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“Nu-gothika” innovators KNIFE BRIDE have completed a nightmarish trilogy of tracks titled don’t dream too much with the release of new single ‘permanent s m i l e’. This cut represents the most vivid part of sleep where dreams are so in reach that you could wake up and put yourself back there. It propels the band’s ability to collide vibrant pop sensibilities and a moody metal aura to new levels of creativity. Vocalist Mollie Buckley says “‘permanent s m i l e’ is a romanticised revenge narrative. I’ve always been fascinated with films like ‘I Spit On Your Grave’, ‘Hard Candy’, and ‘Promising Young Woman’ and that’s definitely where the concept for the song came from. Retribution is always sweet… or so says cinema.” Buckley proclaims the collection as a whole is “A trilogy of my gruesome dreams. A one night cycle of disturbing visions.”

Hyperia is a Canadian melodic thrash metal band known for wailing vocals, shredding guitars, and fast, heavy drums. Formed in 2018, Hyperia combines elements of aggressive thrash with intricate guitar melodies alongside a wide variety of vocal styles, which have been showcased on an EP and two albums thus far, with the third full-length slated for release this November. The first single off The Serpent’s Cycle is the blistering ‘Prophet Of Deceit’, which takes a more serious tone than the other tracks on the album. The band comments: “This track brings us back into a serious mood, it is a quite melodic and technical song starting off with blistering guitar into a full-force attack of drums. The working title for this song was ‘Shredlord Supreme’, which should give you an idea of what to expect. This song is about the problems we have with certain members of society and gaslighting. It’s a hard-hitting track that is full of energy throughout.”

With just a little less than a month left before their upcoming studio effort Jailbreak is released, Nervosa has dropped the title track and accompanying music video. Featuring a classic thrash metal attack that’s undeniable, ‘Jailbreak’ is the kind of track that’s sure to get you in the mood to open up a pit. Speaking about the single, guitarist and founding member Prika Amaral said it helped forge the rest of the album, serving almost as a template for what they wanted to do for the rest of their time in the studio. “This song is the roots of this new album. Helena and I love motorcycles, and wanted to write a song that gives freedom to the people, because this is how we feel when we ride our motorcycles. Also, ‘Jailbreak’ has one of the biggest guitar duos – people will be surprised when we play this song live. I can’t wait for that!” As for the overall feel of the song, guitarist Helena Kotina said it’s got a more rock vibe than anything else on the record. “For me, ‘Jailbreak’ feels like the most heavy but also pure rock ‘n’ roll song on the album. It combines fast roaring guitars together with melodies and has this rebellious vibe.” [via Metal Sucks]

Dying Wish are keeping the hype rolling for their new album, Symptoms of Survival. The Portland metalcore unit will be dropping their sophomore LP later this fall, and after announcing a U.S. headlining tour a couple weeks back, now they’ve unleashed a third single from the album called ‘Lost in the Fall.’ While the track certainly has similarities to the previous two singles, ‘Torn From Your Silhouette’ and ‘Watch My Promise Die,’ ‘Lost in the Fall’ might be the most ambitious song Dying Wish have ever released. The breakdowns are clobbering, as fans have come to expect from Dying Wish. But the song opens up during its bridge and frontperson Emma Boster murmurs softly above mournful piano, with no guitars or drums to speak of. Eventually, the full band comes crashing back in, and Boster carries ‘Lost in the Fall’ to a triumphant conclusion, belting with more gusto than ever before. [via Revolver]

The UK’s finest Horror-soaked Gothic Punk / Heavy Metal band, Lesbian Bed Death, have released a brand new music video, ‘The Mummy’s Tomb.’ Inspired by history, myths, and the supernatural, ‘The Mummy’s Tomb’ is a cautionary tale about greed, theft, and the horrors that may be unleashed. ‘The Mummy’s Tomb’ is the second song the band have released from their upcoming album, Midnight Lust. [via Metal Planet]

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