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Wailing Banshee are a five-piece classic metal band hailing from Manchester, UK. They are the new generation of old school heavy metal, with a mission to thrust their traditional influences (Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest) back into the modern scene. After building a strong reputation for themselves in the North-West live scene, the band release their debut single ‘The Oracle’. The track begins with driving guitars, backed up with crashing drums and booming bass, with powerful vocals and soaring solos throughout. Vocalist Dani showcases her emotion and control with raw screams as the track comes to it’s climax. ‘The Oracle’ paints a picture of a fortune tellers warning to a wayward young soul.

Brighton “Nu-Gothika” metal band KNIFE BRIDE have released a raging new single ‘smother (make me suffer)’, which will feature on a new EP don’t dream too much – out August 25. Vocalist Mollie Buckley says the collection is “A trilogy of my gruesome dreams. A one night cycle of disturbing visions.” The music video for ‘smother (make me suffer)’ certainly conjures nightmarish thoughts. The track evokes some seriously messed-up feelings and marries an adoration of sonics spanning a spectrum of Spiritbox to Kate Bush. Says Buckley: “This is the flickery eye, heart racing, electric pulsing part of falling into sleep. I wanted to incorporate the word ‘smother’ into a song ever since being obsessed with the song ‘smother me’ by The Used from the age of 14 – the lyrical content is actually inspired as a response to this song. ‘smother (make me suffer)’ attempts to ‘poke fun’ at the male gaze. The chorus does this by saying “hope I stay fresh for you”, alluding to hoping my corpse is still beautiful, clean, and looking/smelling good – satirically commenting on being a subservient female and letting a man have his cake and eat it.”

Italy’s Raining Nails ft. members of Eternal Silence, Fallen Arise, Oracle Sun, and Sound Storm will be releasing their debut album Human Deeds later this year via Rockshots Records. To introduce their catchy, aggressive, and powerful heavy metal, they are unveiling their first single ‘Anthem’. Vocalist Marika Vanni goes into further detail. “When Max played this track for me, I was struck by the energy it exuded. I have to say that I was afraid that I couldn’t find the right words to express what the music had conveyed to me. I was thinking and thinking about what I could write, and then it was like suddenly waking up. I found myself laughing to myself and thinking, “Hey, but this song is about us!” And this “us” is not just about the members of the Raining Nails; it encapsulates the lives of underground musicians who elbow their way in so that their voices can be heard; it’s about all the men and women who tread this earth and day in and day out struggle to be able to get by and survive.”

Dream State have released a new single, ‘Chin Up Princess’. The track arrives ahead of their set at 2000trees this weekend, and a tour supporting As December Falls this winter. It marks the band’s first new music since the release of their EP Untethered in February this year. Speaking about the new song, the band comment: “’Chin Up Princess’ is a song about having to deal with a narcissist, who’s world falls apart around them as they start to lose everyone and everything close to them, due to bad habits and toxic traits. The music is dark, fierce, and all over the place, mirroring the theme of the lyrics. We worked with producer Dan Weller on this single, who had previously worked with us on our debut album Primrose Path. To us this track feels like a step up and natural evolution from our last release, and we hope you love it as much as we do!” [via Upset]

Los Angeles heavy rockers STITCHED UP HEART are charging toward the release of their new album To The Wolves, and amping it up each step of the way. The band has revealed not only the details of their latest opus, due out September 1 via Century Media Records, but a driving new single ‘Possess Me.’ Tinged with progressive elements, intricate and otherworldly electronics, and vocalist Mixi’s signature emotional scream, the track is both energetic and inspiring. Listeners will find themselves belting out each word right along with Mixi. “’Possess me’ is the most intimate song we have written so far,” Mixi shares. “We went back to our roots with familiar elements from our single ‘Monster’ but with a heavier and modern twist.” [via Metal Planet]

Liquid State are making some serious moves over in the UK at the moment. Delivering a blend of frantic, intricate post-hardcore, littered with atmospheric builds and soaring pop moments, they are on the hottest of streaks right now. And they are continuing that in some style with their latest single, ‘Russian Roulette’. Sitting on the heavier side of the band’s repertoire, it’s a track that grabs the throat, squeezes and smiles. Rallying riffs, break-neck drums and even a guttural breakdown for good measure. It’s bound to get moshpits spinning up and down the country. But the part that sticks out the most is vocalist Keren Ashley. With incredible control over her delivery and tone, bleeding everything she has into every word she utters, it’s a spine-tingling display. The result is a track that showcases a band at the height of their powers. And they are still only getting started. Keren had this to say about the track and what it represents for her: “It’s really about the battle so many of us have with ourselves. How it can feel as if there’s another voice inside of us that tries to lead us astray and take us down from within. It can feel so comforting to listen and lean into it when it feels like there’s nothing else, but it really never moves us in the right direction. That inner voice might be a part of us but it’s not what defines us as people.” [via idobi]

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