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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Martina Gryntysz
Martina Gryntysz is an 18 year old independent artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ever since she was a little girl she has loved music and going to concerts. Growing up, it was difficult for Martina to express her feelings because she is a shy person so she started to write music about those feelings and that’s when she found that she wanted to write songs and share her music with others. In 2021 she started making music in her bedroom with a guitar, a computer and a microphone. Her biggest inspirations are Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Selena Gomez, Lorde, Coldplay and many more. Her latest song ‘Fake Friend Anthem’ is a song about a lot of fake friends that Martina had during her life. “I realized that I had a friendship where the person didn’t like me and were only using me,” explains Martina. “This really hurt me and affected me so I was really sad about it and I just came up with this song to show that I’m super angry but frustrated at the same time about all those friendships and also trying to communicate to other people that have suffered from these kind of “friendships“ to remember that they are not alone. I’m doing this anthem for them to scream and shake off the negative energy.” Listen below.

Leomi has released her second self-published single, ‘Better Without You’. Leomi has written the song herself and composed it together with her producer Janne Nuutinen. Leomi describes the song like this: “Have you ever felt guilty when you were the first to move on from a breakup? But if you hadn’t moved on, what could you have lost, and would you be happy now? ‘Better Without You’ is about overcoming, empowerment and that sometimes you must think more about yourself than other people’s feelings.” The singer-songwriter, who listened to Rihanna, Nelly Furtado and Ariana Grande in her youth, combines modern R&B sounds and sensual pop. The intimate lyrics and soft melodies heard in her songs take listeners through themes of relationships and self-esteem. These past years Leomi has been making music and at the same time working behind the scenes in the event and music industry in Finland. Now she has taken a step forward towards the stage. Listen to ‘Better Without You’ below.

Eve Garland
Eve Garland is a singer-songwriter, part-time guitarist and occasional synth player. Eve’s influences lie heavily in the musical outpourings of the 1990s. Bands such as The Cardigans, Catatonia, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, and Mazzy Star have all played a hand in shaping Eve’s sound. The song ‘Lilies (For Adam)’ is told from the perspective of Eve in the Garden of Eden. She is speaking with Lilith, who in Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology is the first wife of Adam. Lilith was recast as a “she-demon” for not being subservient to Adam. In this track, Lilith is encouraging Eve to also run away from the Garden. It’s titled ‘Lilies (For Adam)’ as lilies are often seen as a funeral symbol, a parting gift. Eve leaves lilies for Adam as she says goodbye to the Garden of Eden to chase her own destiny. Listen below.

Radio Compass
Radio Compass combines riot grrl yip and yelp with the arch tunefulness of peak new wave songwriters, wrapped up and delivered by a loud band that’s equal parts bashing grunge and lockstep post-punk. The songs alternately plead, scold, and simmer. Aloha, the band’s third release and second full length album, produced by Steven R. Lord and mastered by Alex DeTurk of The Bunker was released in May earlier this year. Just recently track 3 from the LP, ‘Stay High’ was released as a music video directed by Greyson Welch and filmed in Salem, Massachusetts. “This song is about when people get stuck– be it in a depressive web or simply just “shut down” and unable to take in another perspective,” explain the band. “And when someone starts shutting things out, their world gets smaller and smaller and the ability to be heard or hear lessens. There is a really particular heartache in seeing someone unwilling to explore blindspots or get out of their own way. And while I can totally appreciate that real self-reflection can in and of itself be a bit of a headache and uncomfortable, it also frees us and opens us up to more colorful and rich relationships to others and ourselves. This song touches on that helpless feeling and also a radical acceptance that we can control very little in life– but that we can influence and hold the hope for self and others when life starts to be or feel a bit much. It’s as much a song about certain relationships in my life as it is a message to myself.” Listen below.

Michaela Betts
“They will not cry for us, we are the outsiders” sings half-Swedish UK-based singer-songwriter Michaela Betts, on her debut single ‘Outsiders.’ Weaving hypnotic piano with theatrical vocals, harpsichord and industrial effects, Michaela creates a cinematic baroque-pop, which she calls ‘Dark Disney’. Her songs are adult fairy tales, about life transitions, self-perception, threaded with delicate tension, symbolism and ancestry. Recorded throughout 2022 in the shipping container studio in her garden, and co-produced with partner Jon Griffin (Ichinchilla, Lee Shale), ‘Outsiders’ starts with a romantic, cyclical, piano hook and intimate vocals about self-worth and the establishment. The song is a pagan hymn about power structures, class, and sacrifice, starting as an internal dialogue, moving into wild abandon with a soaring chorus and final drop. ‘Outsiders’ is beautiful, theatrical and brooding with industrial, rhythmic, synth loops (inspired by Vangelis Chariots of Fire), piano, harpsichord, pizzicato strings and electric guitar. The song concludes with oddly cadenced mezzo vocals, leaving the listener questioning. ‘Outsiders’ is a playful debut that encompasses many of Michaela’s influences – from game soundtracks to Wagner to Judee Sill, and composers like David Hirschfelder and Benjamin Britten. Listen below.

