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Here we will be sharing the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

Autumn Jones – ‘In The Rain’
Autumn Jones is back with a fresh burst of energy in her latest single, ‘In The Rain.’ This song showcases her signature blend of dreamy and groovy Neo-Soul vibes, complemented by profound lyrics and her flawless vocal delivery, for which she is widely recognized. The single is taken from her brand new EP 4.4.4.

Loren Aronov – ‘Mask On’
Loren Aronov recently introduced her latest track titled ‘Mask On’. The song creates a comforting sonic atmosphere and incorporates lo-fi vocal production, providing a profound sense of closeness between the listener and Loren herself. This deliberate approach aims to elevate the connection between the artist and the audience, fostering an even deeper bond.

GAL – ‘Roxx Off’
Rising rap artist GAL skillfully captures the essence of a tumultuous love affair in her latest single, ‘Roxx Off’. The song delves into the complexities of a relationship marred by deceit and the overpowering emotions that come with it. Keep your eyes peeled for the official music video that is soon to be released!

ENTITY – ‘Dear Diary’
4 years and a hangover is the captivating new EP by ENTITY, showcasing the lead track ‘Dear Diary’. This five-track collection eloquently portrays a period of vulnerability, self-discovery, exploration, and loneliness. Through her personal journey of addiction and subsequent path to sobriety, ENTITY weaves a powerful narrative that resonates with listeners.

Georgia Chanel – ‘SEKHMET’
Building on the success of her elevating and atmospheric releases in recent years, Georgia Chanel is entering a new era in her music career with renewed energy, and ‘SEKHMET’ serves as a testament to that. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Egyptian goddess of war and healing, this song delivers powerful messages of resilience and the necessity of walking away from a relationship in order to heal. Brace yourself for an incredible musical journey with Georgia Chanel at the helm.

catGRINZ – ‘Easily Erased’
Introducing the brand new single ‘Easily Erased’ by catGRINZ, a rising artist to watch. This captivating track showcases a gentle and affectionate production style that beautifully enhances catGRINZ’s enchanting vocals. With this release, catGRINZ firmly establishes herself as an exceptional and original artist, destined for great things.

corner club – ‘dreaming (梦中)’
After numerous indie-pop releases and an EP, corner club find themselves on the cusp of their next chapter, with single ‘dreaming (梦中)’ marking the new beginning. Stripped down to layers of vocals and acoustic guitar a la Phoebe Bridgers, dreaming hints at the diasporic experience of grasping onto multi-generational family bonds while thousands of miles away from a previous homeland.

Nastiya Kai – ‘Liar’
Pop songstress Nastiya Kai is back with her latest offering, ‘Liar,’ a much-anticipated third single! With powerful, radio-ready vocals, synths, and a danceable beat, the track follows the story of a toxic relationship and the tumultuous ride that comes with discovering its reality.

SHY – ‘You Don’t Think Of Me’
As Ukraine navigates a time of ongoing conflict, the sheer power of art never fails to counter the message of war. Cutting through the noise with purely fostered passion, insightful lyricism and unshakeable resilience; Ukrainian creatives like songstress SHY are coming forth with the energy of resistance as they humanise a collective struggle. Having fled Ukraine in 2022, SHY now introduces her art to a new nation as she resolutely re-builds her fanbase in Dublin, Ireland with first English-speaking release ‘You Don’t Think Of Me’.

YOUANDI – ‘eazy’
Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter, YOUANDI releases the brilliant new album isaidtome, a collection of elegant, personal songwriting and blissful, transcendent and intoxicating soundscapes. Blending elements of R&B, Neo-Soul and Trip-hop YOUANDI’s unique sonic textures shine across her debut full release. The album’s lead track ‘eazy’ is a prime example of the album’s sound, rich, tectural and beautiful.

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