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Texas prog-metal outfit Oceans Of Slumber have released a new single, titled ‘The Waters Rising’. The haunting track is the first new offering from the band since the release of their 2020 self-titled album. Led by the soulful power of lead vocalist Cammie Gilbert, ‘The Waters Rising’ welcomes fans back into the world of Oceans Of Slumber, with more to come in due time. The song is accompanied by a music video, which can be seen below. “We’re at a point of clarity in a conversation we’ve been having with ourselves for a very long time. “Where do we go from here? What are we?” And we’ve landed firmly on a conclusion. We’re an amalgamation of many stories and the southern drawl of the gulf coast of the USA. A new southern gothic,” states Oceans of Slumber about the track.

StormbounD, a majestically melodic band from Israel, channel the vibes of bands such as Delain and Amaranthe with powerful, clean vocals from frontwoman Yael Horwitz, alongside the harsher lyrics sang by vocalist/guitarist Ofer Friedman who is backed up by a formidable, symphonic sound driven by bassist Pavel Kleiman, keyboardist Rotem Sadia, drummer Yuval Partush and guitarist Shani Friedman. They are amped to be releasing their debut album this summer, and so far have already released two singles, the first being ‘Altar of Innocence’, but now are drawing attention to the latest, ‘Desert’s Roar’ complete with a music video. They share their thoughts on this release: “The lyrics on the album tell some interesting stories, some more personal and some global, convey some harsh messages and themes, and deliver a wide array of emotions. We did our best to bring all of that into a cohesive musical surrounding within the realm of metal. ‘Desert’s Roar’ is a cry for freedom from an inner struggle taking place inside the mind of a person feeling controlled and overpowered.”

Minneapolis-based hard rock outfit COLD KINGDOM are excited to share the second track ‘Agony’ from their forthcoming third album due this summer via oneRPM. The fierce and rhythmically intense new single minces no words as it tackles the harmful effects of social media. An official music video for the track will premiere next Friday, May 20. “‘Agony’ is an energetic and aggressive song that digs into how vile people can be on social media,” collectively shares COLD KINGDOM who are: Elissa-Marie Ogaard (vocals), Evan Ogaard (guitar), Jason Michael (bass) and Chris Morley (drums).“It’s far too often that people publicly project their negative opinions and judgements on one another, whether asked to or not, whether warranted or not. It’s so easy to hide behind a screen and present a one-sided narrative that shines a light on themselves while completely disrespecting someone else or their views.” [via SRO PR]

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