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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Jordyn Tareaz
Singer-songwriter Jordyn Tareaz has released her second single ‘Can’t Talk’. Fusing piano, hard hitting drum fills and psychedelic synths underneath Jordyn’s powerhouse vocals, ‘Can’t Talk’ starts as an intimate ballad and transforms into a freeing pop song. Jordyn first teased the song while opening for WMG artist Maude Latour, back in February 2022 in Washington, DC venue Songbyrd Music House. It was an immediate crowd pleaser, and fans were even DMing Jordyn asking for the demo so that they could have something to listen to until the song’s official release. “It’s not worth the pain or the stress/but you make it easy to forget/If I let you in my life again/it’s only gonna hurt when it ends”, Jordyn sings in the chorus. A stark contrast from Jordyn’s debut single, ‘Can’t Talk’ reflects on the space between finding closure and still longing for someone, even though you know you shouldn’t. The song was co written with Lexi “Riese” Riesenberg (She is Jules), a frequent collaborator of Jordyn’s. And produced by Kevin Cho, a friend of Jordyn’s since middle school. When talking about the concept behind the song Jordyn says, “I’m a very independent person, and I’m not afraid to walk away when things aren’t right. But that doesn’t mean every goodbye comes easily. With each element of the song we worked to sonically reflect the ups, downs, and tumultuous journey of finding closure”. Listen below.

Adelide (stage name of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kayla Schwartz) shares her second single, ‘Dance With Me,’ ahead of the October release of her self-titled EP. The track is a disco-infused pop anthem that takes you to the one club that never closes. Adelide spent the bulk of 2020 isolated in her childhood home, while dreaming of a future filled with friends, good times, and music. ‘Dance With Me’ is that dream realized, and the score for anyone trying to keep their own internal party going in spite of the world around them. Despite this only being Adelide’s second release, Kayla Schwartz is no stranger to the professional music world. The Florida native has spent the majority of her career to date studying and playing jazz, a foundational experience that served as the launchpad for broader artistic self discovery. Over the course of her studies, Schwartz was drawn to a wide variety of music, citing inspiration from artists ranging from Donna Summer and Minnie Ripperton to Lianne La Havas and Shura. On October 21, she will bring her unique fusion of pop, R&B, and jazz to listeners in the form of a five song EP. “I couldn’t be more excited for people to hear this music,” Adelide says. “I’m finally at a point in my artistry that I feel is the most authentic version of my musical self.” Listen to ‘Dance With Me’ below.

Mouth Ruber
Mouth Ruber is a 26-year-old pop singer-songwriter based in Liverpool. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Ruber achieved minor success in music after entering the Hungarian version of The Voice at the age of 16 where she made it through to the 4th live show. She had been writing songs since the age of 13 and using the opportunities and connections the tv show brought her she went on to collaborate with other artists both as a singer and a songwriter and performed across the country at festivals and bigger and smaller gigs. At the age of 20 she made a big leap of faith and moved countries to pursue an international music career with her mainstream pop project which is centred around creativity and puts the emphasis not just on the music but equally so on the visual and overall vibe. She first moved to London, where she put a demo EP together with Abbie Road Institute graduate Liam Narrie and did open mics and smaller gigs. She then moved to Liverpool where she attended the Sound City Training in 2020 before getting into LIPA where she is currently doing her final year in Music Production and Songwriting. She likes to refer to her music as “pop music with a personality” saying “even though my songs can be easily labelled as mainstream they all have a bit of my personality in them which make them distinctive amongst the sea of commercial songs out there most of them sounding like one another”. Deeply inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Dead or Alive or Marina and the Diamonds, Mouth Ruber aspires to be a pop artist with her very own message, style and sound. As an artist, she finds writing quirky pop songs to be her main strength and self-doubt and procrastination to be her biggest weakness which inspired her to choose ‘Devil on my shoulder’ as her debut single. Written by Ruber and produced by Liam Narrie, ‘Devil on my shoulder’- originally titled ‘Crucified’- was written almost 8 years ago in the artists childhood bedroom after Ruber started humming the melody in the chorus to herself on the tram on the way back from high school. The sound, lyric and message of the tune was very different back then and it was not until years and a fully produced demo version later that the singer decided to strip the song down and dress it up in an entirely new concept. The melody and production references the sound of the early 2000s -the artists favourite era of pop music- with a bit of an 80s feel to it and has that quirkiness about it that is one of the most distinctive qualities of Mouth Ruber’s music. Tired of procrastinating for years and years and always putting releasing music off she decided to use the upbeat and uplifting song as a message to herself to finally stop listening to the devil on her shoulder who keeps telling her she is not good enough and makes her shy away from “going for it”. She is hoping that the message of the song will not just give her the boost she needs to come out of her shell but will also inspire others struggling with the same issue to do the same thing and stop fighting with the devil on their shoulder. Listen below.

