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On the week of her highly anticipated DEADGIRL mixtape release fearless Doom Trap artist Mimi Barks unveiled yet another slaughtering offering in the form of a music video for her track ‘ASHES’. The single will feature on DEADGIRL’ alongside a collection of her most recent and upcoming singles. With Mimi Barks proving that defeat isn’t the downfall, it’s an obstacle she now shares one of her most powerful music videos to date. A statement of her vision and a true testament of overcoming those past demons. Talking about the meaning behind ‘ASHES’, Mimi Barks shares, “Women who posed a threat during the dark ages were accused of being witches, intimidated, burned alive, and sentenced to execution. Today, ever since the Age of Enlightenment, a creative, strong-willed, and self-assured woman still gets burnt to the stake verbally by those led by their own anxieties.”

Dynamic London-based duo WARGASM uncover the explosive music video for their song ‘Super Fiend’. On ‘Super Fiend’ the band said: “Inspired by the bleakness of the 2000AD comic universe, the sound of slipknot and the way our society is moving: we wrote this song because we want to be left alone, free from fake friends and the posturing that can plague the relationships around us. It’s nice to be nice, but it’s also nice sometimes to just be. With the human experience comes a spectrum of emotions. Anger is energy, suck it up and feel how you feel.”

‘Off with their heads’ is the latest track from Nu Metal sister duo, Nyrobi & Chaya of ALT BLK ERA and they leave nothing in reserve! With an eccentric Alice in Wonderland theme, the song is about the Queen of Hearts’ rampage through life, in a delusional state of grandeur. In essence, there are two halves to this track which becomes more manic as it develops. Metal, Rap, Electronic sounds and fierce female vocals build throughout, leaving listeners describing it as ‘pure freedom & chaos’.

Finnish rockers Highway Queen’s debut full-length Bitter Soul is out now via Rockshots Records. For the album’s release day, the band shared their latest music video for the record’s opening track ‘Hey’, a classic 80’s style hard rock song that tells the story about feeling lust for someone, but you are unfortunately stonewalled.

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