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Miranda Faul returns with new single ‘Renegade’

Dublin-based singer-songwriter Miranda Faul has released her new single ‘Renegade’. ‘Renegade’ is an indie folk/pop song about alienation and loss of meaning in the modern world.

“I wrote it for myself and for my friends who I saw struggling,” explains Miranda. “I wanted to set their suffering within the bigger context of a fast-paced, rapidly changing world, where community and continuity are fading. Ultimately, ‘Renegade’ is uplifting, promising that the way home is always within your reach if you look within.

“I arranged ‘Renegade’ to create a crescendo of atmosphere. I started with bare guitar and vocals, and added layers of bass, piano and backing vocals. It was recorded and mixed by Michael Richards and Rossa Healy and mastered by Michael Richards. I wrote, arranged and performed all parts.”

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