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Coming off the excitement of their West Coast tour with Lacuna Coil, US based cinematic rock band, Edge Of Paradise, are thrilled to unveil the music video for ‘Hologram’ and the single ‘Soldiers Of Danger’, off their upcoming album, Hologram, co produced with Mike Plotnikoff and mixed by Jacob Hansen. The band states: “We are living through a “music industry” nightmare, ironically the album mirrors the reality of our fight. Although a story for another time, the adversities made us stronger than ever, as we focus on presenting you with our most monumental music to date.” Landing into the cyber world of the previous album, The Unknown, the heavier sound of Hologram takes you right into the face of danger and tells the story of pursuit, sacrifice and perseverance against all cosmic odds, uncovering the key to build a new reality. Edge of Paradise states, “We kick off the album with the music video to the first single, ‘Hologram’, set on the deadly planet, HD 189733b The Rain of Terror and to survive, we must go beyond artificial intelligence…” Watch the music video, created in collaboration with director, Isaak Morin, below. [via Brave Words]

UK post-metalcore band Ithaca have announced a US tour, bookended by their previously announced appearances at Louder Than Life and Aftershock. That includes shows in Brooklyn, DC, Atlanta, Austin, LA, and more. Ithaca also just put out a new video for ‘Fluorescent’ off their great 2022 album They Fear Us. Check that out below. [via Brooklyn Vegan]

Crypta is back with a new record Shades Of Sorrow due out August 4, and a new single ‘Lord Of Ruins’ streaming right now. “‘Lord of Ruins’ was our pick for a first single ’cause it combines both melodic and aggressive melodies that are present throughout the whole album,” said Crypta drummer Luana Dametto. “So we thought it’s a good representation of what to expect of the whole piece. It’s also the final song of the record and it has a very impactful meaning. It’s the closure of the whole album concept and it also fits perfectly with the artwork concept we had in mind.” “Shades of Sorrow is a semi-concept album which describes a journey through the depths of our psyche when facing tough battles,” added vocalist and bassist Fernanda Lira. “It’s a trip to the many shades of pain we sometimes have to face while enduring our lives’ challenges. The songs are the perfect gloomy, dark, emotional soundtrack for this journey.” [via Metal Injection]

After much build-up, Lacuna Coil have finally offered up their new single, ‘Never Dawn,’ a propulsive metal anthem featuring an operatic chorus sung by the powerhouse Cristina Scabbia and complementing the guttural verses from Andrea Ferro. Scabbia commented: “First presented, in its instrumental version, in the trailer for Zombicide White Death game, and then in its live version, during our last sold-out show in L.A., we’re so incredibly thrilled to finally unveil the full version of ‘Never Dawn’! This song is a fierce survival journey throughout grotesque and frozen lands, where the power within is the main weapon. Ignite the fire in your heart and enjoy the listening!” [via Revolver]

Hailing from Copenhagen, Prime Collective are proud to unveil their brand new artist: Martiné. Her sound is best described as a heavy metal Lana Del Rey and with her mysterious demeanour she delivers haunting songs about past relationships, on a fast track to becoming one of the most interesting newcomers of Danish metal. Now she presents her gloomy debut single ‘Oxytocin’. She says of the track: “My inspiration for this song was the very powerful hormone Oxytocin, which is also released when falling in love or by physical touch. The lyrics reflect how to embrace the power of one’s femininity and learn how to use that to set boundaries. It is definitely a song about being in control and not getting blinded by Oxytocin.”

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