis-Ward’s talent for colourful, witty and insightful storytelling. ‘Coffee’ is the band’s first step into a form of new age indie-pop songwriting, combining the likes of layered brass with the band’s signature acoustic sound. Jess says, “I actually wrote ‘Coffee’ when I was 16, during the first lockdown. Left it in a back pocket for a few years then circled back to it when the band started to explore a different style of writing. It went through quite a few phases before the final finished product but I feel like it encapsulates our new sound, alongside my younger self. I guess you could say it’s about young love and feeling love romantically properly for the first time.” Listen below.

The Froobz
The Froobz are an alternative punk band based in Central Scotland incorporating inspiration from the 80s New Wave from bands including Talking Heads and Sonic Youth with modern twists influenced by bands such as Destroy Boys and Slaves. They bring out the topic of pushing their feminist views through their punchy sounds and strong lyrics, guaranteed to leave a memorable vibe within the female punk scene. Their latest release ‘Ur Mums Guide to Life’ is a reflection of past experiences from when your mum asks “Are you really going out in that?”. “As a women in modern day society it is common that women are abducted and cat called etc for ‘what they are wearing or how they are acting’,” explain the band. “The list of what a woman can do on her own without threat of being targeted is becoming smaller and smaller and women are going out often under constant worry of something happening to them. ‘Ur Mums Guide to Life’ is our reflection on this matter, how we just want to ‘Wear what I wanna, Do what I wanna, Act how I wanna’.” Listen below.

INFINITIES is a melodic Emo Pop/Hip-Hop artist based in Adelaide, known for creating music about the idea of love living for infinity. New single ‘PARTICLES’ is out now. Embark on a cosmic journey through ‘PARTICLES’, a melodic tale of unity and separation. ‘PARTICLES’ weaves the story of two souls entwined, coming together as one before drifting apart into the vast universe as two distinct particles. With poignant lyrics and captivating melodies, ‘PARTICLES’ captures the essence of love’s transient beauty and the eternal dance of interconnectedness. Listen below.

Frankie Bird
Frankie Bird is a 23 year old indie pop/rock singer-songwriter from Reading, UK. Since beginning to write songs at age 14 and performing live at local pubs from the age of 16, Frankie has penned a multitude of songs to hone her craft. These live events introduced her to artists such as The Beatles and Oasis. Frankie has written a wide collection of original songs which range from catchy indie tunes to emotional ballads. She champions authenticity and storytelling and is credited as the sole writer for all of her music. Her guitar based songs have been noted for their thoughtful, personal lyrics and memorable melodies. Comparisons have been drawn to The Cranberries, Wolf Alice and beabadoobee. Grassroots is the debut EP from Frankie Bird. It is an introspective concept record about moving to London and the challenges of the music industry. It was recorded in a north London studio earlier this year, utilising jangly electric guitars and crashing drums. Lyrically, it deals with themes such as growing up, social anxiety and self-belief. Listen to ‘Background’ below.

Rising singer, producer and DJ Noa Waxman, professionally known as Noxi, is thrilled to announce the release of her second single, ‘Sandwich Song.’ This bubbly pink pop track, with its humorous lyrics, sweet production and uplifting vocals will leave listeners smiling and humming along to the phrase “Love is like a Messy Sandwich” all day long. With ‘Sandwich Song’ , Noxi created a lighthearted and funny track which manages to be both entertaining and vulnerable, whilst maintaining a stylish electropop aesthetic. Written and produced by Noxi herself, ‘Sandwich Song’ explores her fear of confrontation in a relationship. After hitting the first bump in the road with her partner, Noxi had to admit to herself that no relationship can exist conflict-free no matter how much one tries to avoid it. She came to the creative conclusion that love is like a sandwich; it’s tasty, nutritious, filling-but in order to enjoy it you have to accept the occasional mess. Produced in her music studio in Tel Aviv, Noxi crafted ‘Sandwich Song’ to be a sugar sweet pop track, reminiscent of 2000s female pop songs. The song’s electronic instrumentation, soulful bass and steady beat create an irresistible uplifting vibe, which allows the honesty and humor of her lyrics to reach the listener with ease. Listen below.

Winn Rose
After the epic release of her last single ‘deep dive’, Winn Rose is ready to release another heartache anthem with her latest single ‘Rough’. An exploration of long distance love, and everything that comes with it, ‘Rough’ is sure to be the next addition to your lovesick playlist. Having natural leanings towards performance, Winn Rose delved deep into the world of music during her teen years, growing from a shy child into a confident and passionate young woman through her exploration of music. Having released her first single at the young age of 18, music has been at the forefront of Winn Rose’s life for the better part of the last decade. Picking up the guitar and integrating that into her process, her songwriting has taken off to new levels, evident in her live shows with her band, and her last single ‘deep dive’. Regularly gracing Melbourne stages with either just her guitar, or her full band, Winn Rose has solidified her place within the Melbourne Singer-Songwriter scene. With lilting melodies, infectious hooks, and lush harmonies, ‘Rough’ is an undeniable earworm, and just another example of her incredible songwriting. Finding the perfect balance between organic and electric, tied together expertly to pull our focus to Winn Rose’s stunning vocals and lyrics, this latest record from Winn Rose is just a taste of what we can continue to expect from her. Listen below.

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