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German melodic metal six-piece sensation Silent Revenants have just released the lyric video for their new single ‘Siren’, a dark and personal song that explores the haunting power of the past. The track is taken from their upcoming album The Withering Of The Blue Flower, which will be out on October 13 via Wormholedeath. Commenting on the track, the band shared, “‘Siren’ is one of our darker and personal songs. The song personifies unforgettable memories as a siren leading to doom with her enticing song. The siren thus stands metaphorically for the past, which not only haunts us but also invites us to dwell in it with bittersweet promises. Accordingly, the sound is both brutal and enticing. I think that almost every person knows such experiences and we all have heard the bittersweet singing of this “siren”.

Further In Evil is the debut full length from one-woman metal band, Marthe, which is due via Southern Lord on October 20. An atmospheric and aggressive blend of punk, Further In Evil is a shift in gears from her musical background in the anarcho-punk scene and inspired by riot grrrl, crust and d-beat. The lyrics are full of rage and the music is full of strength; it has the power of Bathory and the sadness of Tiamat, tinged with the stench of Amebix. Further In Evil was composed and demoed over the course of a year during drives or hikes and, fatefully, the first look at the album– its title track–showcases the grandeur of Marthe’s surroundings. Self-filmed and edited between Italy and Iceland, the ‘Further In Evil’ video boasts the beauty of nature contrasted by Marthe’s devastating sounds.

Myrkur has shared a second single from her forthcoming album Spine, which is set for release on October 20 via Relapse. Spine is a title with a host of potent connotations: growth, strength, defiance, a core of our being, and flexibility. It’s what holds a human up, and allows us to rebuild. It’s an album that encompasses all these traits – an act of rebirth that balances our most euphoric and our darkest moments. Myrkur brings Spine to life in her stunning new video ‘Mothlike,’ directed by David Fitt, released today. Fitt tells, “Early on in the process, I knew that translating ‘Mothlike’ into a video required the notion of transformation—like caterpillars do turning into moths. It led me to think about artists, how they are often met with defiance and rejection when they bring something new to the table, before getting recognized after perseverance and determination. The video is quite literally the illustration of this process, until the eye-opening reveal of a new truth expanding your vision.”

Two months after Future Static released their crushing cover of Daddy Yankee’s 2004 classic, ‘Gasolina’, the Melbourne metalcore outfit have finally announced the release date of their debut album. Liminality will arrive on November 24, via Wild Thing Records. To accompany the album announcement, Future Static have dropped the album’s crushing new single, ‘Roach Queen’. Best listened to alongside its spooky music video, ‘Roach Queen’ is dynamic in its heaviness, with vocalist Amariah Cook displaying all facets of her chops: spoken word passages, guttural roars, tormented shrieks, and anthemic sung hooks. Stemming from one of Cook’s repressed memories, the singer explained in a press release, “’Roach Queen’ talks about a traumatic experience I had as a child in the first apartment my family and I lived in when we moved to Barcelona. The place was infested by cockroaches, and for a long while, I was having nightmares where they would climb into my mouth while I slept, possibly causing a more severe illness to materialise at the time.” Adding that her experiences made her the independent, strong woman she is now, Cook said, “The name ‘Roach Queen’ felt fitting to me. It came instantly, along with the lyrics, as the song has overtones of a developed independence and strength that eventuated from this experience.” The music video was filmed by Colin Jeffs (Make Them Suffer, Alpha Wolf). Cook commented on his work, “Colin absolutely nailed the execution, utilising horror aesthetics and the authoritative figure of the ‘Queen’ as a representation of overcoming personal demons and trauma.” [via Kill Your Stereo]

Blackbriar release their brand new single ‘Forever and a Day’. Their new album A Dark Euphony will be released on September 29 via Nuclear Blast Records. Vocalist Zora Cock comments: “’Forever and a Day’ is a tragically romantic song, inspired by 19th-century mourning traditions. While listening, I imagine a Victorian lady, dressed in a heavy black mourning gown. She lost her love a long time ago, and can’t move on. One day, she replaces her black gown with a day dress to spend the day with someone, to see if there could be another future for her, only to realise she can’t give her heart to another. It’s the final single of our forthcoming full-length album.” [via Metal Planet]

Los Angeles heavy rockers STITCHED UP HEART recently released their dark, alluring new album To The Wolves, amping up the aggression each step of the way. Now, the band has revealed the striking new video for highlight track, ‘Conquer And Divide’. Industrial tinged and apocalypse laden, the track is both soaring and crushing. [via Metal Planet]

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