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Rock band New Years Day is excited to share ‘Half Black Heart’, the title track from their forthcoming 5th studio album. “‘Half Black Heart’ is my anthem!” shares vocalist Ash Costello. “The concept behind it is simple yet powerful – no one is purely one thing. Nobody is so flawless that they have the right to pass judgment on someone else’s flaws. We all exist as a mix of good and bad, innocence and guilt, a bit angelic and a bit devilish.” She continues: “The message is rooted in the idea that “he who is without sin can cast the first stone,” meaning that no one is in a position to judge because everyone makes mistakes. I don’t believe in the idea of a flawless human being, and this song is my way of addressing those who may expect perfection from me. Essentially, it’s a declaration that neither I nor anyone else will ever be perfect.”

BRAT have shared a new song and video, ‘Hesitation Wound,’ and revealed more details about their upcoming debut album Social Grace. It’s a 97-second deathgrindy metalcore rager with a three-and-a-half minute video that stars BRAT working and performing in a 24-hour diner, and you can check it out below. The album will be out March 15 via Prosthetic. [via Brooklyn Vegan]

March 1 will see Australian dark folk/blackgaze project SULDUSK herald the new year with the release of their much-awaited sophomore studio offering, entitled Anthesis, via Napalm Records. Following the release of the Melbourne-based act’s first single and album title track, today, SULDUSK are premiering a music video for their gripping new single, ‘Crystalline.’ Band mastermind Emily Highfield reveals: “‘Crystalline’ is a sequel track to ’Nazare’, which is on Lunar Falls, the first SULDUSK album. Nature – its beauty and brutality – is definitely a powerful muse for SULDUSK’s music, and both these tracks are an homage to the power and the solace of the Ocean. Coming from Australia, which is an isolated island, nature here is abundant and always a source of inspiration.” [via Outburn]

Infected Rain have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Lighthouse’, is taken from the Moldovan metal band’s new album, Time. Speaking about the song, the band shares, “from the shores of our minds to the reality of our lives, ‘Lighthouse’ represents a power that we hold inside of us. This track reminds us that the universe dances to the rhythm of our thoughts. All our thoughts are waves in the endless galaxy of creation. It’s a call to stay strong, to remain devoted to your dreams, and to realize the potential of what you can create. In the grand clockwork of Time, every second is a chance to surf through your reality, shaping it with the power of your mind. Join us on this journey through Time, where each song is a tick towards a reality crafted by you, for you.” [via Distorted Sound]

Young metalcore star Harper has shared her first new single of 2024, ‘I Hope You Choke’. The heavy new track follows 2022 debut effort ‘Falling’ and last year’s ‘Weight Of The World’ (which was written by Brand Of Sacrifice’s Leo Valeri and featured We Came As Romans’ Dave Stephens), and arrives ahead of her first-ever live performance at Download Festival in the summer – which, come June, will make her the youngest artist to grace the Donington stage. [via Kerrang!]

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