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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Hayley Siano
New York based singer-songwriter Hayley Siano (she/they) wants to be real and honest. Whether she’s taking ugly feelings and making them beautifully palatable or mixing genres to get to the root of the song, Hayley creates music that holds up a mirror to their trauma and reflects vulnerability and strength. Their sound is marked by lush harmonies, fierce belting and candid lyrics that express her experiences as a queer person figuring out life and hoping to give joy to some people along the way. Her lyrics weave stories about failed love, queer love and navigating your twenties, all with sincere vulnerability at the heart of her piercing voice and powerful belt. They take their childhood influences (the absolutely iconic fab five pop icons Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton and Kelly Clarkson) and meld them together with the influences of their teenage years/young adulthood (Yebba, Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, The Chicks, Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, Indigo Girls, Sufjan Stevens, among others), and make shimmering, dynamic, multi instrumental and vocally powerful indie-folk pop songs that’ll make you want to dance, smile, and feel. She has just released her new single ‘Get To Know Her’. Here is what she had to say on the offering: “I wrote this song about rough breakups, particularly the queer experience of melding your life together with another femme person and the specific type of attachment that closeness holds. I wanted to write from the perspective of how hard it is to end something even when you know it’s toxic, and how there is light on the other side that can help you get through the pain – the scary but exciting prospect of getting to intimately know the person you were before all over again. The song was produced by Devin Lewis.” Listen below.

Nausicaa (naw-sik-uh) are an Alternative Rock duo from Melbourne who create Night Music. The duo have released their first single ‘Night Vision’. ‘Night Vision’ is about losing yourself at night to dreaming, another person, a place, love, an idea, anything. Its haunting melodies are inspired by Cocteau Twins, while its slow burn is influenced by Spiritualized. Why Night Music? Kristen and Dave both have a strong sense of the “joy of the blues” – preferring melancholic and haunting music that explores the dark, but lifts you up at the same time. “The night is an endless source of inspiration and symbols: stars, moon, the unknown, the gothic; as well as dreams, rest, and comfort,” they say. Listen to ‘Night Vision’ below.

Miranda Faul
Miranda Faul is a twenty-two year old singer-songwriter based in Dublin. Her music blends genres, incorporating elements of folk, blues, soul, indie pop and rock. She has just released her second single, an end-of-year Blues song called ‘Can’t Get No Break From The Blues’. “The backbone of the song is a guitar riff which I wrote in minor blues, drawing influence stylistically from Lindsey Buckingham and Hozier,” explains Miranda. “I wrote the lyrics with the trauma of the last two years and the fundamental shift this has caused in our collective psyche in mind, but it is open to interpretation.” Listen below.

Rachel Kerry
Rachel Kerry is a Manchester based pop artist. A single day in Strongroom Studios is all it took for Rachel and the band Cosmorat to pen the Arlo Parks meets Charli XCX lovechild of a song. ‘Birthday Suit Barbie’. Cosmorat brought the central lyric, and the idea of an inanimate, naked Barbie doll was immediately familiar to Rachel. “You played with me and abused me. You even threw your toys out of the pram when I hinted at the idea of revenge. It begs the question; would your mum be proud?” Listen below.

Alisha Michelle
Alisha Michelle is a rising, innovative dark/alt pop artist based in London. She started songwriting and fell in love with music at a very early stage in her life. Alisha’s fans gravitate towards her authenticity and her candid lyrics. She takes inspiration from her life’s experience in hopes of connecting and resonating with her audience. New single ‘Worst’ is a dark pop anthem that speaks about the mentally draining aspects of a toxic relationship weather it is in the form of romantic relationships, friendships or even the way we treat ourselves. “I wrote ‘Worst’ based on the way a family member was treating me as they constantly belittled me and my goals,” explains Alisha. “The repetitive line “you bring out the worst in me” expresses how i was changing my personality to become someone I’m not just to please them and the idea of me they had in their head. The song serves as a reminder to everyone that listens : to cut toxic people out of their lives as they deserve so much better.” Listen below.

Caitlin Lavagna
Born in the Rhondda with strong Gibraltarian roots, Caitlin has developed a huge passion for percussion. With a strong, rich vocal and a knack for instant pop hooks, Caitlin blends honest songwriting with an exciting rhythmic core. Caitlin cites her influences from a wide range of Indie rock/pop and reggae artists beginning with bands like Sting and Fleetwood Mac all the way up to Florence, Pink and Adele. Her latest single ‘Night Bus’ is out now. “‘Night Bus’ is about being a young creative in a big city with life getting in the way of that creativity. Working 40 hours a week, burning money on everything apart from your career, going around in circles and seeing the worst of a city you thought would give you your big break,” explains Caitlin. “As a young Welsh Actor Musician, I experienced this recently when deciding to finally leave London and move home to the Rhondda. It was a difficult time, because after all, everyone says you won’t be successful unless you’re in the City. That was not my experience at all. I was so tired. When I did have time, I would be burnt out from work or supporting other musician and actor friends in shows and gigs I couldn’t really afford to go to. I hope people can relate to this track and that it provides them some comfort and escape. It is both angry and triumphant with a catchy melody and beat!” Listen below.

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