Darian June
Cork-born, singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Darian June, is making the leap in 2022 with her fresh approach to the Electro Pop genre. A pop lyricist at heart, Darian June intertwines her passion for both electronic and R&B music to create catchy, hook dominated songs. Through her distinct use of relatable themes and lyrics along with her synth-driven progressions, Darian June creates a lasting impression on her listeners. ‘Love Ain’t As Cool’ was written, recorded and produced by Darian June in her tiny bedroom studio at home in Cork, Ireland. Inspired by the events of a bad break-up, the song delves into the idea of how love can be so much more exciting and thrilling when you are younger and haven’t had the experience of true heartbreak yet. Throughout the track, Darian June’s despair of the modern age of love is conveyed through a sweet yet strikingly powerful vocal accompanied by a deliciously funky bass line and driving guitar hook. The song is reminiscent of the great, upbeat indie pop tracks of the mid 2010’s and provides a hint of nostalgia with of course, a Darian June electro-pop twist. Whether it’s the killer groove between the drums and guitar or the catchy melody line, ‘Love Ain’t As Cool’ is the perfect “scream at the top of-your lungs-like” breakup anthem. Liste below.

Carolyn Marosy
Rooted in rock and roll, influenced by punk, blues and folk, Carolyn takes the listener on a journey of raw reality, riding on the ebb and flow of electric and acoustic guitars. She writes songs about life and death, tragedy and hope, resistance and survival. Digging deep to reach into her experiences, using music to find balance in a world that can be uncertain, unrelenting and unforgiving. Attitude and tenacity are keys to adapting and thriving. Inspiration is a constant flow of give and take, intertwining through the music, the listener and the musician.Growing up a stone’s throw from Manhattan, Carolyn played all over New York City and the metro area with her alt grunge band Sulkweed, and the blues/punk band she formed and fronted, RAW. She cut her teeth in every rock ‘n roll dive, including the legendary CBGB, Bitter End, Kenny’s Castaways and Maxwell’s (Hoboken, NJ) in the 90’s-2000’s. Her style echoes shades of Patti Smith, Joe Strummer and Pete Townshend. Sonic beauty and dissonance are ever-present, depending on how she strikes a chord, or rips the violin bow across her strings. After RAW disbanded, Carolyn spent many years as a side-guitarist (rhythm and lead) for several bands, but in 2019, she decided to delve into her solo music once again, and played a few gigs before the pandemic shutdown. Carolyn would not allow the pandemic to slow her down, and she went into the studio with platinum selling record producer Barb Morrison, to record her newest material – a 4 song EP, Loners, Misfits and Rebels. Engineered by Jeremy Kinney, Mixed by Jon Jetter, and Mastered by Grammy winner Ted Jensen, Loners, Misfits and Rebels is the fight back against all of the fears, demons and self-doubts that keep us from fulfilling our dreams. Listen to the song ‘1000 Angels’ from the record below.

Lonely Little Kitsch
Lonely Little Kitsch are an alt-rock duo comprised of Kristen Goetz, and her partner Nolan Jodes. Their new single ‘The New Scene’ is out now. Put simply, ‘The New Scene’ is an ode to fake people who like to “trend-jump” and try to appeal to new groups of people, over and over. To dig a bit deeper, it’s about the inauthenticity of social media content and the effortlessness of pretending to be someone you’re not. “Lyrically, it’s pretty straightforward,” explain the duo. “It outlines a person bandwagon jumping again and again, immersing themselves into whatever new scene they think will gain them the most favour, or following. It’s all about optics, and the false belief that the public is always interested in their new personas. Pair that with a few catchy melodies and Nolan’s rock riffs and addictive bass lines, and that’s ‘The New Scene’.” Listen below.

Ria Hanley
Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Ria Hanley has just release her new single ‘Hell For Leather’. It is Hanley’s first single back after taking several years of hiatus. She describes her new sound as “Rock n Roll wearing a Cowboy hat”. Having started out by singing soul music at the age of 10 and writing her first song at age 12, this up-and-coming artist has experimented with many genres before settling down into her new-found sound. Inspired by an eclectic mix of bands and artists including, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Emeli Sande, Marren Morris and Morgan Wade. These women in music have all developed her vocal tone and music sound. Hanley classes herself as a wordsmith, comprehending her emotions with metaphors that provoke imagery for the listener. Writing words that create an art gallery for the mind. ‘Hell For Leather’ is a song for the lost, soon-to-be-found. It’s about knowing your own self-worth and never settling for less than deserved. The journey is not about love or lust, Hanley’s journey is about knowing who she is and what she is capable of; owning her own power. Ria said, “’Hell For Leather’ was heavily inspired by a life in the fast lane”. Listen below.

Felicia Lase
Melbourne-based, Indonesian-born artist Felicia Lase has released her debut single ‘Sign’. A fully self-written and produced track, ‘Sign’ displays Felicia’s powerful R&B/Soul-inspired sound, combined with honest storytelling. Coming from winning several songwriting awards, Felicia does not shy away from being relatable and intimate in her song. ‘Sign’ is an emotive track which expresses the universal feeling of being lost. Throughout the track, Felicia’s powerful vocals emanate the emotional plea of having something – or someone – to hold on to in one’s life. “The first line, ‘Tell me something to believe in’, was what inspired the entire song,” Felicia shares, “in this day and age, we are pulled into so many different directions that it is so easy to feel lost and desperately desire one thing to hold on to.” The track, fully produced by Felicia herself, features the smooth and emotive qualities of R&B/ Soul music and is juxtaposed with the interlacing slick trap beats. I don’t limit myself by genres when creating any songs. I put sounds which are right for the track and not bound by conventions,” shares Felicia, who is currently studying music production further in university. ‘Sign’ is just a prelude to what is to come from this multi-faceted, soulful artist. Listen below.

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