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Los Angeles-based Edge Of Paradise will release a new studio album entitled Hologram on July 14, with its title track as a single. Founder members Margarita Monet (vocals) and Dave Bates (lead guitar) have found their perfect partners-in-crime in Jamie Moreno (drums), David Ruiz (rhythm guitar) and Kenny Lockwood (bass). Sounding tighter than ever, the band are ready to blow everyone away with this latest stunning slice of cinematic hard rock.

With touchdown imminent for Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension their debut album on May 12, Kansas’ cosmic doom crew They Watch Us From The Moon are ready to fire off another track from it. ‘On The Fields Of The Moon’ is the opening number and pretty much nails the band’s unique sound and what they’re about. Cosmic space opera with heavy layered riffs ’n’ textures. Plus the fabulously melodic dual vocal harmonies of Luna Nemesis and Nova 10101001, which really take their sound to another level. Think ABBA ‘with riffs’. It sums up the scope of their debut perfectly. The band has this to say about the track: “’On The Fields Of The Moon’ is an epic ditty about the tide of an intergalactic battle turning against our human heroes. A war march with soaring vocal harmonies reminiscent of Alice In Chains/ABBA/OTTN-era Def Leppard.” Plus, there is a trippy and fittingly space age new video to go with it. 50’s sci-fi movies mixed with glam rock and an 80’s vibe in this psychedelic tale of alien abduction. All clashing colours and ‘Liquid Len’ (of Hawkwind fame) lightshow visuals, one can imagine that this lot are quite something to see live.

Metalcore trio Halocene have shared their brand new single ‘Maleficent’. ‘Maleficent’ – a darkly confident track about finding your own voice in spite of others’ doubts and opinions – is the title track and latest single from the band’s forthcoming EP, out May 19. The band shares: “’Maleficent’ is about finding self confidence and embracing who you are, despite the way outside voices may perceive you. The hate becomes fuel for your fire, and if being yourself makes you evil, then so be it.”

Burning Witches have released a new music video. The new music video, for track ‘World On Fire’, is taken from the Swiss heavy metal band’s new album, The Dark Water. Speaking about the new single, the band says, “The new single ‘World On Fire’ features relentless double-bass power, massive guitars and catchy melodies – this is a typical up-tempo WITCHES banger that defines this new record really well! This forceful anthem will be for sure an epic live banger, that you can find in the set-list very soon. We hope you dig it!” [via Distorted Sound]

Two weeks after the band released their much acclaimed first live album + DVD/BluRay, The Devil’s Dozen, Moldovan progressive modern metal act INFECTED RAIN have surprised their fanbase with not only a brand new song, ‘Dying Light’, but a recent line-up change too. [via Rock n Load]

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