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Australia’s Victoria K is sharing the next single ‘Tower’ from the forthcoming sophomore album Kore set for release this coming October via Rockshots Records to follow the highly praised 2020 debut album Essentia. Being unveiled with a music video, ‘Tower’ is the longest song on the album. Clocking in at over seven minutes, the band got the inspiration for this track from the part of the hymn where Kore’s mother orders the people of the world to build a tower in her honour. The band explains further: “This idea and concept sparked a lot of ideas, taking inspiration from events and questions that we face in our current society. Questions such as the existence of a divine power, and why we praise higher powers both spiritually speaking and in our physical world. It also raises ideas about our current social regimes, like capitalism, as well as the toxicity of materialist and consumerist cultures. Aspects of this song touch upon the exploitation of the middle and lower class. This is a topic that we wanted to bring forward, as musicians, artists, and writers as we feel it is relevant and important. This song also takes a lot of inspiration from ethnic sounds. The chanting is sung in ancient Greek, meant to imitate marching and worship, this ties into the message that the song is trying to convey.”

Back with their infectious blend of Heavy Pop, South Haven dig deep into front women Christine Nielsen’s dark and emotional universe with their blistering new single ‘Lost In The Feeling’ featuring Joachim Møller. Fuelled with stories of self-doubt and broken love their new single explores a truly personal side of battling with mental health as a 24 year old woman living in Copenhagen.

U.S. rock giants Icon For Hire share the video for their new single ‘Shadow’ following the announcement that they will be special guests on The Rasmus’ European tour. The latest single, ‘Shadow’ is taken from their upcoming album The Reckoning due for release on September 30 via Kartel Music Group. The track deals with “the ugly part of ourselves we try to suppress and hide, but what if we embraced them?”, says lead singer and songwriter Ariel Bloomer. Digging deeper into the creative process of songwriting for the track, Ariel adds; “I’m in this space right now where I’m learning not to be ashamed, apologetic or resistant. To accept those dark parts of myself as me”.

Boston’s Pistacia is bringing forth a new brand of metalcore with their debut EP Edgy. Through personal and poignant lyrics they confront relatable issues set to emotional and powerful music. So far, they have released a handful of singles, and the next one up is ‘It Was The Cat’, focusing on self-harm. Making music for people who are scared and voiceless is their passion and they are not afraid to get specific about what happens in the mind of the mentally ill. On this single, they offer hope and understanding and a flashback to the days when people used the explanation that “the cat did it” in reference to marks on their arms. The band explains the creation of the single: “The single began almost accidentally; Ben and Théo were in Florida on tour with their former band, exhausted from the road and performance, and aching to write some new music that would reflect the artistic changes they’d undergone as a result. Ben cracked away at that which he does best: writing filthy hardcore riffs and Théo took initiative to make as poppy a chorus arrangement as possible. Years later, the track was revived and Vic worked her magic, pouring her anguish and rage into finely tuned stanzas that packed punch. They entered a Berklee rehearsal room with sketches, with the makings of a metal banger, and left with the instantiation of their ardor”.

Symphonic Gothic Metal band Belle Morte is proud to present their video for the single ‘Krew’, featuring: Yaroslav Dzhus (bandura), Alex Pilkevych, and Ada Rusinkiewicz (vocals). The band say: “The idea of ‘Krew’ appeared in February. When the war began, we were completely devastated and heartbroken. As a Belarusian band, we have strong connections with Ukraine: we have relatives and friends living there, and in general, it was always perceived as somewhat native land to us. Moreover, Belarusian territory was used by the Russian army, horrific betrayal and burden of shame. We decided to compose this song to reflect our complex feelings and search for some deliverance in art. From the very beginning, we had an intention to show the proximity of 3 languages and 3 cultures, so we’ve also involved Polish and Ukrainian singers Ada Rusinkiewicz (Hethet) and Alex Pilkevych to reflect their own perspectives and Yaroslav Dzhus to recorded bandura, traditional Ukrainian folk instrument. Everyone participating in this project had full freedom to express their feelings. Belarusian lyrics written by Brat K. are focusing on the common pain and grief we experience. Ukrainian lyrics by Alex reflect on the time in the past when he used to live in Kiev, at the trail to notorious Irpin. In the Polish parts, Ada talks about the duality she’s experiencing in her country. There are a lot of fantastic, helpful people, who are doing their best to help Ukrainians but there are also a lot of insecurities and fear. In the screaming parts, Ada wanted to pay respect to people who are suffering in silence today. One day they will be heard and we hope it will stop trauma from growing. The song’s title “Krew’ or “Blood” has multiple meanings. It’s about blood bonds that unite us, it’s about the blood of innocent people shed in this treacherous war.”

Belgian hard-rockers Brutus are set to release their third album Unison Life on October 21, and they’ve shared a group of songs from the record so far, including ‘Liar’ and ‘Dust.’ Now, Brutus has released another song from Unison Life. It’s called ‘Victoria,’ and it comes with an accompanying music video directed by Jonas Hollevoet. ‘Victoria’ is a more melodic move for Brutus but it still rips with a wall of guitar and urgent vocals from lead singer Stephanie Mannaerts, who says: “‘Victoria’ is about getting older. You know grown-up life is lurking around the corner, but you’re not afraid of what’s coming because we’re all going to go down together.” Watch the ‘Victoria’ video, which has Brutus wandering around Belgium looking for nostalgia in the places that felt important to them as kids. [via Stereogum]

Escuela Grind is now streaming their devastating new single ‘Forced Collective Introspection’ alongside a music video directed by Michael Jari Davidson (Alice In Chains). The single takes inspiration from the 1971 film THX 1138, whose runtime explores a future controlled by android police and humans suppressed by mandatory drugs. And I mean, really – how far are we off from that now anyway? “We again teamed up with director Michael Jari Davidson to create the video for ‘Forced Collective Introspection’, says Escuela Grind vocalist Katerina Economou. “The video references 1971’s anti-authoritarian movie THX 1138, where the band is held in a white void by masked guards, and reduced to objectified numbers. Harassed in prison cells, the band makes their escape in a Shawshank fashion. The theme of the video runs throughout all of our music: we must resist and attempt to escape their control to regain our humanity.” [via Metal Injection]

Following the release of her industrial-tinged, thrashing debut EP Sinner and Saint, Lexi Layne is proudly sharing a stunning, horror-themed music video for ‘Self Sabotage’ alongside her full band. Lexi is bursting with “strong alpha female” energy, she describes. Lexi says: “’Self Sabotage’ will have the listener’s heart racing and blood boiling the second the song begins. The lyrics describe battling inner demons, self-doubt, and trying to overcome the darkness that lies within. With hauntingly beautiful harmonies throughout the song, ‘Self Sabotage’ is the first track to overtly confront the Sinner and Saint expression that underscores the EP. ” [via Outburn]


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