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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Vyka is a Berlin-based Ukrainian singer, songwriter and producer. Her musical journey began in musical theaters, which in 2014 brought her to Berlin, Friedrichstadt Palast. In 2016 she took part in the Voice of Germany. Vyka now creates her music as a DIY producer. Vyka’s musical language is distinguished by dreamy melodics, retro beats and lush synths. Released in May this year, her eponymous six track EP delivers with dashes of dream pop, synth wave, piano balladry, and dynamic songcraft, tied together with hints of social problematics. Following the EP, she released her new 80’s inspired single ‘Dirty Dancing’. New single ‘Pam Param’ is a true ear worm. Behind a repetitive and playful facade of a chorus, there is a message we all sometimes need to hear – “this too shall pass“. Acoustic guitars, percussions, vintage keys and smooth vocals – all together it sounds like a soundtrack for a summer recap. Listen below.

New South London artist on the scene Lylyth released her debut single ‘Can’t Figure It Out’ in October featuring co-writer Alexander Anthony (Gold Baby). The dream pop track is about the confusion and frustration of trying to get over your first big heartbreak and wanting to keep your ex-partner close. It features vocals and guitars performed by Alexander Anthony along with drums, additional synths, recording, production and mixing by Sophie Nicole Ellison (aka HUSSY). Musical inspirations for the track are Lianne La Havas, Biig Piig, Crumb and girl in red. Beautifully jazzy guitar and groovy bass propel this song forward with vocal and synth layers that give it a sprinkle of magic. The uplifting melody and instrumentation through the chorus make this track soar into fluffy clouds and allows for the dynamics to shine through, creating a powerful piece of pop for both Lylyth and Alexander Anthony’s debut single as solo artists. Lylyth’s formidable vocals are divine from start to finish with delicate breathy tones mixed with bold, emotional choruses. Alexander Anthony radiates charisma and style resembling frontman Alex Turner with the melodic expression of early Lianne La Havas. Describing the feel of the song Lylyth states “I wanted this song to demonstrate the range of emotions we all go through in heartbreak. It’s not just as simple as feeling sad. There’s also a lot of confusion while you come to terms with learning that this person, that you thought was going to be your side forever, is now so far away. Then there’s the decision on both sides of whether to keep each other in your lives (which can be very frustrating and painful if you feel differently). At the time of the breakup, I believed more than anything that we would stay best friends. He felt like my whole world. There’s even a reference in the song to Wolf Alice’s ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ which was my ex and I’s song while we were together, ‘Please stay close, cause the signs of a lifetime are strong, they’re pleading.’. Even though the song is about the grief of the end of a relationship I wanted to make sure the chorus had an uplifting feel. Music is always such a comfort to me in dark times and I hope this song can be for other people too.” Listen below.

Saff Juno
Saff Juno is a 21 year old independent artist, exploring topics such as self love and the path of recovery from trauma. Juno hopes to open conversations worldwide and establish an inclusive community around her music. Having released 5 singles so far, and self-organised two successful tours this year to support her latest single releases, Saff is getting her debut EP ready for Feb 2024. Written on her 18th birthday, ‘5 O’Clock Sun’, intertwines Saff’s love of nature and an appreciation of life, that will inspire anyone to pause and smile up at the sky. Her third single release this year, ‘5 O’Clock Sun’ follows the story of her last two singles (all from the upcoming EP), adding a sense of peace to conclude the lyrical journey of leaving an abusive relationship. Shimmering guitars and gentle vocals are sure to bring some sunshine to your autumn. Listen below.

Radio Compass
Radio Compass has been performing together since 2016, playing at festivals, fundraisers, many a rock venues, has had songs featured in Harmonix products and recently released a new music video single for ‘Stay High’. Radio Compass combines riot grrl yip and yelp with the arch tunefulness of peak new wave songwriters, wrapped up and delivered by a loud band that’s equal parts bashing grunge and lockstep post-punk. The songs alternately plead, scold, and simmer. Aloha, the band’s third release, dropped summer of 2022 through Sound Investment Records (U.S.) Gunner Records (Germany). Prior works include 2016’s bedroom pop LP Papercuts and 2018’s PostPunk EP …for a girl. Their new single is called ‘California’. “‘California’ is a song about trusting your path, being open to endless possibilities, burning bright and owning your shine (and periodic chaos) and refusing to allow others to dull it,” says Angela Lee (Lead Vox/Guitarist). Listen below.

Frankie Morrow
Scottish indie rock quintet Frankie Morrow release brand new track ‘Cruel’. Paired with a comedy-horror music video directed by Felix Ursell to coincide with halloween, the surreal story follows three gothic teenagers tearing their way through the streets of London from what turns out to be a rather benevolent werewolf. Honest storytelling and driving Fleetwood Mac-esque guitars and backing vocals make this energetic song shine. Listen below.