Phoenix Mundy
Phoenix Mundy (fka Patchwork Guilt) is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Bristol, UK. She has been releasing music since 2014, using a basic home setup to create ethereal, eclectic music with influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Lorde to the film soundtracks of Joe Hisaishi. Energetic and infectious, Phoenix Mundy’s ‘Cologne’ pokes fun at the absurd situations the modern dating world can sometimes throw at us. Musically it nods to Blondie and Talking Heads, with gravelly guitar, floaty synth lines and low, smokey vocals. It sees Mundy venturing into a freer lyrical space which is both self-deprecating and relatable. ‘Cologne’ describes the “realisation that the crazy biological connection you thought you had with the person you were seeing was all an illusion… it wasn’t pheromones, it was just cologne”. Based on a real situation, the song prompts us to see the funny side in the things we can’t control, in a climate that “gets so caught up on personality types, attachment styles and over-analysing everyone’s every word, that forming relationships can sometimes feel like a minefield.” Listen below.

Remie is a Jamaican-Australian vocalist and songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario. Featuring a musical blend of Alt R&B and electronic genres, her new single ‘WHEREUGO’ is out now. Since her debut in 2020, she has released a further five songs, drawing inspiration from artists such as Dua Saleh and 070 Shake. ‘WHEREUGO’ as an alternative R&B track pulls you in with her signature deep vocals, harmonies and beat-driven production. Drawing on her experiences, this song focuses on the complexities of relationships, and the intertwined feelings of love, loss, pain, confusion and self-doubt. Expressed through the lyrics “where do I go from here”, this song encompasses the story of someone who has lost themselves in their partner and their lies, but is unsure of what to do after leaving the relationship. As a tug-and-pull song, the lyrics describe the complex nature of love – remembering the good times and the bad, and trying to choose which should overrule the other. Listen below.

Dani Kristina
Award winning artist and viral TikTok sensation Dani Kristina, releases her moody new acoustic-pop single entitled ‘I Won’t Know.’ Inspired by personal experiences and lost love, ‘I Won’t Know’ reflects on the aftermath of a broken relationship, the lingering feelings, and coping with loneliness. Produced by Grammy-nominee Trevor James Anderson and written by Dani Kristina, the new single is a bittersweet track reminiscent of Adele and LÉON, capturing the sadness of its lyrics. ‘I Won’t Know’ is an emotional acoustic-pop ballad that explores a personal heartbreak and the means of rediscovering your identity afterwards. After a collaboration with Ukrainian photographer Oleksandra Terletska in Spring 2022, whose artwork is the cover art for this track, the song came to life. Dani Kristina revealed that “witnessing the way [Terletska] captured the complexity and emotion in her photography really informed [the] creative process”. The track explores how many people can perceive a lost relationship without really understanding it, as it focuses on the mental balance of maintaining relationships and the grey areas they lie within. Listen below.

The duo bladeofsoil was established in 2019 at a bar in central Stockholm. Clara-Fia Tapper Karlsson and Astrid Nyström had a hunch that they would make a good creative team and have since then been working together from the separatistic ODA studios. Bladeofsoil have released two singles, where one was for the Texas based label Rodeo Records. Other then that the duo has also been busy producing music for several theater performances. Spending countless hours together working and refining their music Clara-Fia and Astrid developed a sisterly bond with an almost telepathic way of communicating while working creatively. Their electro acoustic approach on alternative pop has taken them to the sound on their new single ’Closer’. The vocal weave and pushy rhythms creates a volatile atmosphere, unlike anything you’ve heard before. In their upcoming EP Needs Must they embrace the “needy girl crying for attention” and continue their exploration of eccentric genre blends. Listen to ‘Closer’ below.

Azul Kechi
Azul Kechi is a half-Nigerian half-British artist from London debuting her first single, self-titled ‘Azul’. The 21 year old grew up with classic soul and funk influences like Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye, and merged these retro sounds with the fresher, more rnb style vocal of singers like Kali Uchis and Lauryn Hill to create her own distinct sound. Fascinated by outer space and astronauts as a child, she dreamt of one day being able to explore the stars- and feeling different in herself she wondered whether she was actually in fact an otherworldly being. Azul wanted to create a celestial introductory track, self-titled as to introduce her to the world of music, and show her personality as well as telling her intergalactic story within. This is it. She paired up alsongside US producers Eraserhood Sound to create an album, telling her story. This is the first chapter! Listen to ‘Azul’ below.

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