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The Fixer is back with a haunting new single, ‘Ghosts Will Talk,’ offering a second tantalizing taste of their upcoming album Your Lie, set to be released on November 10 via Wormholedeath. ‘Ghost Will Talk’ delves into the haunting experience of being burdened by unresolved issues from the past. The emotionally charged lyrics speak of the struggle to find closure and peace while grappling with the specters of memories long gone.

Ready to pop off in 2023, dynamic London-based duo WARGASM serve up an explosive and energetic new single entitled ‘Bang Ya Head’ [feat. Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit]. It only heightens anticipation for the arrival of their anxiously awaited debut album Venom on October 27. On the new song WARGASM said: “When I was working in bars it always drove me insane how much it costs us to live, and how little money we make. The worlds going fucking crazy and everything’s getting so expensive – how the fuck are we meant to buy a life? It’s just this nightmare cycle until you get lucky. Like banging your head against a brick wall over and over and over – you bang your head until you break your fucking neck. We took that energy and put it onto a guitar at our friend’s house in LA, then a microphone in a bathroom somewhere so the neighbors weren’t too pissed off, then we asked the one and only Fred Durst if he wanted to join in and he did – now we have this monstrosity. We’ve been waiting so damn long for you to hear this……” ‘Bang Ya Head’ distills WARGASM’s controlled chaos into a focused and frenetic burst of energy. The track itself bounces between glitchy rave-ready electronics, gnashing teeth-gritting guitars, and quotable rhymes only to culminate on a lyrical volley between Milkie Way and Fred. He urges, “Keep banging your head until you’re breaking your neck.” Milkie counters with a nod to Bizkit’s classic ‘My Generation’ with the warning, “You’re in the jungle punk!” After the band opened for Limp Bizkit last year on their 2022 tour they teamed up on the soon to be iconic track.

Italian / Malaysian-based band Silent Angel is ready to reveal its first single ‘Against The Tides’ off their first full-length Unyielding, Unrelenting to be released on Rockshots Records this coming November. “This tune was one of the last songs I wrote for the record. It was written during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic that brought the world to its knees back in 2020 – 2022 and subsequently the invasion of Ukraine. I was toying around with the riff and rhythm structure for quite some time. Seeing friends across the world, family and relatives fall victim to the effects of the pandemic drove me to pen the lyrics as a means to inspire any and everyone afflicted to stand strong and persevere. Never to give up in the face of insurmountable odds.“ adds guitarist Eric “StormBlade” Poon.

The Oakland duo Ragana play doomy blackened screamo, or something like that. They announced their new album Desolation’s Flower last month by sharing its opener and title track. Now the duo has another preview to offer. ‘DTA’ begins with clean guitars, lots of open space in the mix, and sweetly sung vocals far poppier than I expected. “I am a mystery, even to myself,” begins the first verse. “I look in the mirror see someone else.” Eventually it explodes into something much harsher and noisier and pulls off the transition quite nicely. [via Stereogum]

TERMINAL DUSK have unleashed the haunting music video for ‘Marionette’, the title track of their latest EP. The band comments: “‘Marionette’ follows the story of two lovers who’s relationship is built upon the control one has over the other. The Puppet Master continues to mold and sculpt his ‘love’ until he’s satisfied with her performance and she is able to take her place among all the other collectibles he keeps for others to admire. The song is emotionally and instrumentally intense, creating a unique and atmospheric sound that combines the grandeur of classical music, pulsing electronic music, and crushing guitars and percussion.” [via Metal Planet]

Norwegian punk band Blood Command have shared new track ‘Heaven’s Hate’. The new single might clock in at a little over a minute, but it certainly makes an impression within that time. ‘Heaven’s Hate’ is the latest single from the band’s forthcoming ‘World Domination’ album, which is set to arrive September 29. It follows the likes of previous releases ‘Forever Soldiers Of Esther’ and the Shakespeare-referencing ‘The Plague On Both Your Houses’. Describing the meaning of the new track, the band have shared: “Heaven’s Hate is a song about leeches of humanity, who will try and suck you dry of your talent. When they finally reveal their true colours and you see through them, you burn them and watch them bow down as you rise above.” [via Rocksound]

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