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Every month we share here the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

Inki – ‘This One For Me’
Step into a realm of transcendental auditory bliss as the boundary-pushing artist, Inki, extends an enchanting invitation to all music lovers with her captivating new single, ‘This One For Me.’ Radiating an otherworldly allure, this ethereal masterpiece weaves intricate textures that transport listeners to a realm of wistful nostalgia. Balancing delicacy and empowerment with finesse, ‘This One For Me’ effortlessly captures the very essence of vulnerability and strength, harmoniously entwined in a symphony of captivating sounds.

Elijsha – ‘All Too Much’
Prepare to be captivated by the promising pop artist, Elijsha! Through her latest musical creation, she weaves enchanting tales with melodic finesse, effortlessly capturing the highs and lows of life and transforming them into heartfelt songs that deeply resonate with her audience. The spotlight shines on her newest single, ‘All Too Much,’ a poignant reflection of a significant moment—the exhilaration of venturing into a new chapter, especially the swirling emotions that accompany the journey of falling in love.

Grace Amulet – ‘Hades’
Grace Amulet’s passion for songwriting ignited at a tender age, and with the exploration of piano and self-recording, she honed a unique and captivating musical style. Through years of independent artistry, Grace made a significant impact on the local music scene, catching the attention of none other than Love Conquered Records (LCR). Now, she stands prepared to unveil her inaugural masterpiece, ‘Hades,’ released through LCR, setting the stage for her eagerly awaited debut album.

Lily Hain – ‘Spicy’
Prepare to be mesmerized by the captivating talent of Lily Hain, a rising singer-songwriter whose highly anticipated single ‘Spicy’ offers a tantalizing glimpse into her forthcoming album. Originally hailing from the lively musical realm of North Carolina, she has since made her mark in the thriving NYC alt-pop scene, where her soulful performances and genuine songwriting have earned her a devoted following.

A.N.J.A. – ‘Midnight Raid’
German-born and Belfast-based singer A.N.J.A. is set to captivate audiences once again with her latest single, ‘Midnight Raid.’ ‘Midnight Raid’ embodies the energetic, aggressive, fierce, and driving elements that define A.N.J.A.’s unique style. The track falls under the rock, alternative, and punk genres and appeals to fans of L7, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Nine Inch Nails, and Misfits.

Synthia Looper – ‘Call My Name’
Synthia Looper, the captivating musician, performer and worldbuilder from Flint, Michigan, has just released her latest single, ‘Call My Name’. This mesmerising track showcases Synthia’s unique fusion of dark, edgy synthpop and dreamy electronica, creating a sonic landscape that transports listeners to her imaginative world.

catGRINZ – ‘Highest In The Room’
Rising songstress catGRINZ, hailing from the city of the angels, is well-versed in the art of all-encompassing productions. Following a string of enchanting releases including ‘Easily Erased’ and ‘Escapism’, catGRINZ now returns to deliver her highly-anticipated full EP Highest In The Room. Infused with a gentle and affectionate production style that brilliantly complements her enchanting vocals, the talent’s latest project firmly establishes catGRINZ as an exceptional and original rising artist to watch.

Lisa Ramey – ‘Body’
Vocal powerhouse Lisa Ramey caught the attention of millions following her stint on The US Voice, where she performed on the team of John Legend. Exuding soul-infused fervour in every delivery, superbly countered by her signature rock n’ roll edge that unequivocally captures her roots; the St Louis born, New York-based vocalist has recently returned to the spotlight to take her unmatched versatile artistry to the next level. Following the release of her superbly journeyed album ‘Broken Smile’, the talent now ignites the summer season with pop rock stormer ‘Body’.

JUL!ET – ‘nice try!’
Seattle-hailing songstress and producer JUL!ET is well-versed in the art of anthemic productions. Following the development of an uplifting indie pop-packed catalogue of sonic goodness, the rising artist now seeks to uncover a more playful style of storytelling. Armed with a new take on infectious pop productions and of course her signature sassy sound, JUL!ET now returns to the spotlight with her latest offering ‘nice try!’ – effortlessly honing her natural ability to provide light-hearted commentary on the world around her.

Tamina – ‘Love The Way You Love Me’
Emerging songstress Tamina is well-versed in the art of feel-good, lovestruck productions. Following the development of an uplifting r&b-packed catalogue of sonic goodness, the rising talent now seeks to evolve her sound even further. Armed with a new take on infectious r&b and of course her signature smooth vocal, Tamina now returns with ‘Love The Way You Love Me’.

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