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Anette Olzon, the former powerhouse vocalist of Nightwish and one-half of the dynamic duo behind The Dark Element alongside Jani Liimatainen, is releasing her new single ‘Day Of Wrath’, from her forthcoming highly anticipated third solo album, Rapture, out on May 10 via Frontiers Music. “I am so happy to release my second single from the upcoming album Rapture. – reveals Anette. “My new song ‘Day of wrath’ is the story from the humans perspective who now has awaken and understands the disaster we have done to the world but begs for forgiveness. Despite all the signs we’ve seen, no significant changes have been done to stop it and now the apocalypse is closing in on us”.

NYC’s resident misfits Couch Slut’s new full-length album You Could Do It Tonight is out April 19 on Brutal Panda Records. Now, the band shares ‘The Donkey (Abridged).’ The video was created by Frank Huang (Maximum Volume Silence) and features additional footage captured by occasional Couch Slut collaborator Davindar Singh from a haunted house in Thailand, along with special guest appearances from guitarist Amy Mills’ personal doll collection. Couch Slut vocalist Megan Ostrosits explains: “Here’s the story of what happened when my friends and I got fired from the haunted waterpark.” Bassist Kevin Hall continues: “‘The Donkey’ is simultaneously simple and complex, like a bucket of sewage which at first appears homogeneous, but upon close inspection dazzles the mind and the senses with the diversity and pungency of its constituent detritus.”

NØ MAN are proud to debut the brand new music video for ‘Glitter and Spit’, the title track from the band’s highly anticipated new album due out next week on March 29 via Iodine Recordings. “‘Glitter and Spit’ is about not letting people distort your reality to fit their fantasy,” shares NØ MAN. “We’ve never been comfortable with the idea of making a music video and really just wanted to make something that felt true to our live shows. Years ago Joseph Pattisall made one of our favorite videos for our friends in Striking Distance and we were thrilled when he was up for helping us with ours.”

The pirates of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS are about to take listeners on their heaviest symphonic adventure yet with their new studio album, entitled PIRATES II – ARMADA, set for release on July 5, 2024 via Napalm Records. The new successor to their high-charting previous release, Pirates (2022), is set as high as the waves cresting the Jolly Roger – taking everything that has been achieved to date to another level. With the second chapter of the pirates’ saga, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS prove that they are more than ready to claim the crown of symphonic metal. Now, the crew centered around pirate queen Clèmentine Delauney and brave captain Michele Guaitoli unveil their first single and title track, ‘Armada’, together with an official music video that draws the listeners into the exciting universe of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. With this track, the band pushes its metal attitude farther than ever before! The track immediately show how driving, rich, and banging the hymn of a pirate army could be. [via Outburn]

Canada’s most exciting metal band, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, recently announced the upcoming release of their game changing sixth studio album, Phantoma, out May 10 via Napalm Records. On this stunning conceptual release, listeners join story protagonist Phantoma, a Phase 4 / Network Tier 0 unit – model A, on an inspiring yet harrowing journey as she traverses the new age of AI on a dystopian, near-future planet earth. Following the release of wondrous first single, ‘Green & Glass’, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS are back with an addictive, synth-infused second single, ‘Ghosts In The Mist’. Blending modern guitar stylings with 80s arena rock vibes, the track boasts one of the album’s most sing-along worthy choruses and heaviest breakdowns. UNLEASH THE ARCHERS says about ‘Ghosts In The Mist’: “If you saw us at any of the shows we played last year then you might recognize this track! We filmed the music video at Mad With Power Fest, ProgPower USA, and at our show in Montreal, Canada, and it is full of so many friends and familiar faces! We love including these particular festivals in the video because they have both been supporters of ours for a very long time, and we hope we will get to play them again and again as the years go on. The track is one of the more synth heavy songs on the album, but it’s also got some rad death vocals from Grant that you can bang your head to, so we hope there will be a little something for everyone to enjoy here!” [via Metal Planet]

FOLTERKAMMER have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Algolagnia’, is taken from the American operatic symphonic black metal band’s upcoming new album, Weibermacht, which is scheduled to be released in April this year.,Speaking about the new single, guitarist Zachary Ezrin comments, “’Algolagnia’ is a special song because it’s the first and only song that we wrote together in the studio. It’s a really raw and brutal piece that I’m very proud of.” Bassist Laurent David adds, “finally, a black metal track that starts with a bassline!” Vocalist Andromeda Anarchia further explains, “musically, I would say that despite all its rawness, this piece also has a somewhat modern character. It is very unusual. This contrasts with the more traditional, dramatic-romantic operatic singing that floats over the raw music at certain points. My main inspirations for interpreting ‘Algolagnia’ as a singer were Rob Halford, Nina Hagen, NOVA TWINS, and Joan Sutherland. When it comes to lyrics, one of the main inspirations for ‘Algolagnia’ was the opera ELEKTRA by Richard Strauss, which is one of my all-time favorite operas. It portrays strong women with strong voices, and that’s exactly what I want for our music. For ‘Algolagnia’, I paraphrase a passage of the aria: ‘Wie stark bist du!’ (‘How strong you are!’).” [via Distorted Sound]

Ancient Settlers has released a video for ‘Wounded Heart’, first single taken from the new album Oblivion’s Legacy to be released on May 17 by Scarlet Records. ‘Wounded Heart’ evokes a visceral journey through the tumultuous currents of existence, where time’s relentless march leaves shattered dreams and non-stop haste in its wake. A song to remember that each scar becomes a badge of resilience amidst the ashes of adversity, as the wounded heart remains steadfast in the face of hopelessness and isolation, enduring the toll that time exacts on soul. [via Brave Words]

Gothic metal band, Blackbriar, have just released a brand new song titled ‘Moonflower.’ Featuring UK based/Russian born singer-songwriter, Marjana Seminka, the track comes with its own music video. This is their first music since the release of A Dark Euphony in September 2023. The band are also out on tour in the US from May 9, then in Europe and the UK later in the year. Catch the new video below. [via Ghost Cult Mag]

‘Lullaby’ is the latest music video from UK metal band Skarlett Riot. The release is part of the build-up to their highly anticipated album set to launch in 2024. Speaking about the track the band state: “’Lullaby’ expresses the emotions we go through at some point in our lives when we experience the loss of a loved one. We hope you can connect with this track as much as we did when writing it and I hope it brings a smile or two and warmth when you hear the lyrics. Writing these lyrics definitely brought some pretty personal memories back and it helped me to relive those precious moments again through song writing.” [via Primordial Radio]

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