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Deuxes – ‘Trombone
Indie-soul duo Deuxes recently returned with their passion-filled single ‘Trombone’. The track features introspective lyrics that addresses addiction, isolation and mental health. We’re looking forward to seeing more from the pair soon with their EP Loud expected in the coming months.

Meredith Louise – ‘Mind Frame’
Emerging neo-soul star Meredith Louise has unveiled the title-track from her upcoming EP Mind Frame. The new single highlights Meredith’s ability to seamlessly blend jazz, soul, R&B and pop. ‘Mind Frame’ is an uplifting and comforting listen as it reminds the listener they can take charge of their perspective. We expect to hear more of Meredith’s hybrid soul sound and thoughtful lyrics on the Mind Frame EP.

Sarina – ‘Melancholy Roads (No More)’
Tokyo-based artist Sarina pulls at listeners’ heartstrings with her uplifting new ballad, ‘Melancholy Roads (No More),’ out now via Sony Japan. The track effortlessly blends Sarina’s breathtaking vocals and heartfelt lyricism with the unforgettable melody line from her previous single, ‘Yuu-utsu na Michi (Melancholy Roads).’ Opening with a gentle arrangement of piano and strings, the single speaks of recognizing community and appreciating the love and support of friends, family, and like-minded individuals.

Lifted from her eagerly-awaited new EP Highest In The Room, which is set to arrive very soon, ‘ESCAPISM’ sees catGRINZ continue the broad and inventive direction she first emerged with. With its warm and tender approach to production, perfectly elevating her spellbinding vocal performance, her latest release cements her as a truly unique and innovative name on the rise right now.

Novine – ‘Eternal’
R&B riser Novine returns with renewed energy across her latest single ‘Eternal’ channelling her dreamy and groovy Neo-Soul vibes with meaningful lyrics and the flawless vocals she’s best known for. Opening with Novine’s elegant and sophisticated vocals, ‘Eternal’ is a flawless, atmospheric soul-tinged affair. The vocals dominate the track whilst pulsating bassline sequences and hearty lyricism touch on the significance of the many changes that life produces.

Lightchild – ‘No Strings Attached’
Lightchild has released her entirely self-produced album, No Strings Attached which sees her unveil a dynamic selection of cuts and is packed with plenty of finesse for every listener. Elevating and atmospheric, it flawlessly showcases her alluring vocal performance and innovative production whilst firmly cementing her as a unique name on the rise right now.

Laroie – ‘Tragedy’
Laroie’s brand-new and highly-anticipated six-track extended-play, Tragedy, summarizes the process of identity exploration and the events encountered to better refocus and align with her true self. She found herself at the end of her twenties not being truly faithful to herself. Whether in her interpersonal relationships, in her sexuality and her queerness, or in her relationship to life. Her big wings were curled up as she made herself smaller for the comfort of others.

Ulrika Berg – ‘Do You Want It’
Ulrika Berg is an artist/singer/writer/producer based in west London, originally from Stockholm, Sweden. She made her arrival last year with debut single ‘Stay Queen’ and hasn’t looked back since. After a busy 2022 with several releases under her belt, the emerging star has now revealed her self-titled debut album. The album features new single ‘Do You Want It’, which sets the tone for the rest of the project perfectly.

Romi Chase – ‘Today’
‘Today’ is Romi’s first release of 2023 and follows previous single ‘Control’, which dropped at the end of last year. Showcasing her silky-smooth vocals and impressive musicality, ‘Today’ draws attention on first listen. Infused with lush melodies and a catchy hook intertwined with a dreamy, atmospheric soundscape, the track proves why Romi Chase is one to watch and an artist with a huge future ahead.

SHY – ‘You Don’t Think Of Me’
As Ukraine navigates a time of ongoing conflict, the sheer power of art never fails to counter the message of war. Cutting through the noise with purely fostered passion, insightful lyricism and unshakeable resilience; Ukrainian creatives like songstress SHY are coming forth with the energy of resistance as they humanise a collective struggle. Having fled Ukraine in 2022, SHY now introduces her art to a new nation as she resolutely re-builds her fanbase in Dublin, Ireland with first English-speaking release ‘You Don’t Think Of Me’.

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