Ophelia Sullivan
Ophelia Sullivan (they/them) is a composer, music producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Leipzig, Germany. Previously known for their work in electronic and experimental music as well as having been a live vocalist for Progressive Metal band Soulsplitter, Ophelia’s new solo project is located at the intersection of electronic music, band music and orchestral music. Its stylistic components include but are not limited to Post-Progressive, Avant-Pop, Trip Hop, Electronica and Post-Rock. Some important influences are contemporary Prog bands like Bent Knee and A Perfect Circle, as well as artists like Björk and Massive Attack. Ophelia’s music is never confined to a single genre – the central idea is juxtaposing and merging supposedly unrelated styles. They recently releaed their debut album Disposable Identity. Stand out track ‘Hourglass’ is a good introduction to the nature of the album. “In a way it was the prototype, says Ophelia. “I’ve spoken about how the album is the culmination of eight years of work, which means it also somewhat documents eight years of my personal and creative development. ‘Hourglass’ was the starting point. I wrote the first draft and recorded a first demo of ‘Hourglass’ in late 2014 when I was going through a particularly painful experience with someone I loved. The song was originally written about my experience in that relationship, but over the years I’ve recognized more and more of a general truth in those lyrics. It is about certain patterns in some of my relationships and also in the way I relate to myself. It is about the powerlessness you experience when people you trusted turn out to have two faces, two distinct modes of interacting with you: one that is loving and relates to you as a subject and one that is cruel and destructive and makes you a mere object. The song contemplates dependency and denial just as much as the cyclical nature of abuse, the fragmentation of the self, becoming complicit in your own dehumanization. The song in its finished form contains a multitude of my own voices, forming a choir with myself, a multitude of instances of self in dialogue with each other. I used some of the original vocal recordings from 2014 and some recorded in 2021. A lot of the original percussion and drums from the 2014 demo are still present in the final arrangement, as well as the near endlessly reverbarating violin soundscapes I recorded back then. The most important change in the arrangement was the addition of the orchestral movement. I wrote it in 2020 and was lucky enough to be able to record it with a string quartet in 2021. The string arrangements of the album turned out to be much more central to the sound and narration of the album than I had expected, and again ‘Hourglass’ acted as somewhat of a prototype.” Listen below.

Twin Rains
Toronto dream pop act, Twin Rains, made up of producers/musicians Jay Merrow and Christine Stoesser, and drummer Greg Smith, has released ‘Laws of the Universe’, their second single of 2023, which follows April’s ‘You’re the Only One’. While a downtempo, psychedelic- tinged shoegaze track, ‘Laws of the Universe’ is nonetheless a noisy wormhole: a wall of sound with fuzzed out guitars, powerful drums, and the juxtaposition of Christine’s soft voice with her hard-hitting lyricism. “Inspiration can come from anywhere,” she explains. “The concept of this song was prompted by an episode of Succession, the one where Kendall speaks at his father’s funeral, saying basically: ‘Yeah we know he wasn’t a nice person—but look at what he accomplished.’ So one moment I’m watching TV and the next I’m in deep contemplation because I find this to be such a profound philosophical debate—what’s more important, your life and how you treat the people and places in it, or your legacy?” Perhaps fitting for such sweeping questions, ’Laws of the Universe’ has a lush and cinematic sound, and marks the first time Twin Rains have employed strings on a track (performed by Toronto musician Jessica Deutsch). The track comes from the sessions of the band’s forthcoming 3rd full-length LP. Listen below.

Safari Inn
Welcome to Safari Inn is Safari Inn’s debut EP, blending garage rock and psychedelia with a touch of stoner rock and dream pop. Unlike Lexi Clark’s and Jen Ahlkvist’s previous material as the drummer and lead singer/guitarist of garage rock band The Franklys, Safari Inn has darker and moodier undertones, built on a thunderous rhythm section, crunchy, swirling guitars and reverb-heavy vocals. The first single off the EP, ‘Drexl Spivey’, released earlier this year, presented a haunting and alluring introduction to Safari Inn’s sound. The EPs second single ‘The Sun Sets Slowly in the West’ embodies the heavier side of Safari Inn, with Sabbath-sequel stabs and a frenzied tempo change that brings the song to an epic close. Listen below.

Julia Segal
NYC-based singer-songwriter Julia Segal is excited to release her third single, ‘Run It Back’. ‘Run It Back’ follows the release of ’24’ and her debut single, ‘This Time Around’. ‘Run It Back’ is a reflection of the fallout of a relationship – memories that feel distant yet close, tumbling thoughts and re-running every moment. Simple, acoustic production supports the confessional songwriting. Repetitive piano melodies capture the longing and nostalgia. Missed calls are illustrated with a voicemail ringtone and a distorted sample of Julia’s voice saying, “please leave a message”. Julia’s vocals convey a deep emotional yearning, with a warm tone and probing lyrics. The mellow soundscape gives space for the silence of reflection and the silence of new loneliness. “’Run It Back’ is the most vulnerable song I’ve written,” says Julia. “It comes from the depths of heartbreak when you can’t stop replaying moments and memories. When you’re in that space of wondering if you’ll ever truly be able to move on and release your attachment to that person.” Listen below.

Francesca Morris
After the fantastic response to her debut single, Francesca Morris quickly follows up with the punchy ‘Where’d You Go??’, a song that fully explores the desperation and confusion of someone you thought you knew disappearing before your eyes, and wanting to shout about it from the rooftops. Drawing influence from alternative pop artists such as Holly Humberstone and BLÜ EYES, written entirely by Francesca and co-produced with Paul Stanborough (Kylie Minogue, Natasha Bedingfield, enedict Cork), she really puts her heart and soul into her music. Francesca says: “I wrote this song a week after having someone I loved seemingly completely change their attitude to me overnight, and I went in the studio straight away with Paul to produce the song. I think the initial anger, hurt and confusion I felt in those st few weeks really comes across in the final production”. As with her debut single ‘Never Will’, Francesca’s lyrics here also explore the vulnerabilities of caring and letting go. Listen below.

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