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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

GIGSY is an independent electronic rock/pop musician who blends the classic dark synth sound of the 80s, the brash female vocals of the 90s and the rise of electronica pop from modern day. Writing, recording and producing all her own tracks, she is unafraid to experiment, often being compared to the likes of MARINA, Lady Gaga, Grimes, Kate Bush and Gwen Stefani. GIGSY is a self taught musician, having always been very DIY and independent. At the age of 15, she wrote and released her first song via SoundCloud and over the last 5+ years has been working on her craft to make it the best it can be sonically and visually. GIGSY has gone by other alias’ such as MARGO & KHLOE, before changing her stage name back in January 2022. Finally feeling like she found her sound, style and artistic direction, GIGSY has released her new EP MODESTA. Stand out track ‘Deja Vu’ explores the human response to world tragedies and how we’ve become desensitised to some degree by online media. Listen below.

Kadi Louise
Kadi Louise has unveiled ‘State of mind’, the lead single from their upcoming debut EP. Raised listening to Ariana Grande, Adele and Billie Eilish, for Kadi Louise, music has always been a big part of their life. Having written their own songs since the age of 13, they never focused on anything but music. Kadi Louise released music at the beginning of 2021 but due to a difficult time, all the music was deleted and here they are to start over. Now with a new dark pop sound, Kadi feels they have really truly found themselves in their new music and they can’t wait to share it. Listen to ‘State of mind’ below.

Allegra Jordyn
The musical journey of 20-year-old pop artist Allegra Jordyn is orchestrated with deep sonic layers – spectral keyboards, inventive drum samples, and a chorus of voices. Shortly after moving to Boston to study at the famed Berklee College of Music, the pandemic redirected her back home to Toronto and led her down a new path. Having begun her music career in her early teens, her new music reflects a new chapter in her creativity and demonstrates her desire to impact and bring beauty to the world. Allegra commands her art, imagining an expansive and eclectic sonic palette to complement her powerful storytelling. In 2021, Take It From Me, I Know relaunched her new sound with a suite of songs that are deeply significant to her story and her truth. Hidden in her bedroom with a notebook and pencil, Allegra spent her childhood writing poetry, short stories, and scripts before lyrics became her outlet. With a precise narrative arc, she has pinpointed the perfect balance between letting the words flow and polishing and revising them until perfection. An artist in the truest sense of the word, Allegra is energized by new ideas and her vivid imagination and genuine passion brings out captivating visuals to accompany each release. Her new single ‘Dreamstate’ blends dark and heavy lyrics about depression and escapism with an uplifting and ethereal electropop sound. Listen below.

Christy Bellis
Merseyside pop vocalist Christy Bellis has returned with her epic, first single of 2022 – ‘This Girl’. Her first release since her debut EP Human Nature back in October 2021, ‘This Girl’ is Christy’s most personal, intimate song to date. Sonically inspired by the power ballads of 80s pop-rock acts, and female singer-songwriters of the 00s, the track follows the story of Christy herself fighting with existential anxiety and feelings of lowness shared by an entire generation. With intimate, stripped back verses juxtaposed by uplifting anthemic choruses that beg you to turn that phone light on and wave along, Christy is back with a bang. Speaking about the track, Christy said: “It began almost as a diary entry, away to clear my thoughts and bring myself out of a really low time in my life. As a lot of 20 somethings seem to be doing, I was battling with thoughts of failure and confusion about my path in life. It felt as though my dreams were getting further and further out of reach. It was also as if I was portraying ‘Christy’ to the entire world, yet on the inside I didn’t even recognise myself. I wrote this song to help me recognise the need for something to change; my mindset needed to shift. I often come back to the song now if I ever feel myself slipping back into that place.” Listen below.

Miranda Faul
Miranda Faul is a 22 year old singer-songwriter based in Dublin. Her music blends genres incorporating elements of folk, indie pop, blues and soul. Her debut release ‘Rise Above It’ is an indie pop-rock ballad. It’s about the importance of seeing and being influenced by environments beyond the one you were born into. The opening line ‘there’s a poverty of life and ideas around this deadbeat town’, was something her Dad said as they drove through his small town in the West of Ireland, and it inspired her to write the song. Listen below.

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