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Every month we share here the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

Azul Kechi – ‘Crazy Dreams’
South London British-Nigiran singer-songwriter Azul Kechi releases her latest single ‘Crazy Dreams’. The track offers listeners a taste of things to come from her debut album Celestial Love, showcasing a vibrant offering that blends elements of soul, pop and R&B.

Neeley – ‘take a number’
Pop/Folk singer-songwriter Neeley returns with her latest single, ‘take a number’. This coming-of-age single blends Neeley’s soulful vocal lines with blunt lyricism, aimed at promoting self-discovery and affirmation.

TrUth Speaks Volumes – ‘Wave’
Hailing from Washington DC R&B, hip hop and pop rap artist TrUth Speaks Volumes drops her latest single ‘Wave’ taking from her highly anticipated debut album, It’s Time. ‘Wave’ perfectly encapsulates TrUth Speaks Volumes style, a high-octane, hypnotic hip-hop anthem that showcases her signature energy and charismatic flow.

Sarina – ‘Brace For Impact’
Offering up a captivating cocktail of Arabian-inspired sounds with pop sensibilities ‘Brace For Impact’, the latest release from Tokyo-based singer-songwriter Sarina once again shows her ability to craft emotive tracks with beautifully composed soundscapes. The track is taken from her highly anticipated EP Foreword.

Lauren Torres – Mangos
Renowned LA-based singer-songwriter, Lauren Torres unveils her smooth introspective new single ‘Mangos’. Armed with her signature soulful vocals Lauren once again captivates her audience with her expressive lyricism with the track acting as a letter to her younger self.

Lexa Terrestrial – ‘X Files’
Lexa Terrestrial seamlessly blends trap, grunge, ‘90s R&B, lo-fi raps, melodies and even metal to create her unique and captivating sound. Her latest single ‘X-Files’ is no different, a gravity-defying track that takes listeners on a wild ride through the uncharted territories of music, with rapid-fire rapping behind a beat that reimagines the X Files theme tune into a dark trap beat. The result is a track that seemingly only Lexa Terrestrial could make.

Audrie Powell – ‘Levi Jeans’
Globe-trotting, Hawaiian-born, singer-songwriter Audrie Powell releases her latest single ‘Levi Jeans’. The track offers listeners a taste of Powell’s unique strain of country music, showcasing the star’s boundless musical creativity and vocal ability

Grace Amulet – ‘Into The Dark’
Indie/Pop singer-songwriter Grace Amulet returns with her latest single, ‘Into the Dark’. Fresh off the success of her debut single, ‘Hades,’ this apocalyptic dark-pop anthem, demonstrates Amulet’s ever-refining style, combining her impactful lyrical subject matter with her soulful vocal lines.

Rexford – ‘IDTYK (How To Love Me)’
Portland-native singer-songwriter-actress Rexford drops her latest single ‘IDTYK (How To Love Me)’, sharing an exciting peek into her upcoming debut EP. ‘IDTYK (How to Love Me)’ perfectly encapsulates Rexford’s style – bursting with strong guitar chords, upbeat, sparkling crescendos and Rexford’s smooth vocal tone.

Anastave – ‘Every Night’
Offering up an enchanting blend of dark pop and electronica ‘Every Night’, the latest release from Berlin-based multi-hyphenate artist Anastave once again shows her ability to craft unique sonic universes within her music. The track is taken from her eagerly-awaited sophomore album I Don’t Want You in the Light.

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