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Pop-Metal band Major Moment are known for their intense and cinematic sound that blends heavy guitar riffs, modern production, and melodic vocals. Now they are back with their new single ‘Overcome’. An effortless mix of pop melodies, EDM synths and metal riffs Major Moment’s ‘Overcome’ combines both female and male vocals to create an inspirational new offering. “‘Overcome’ was inspired by our music journey and is about prevailing over difficult times and persevering against all odds. But if we zoom out and look at our everyday lives, full of conflicts, health issues, losses, financial struggles, aspirations, wins and failures, we see a similar theme everyone can relate to, the one of pain and, as a result of overcoming it, personal growth. ‘Overcome’ is the anthem made for all creators out there struggling to get their voices heard, doubting every day if it’s worth fighting for,” says vocalist Sasha.

Amaranthe is back with a brand new single ‘Damnation Flame’, serving as both the kickoff to the band’s festival season and an introduction to new vocalist Mikael Sehlin. “‘Damnation Flame’ breaks new ground for us in many ways, and in all the best ways possible,” said Amaranthe mastermind Olof. “This is the very first Amaranthe song to feature symphonic elements, something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and the darkened vampiric theme melds together perfectly with our take on modern melodic metal! Amaranthe has always been about being boundless and constantly reinventing ourselves, and by now you know to expect the unexpected. This is 100% pure passion poured into music, as you will no doubt experience yourself from the very first second – enjoy ‘Damnation Flame’, with the promise of much more to come SOON!” [via Metal Injection]

Brazilian death metal outfit Crypta have revealed another furious new single, the second glimpse of their new beast of an album Shades of Sorrow, releasing Aug 4 via Napalm Records. After smashing in with the relentless ‘Lord of Ruins‘, the first single from Shades of Sorrow, ‘Trial of Traitors’ serves as another harbinger of the new record – breaking in with merciless, impressive guitar work and inciting an uncontrollable storm of pure rage that screams for more. Crypta on ‘Trial of Traitors’: “We decided to have ‘Trial of Traitors’ as one of the singles because, although it’s the fastest, most aggressive song on album, it still has a lot of our already characteristic melodic work here and there, so we thought this blend of these two extremes would be a good sneak-peek into what people can expect overall from the album!” [via Metal Planet]

SinHeresy has released a video for ‘Castaways’ (directed by Beatrice Demori / Oround Media), first single taken from the new album Event Horizon to be released on August 25 through Scarlet Records. [via Brave Words]

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