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Charming dark cabaret metal adepts TARDIGRADE INFERNO announces the impending release of their new EP, Arrival of a Train. This four-song spectacle of dark, avant-garde metal is due out on May 17. TARDIGRADE INFERNO plunged into the creative process and even slightly damaged the space-time continuum while creating the Arrival of a Train EP in their dark laboratory. From the test tubes a circus organ creaks ominously and fat guitars pour, alternated with a double kick. And on the top reigns a unique, artistic, one-of-a-kind vocal that turns each song into a theatrical performance. This is the first musical work since 2021 that has gathered several stories that, as usual, pose questions without obvious answers. The irony in the lyrics is getting more subtle, the symbolism intensifies, and the riffs are getting heavier. The dark hypnotism of the unalterable front-woman Darya, coupled with expressive unique vocals caressing the ear and sincere performance, fascinates and cuts to the bone. Check out the video for the title track below. [via Velvet Thunder]

The tough and frantic Chicago hardcore band Buggin, formerly known as Buggin Out, have been absolutely crushing shit in the three years since they released their self-titled debut EP. We last heard from Buggin when they dropped the 55-second ripper ‘Attitude’ back in December. Now, Buggin have announced plans to release their full-length debut Concrete Cowboys later this year. First single ‘All Eyes On You’ is an absolute monster. Buggin play fast and mean, with a whole ton of bounce. Singer Bryanna Bennett has presence and charisma to burn. On ‘All Eyes On You,’ she barks over pummeling riffage before the band chugs through a couple of breakdowns that should lead to absolute insanity in a live-show situation. Below, check out director Lars Juveland’s frantic ‘All Eyes On You’ video. [via Stereogum]

Italian trance metal band Reasons Behind have filmed a music video for the track ‘Heart Begins To Break’. Directed by Matteo Ermeti, the clip can be viewed below. Reasons Behind issue third full-length studio album Architecture Of An Ego on May 26 through Scarlet Records. Architecture Of An Ego lyrically features a dystopian story conceived by band leader, songwriter and guitarist Gabriele Sapori, once again, concerning human relationships. [via Metal Forces]

Dying Wish have released ‘Torn From Your Silhouette,’ their first new single since their great 2021 debut album Fragments Of A Bitter Memory. It’s a melodic metalcore rager with an equal emphasis on soaring hooks and unfiltered aggression, and here’s what vocalist Emma Boster says about it: “‘Torn From Your Silhouette’ is written about taking the risk of being vulnerable with another person, only to find they have dishonest intentions and take advantage of your willingness to love. While writing this song, I was tender from a recent heartache. I felt as if society’s standard for romance had become increasingly casual. While that felt comfortable for me for a while, I had grown into a place in my life where I was seeking more from my connections with other people. I was ready to tear down the walls I had put up to protect myself. This song is about accepting that would result in what I had feared the most: rejection and pain. The line “I’d rather feel everything than nothing at all” is particularly important to me. I took pride in the feeling that I had at least given myself the opportunity to fail rather than continue to contribute to a repeating cycle of being numb to surface level attachments. Thanks for listening.” Check out the song and its Anthony Altamura-directed video below. [via Brooklyn Vegan]

MISSION IN BLACK release the title track ‘Profit Reigns Supreme’ from the upcoming album. In contrast to the first single ‘What Does It Take To Be Alive’, ‘Profit Reigns Supreme’ is much darker and harder, an indictment against the financial economy and value system: Who draws the line between ethics and prosperity? MISSION IN BLACK will release the long-awaited second album on May 12. Band founders Andy “Black” Flache and Daniel Tschoepe, together with Simon Schorp, vocal wonder Steffi Stuber and the new guitarist Eddie Stübner, have been able to use the time since the highly acclaimed debut album Anthem Of A Dying Breed to write 10 brand new songs and sharpen their own contours. [via Metal Planet]

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