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Anette Olzon, the former powerhouse vocalist of Nightwish and one-half of the dynamic duo behind The Dark Element alongside Jani Liimatainen, is proudly releasing her new single and video ‘Rapture’, which is also the title track of her highly anticipated third solo album, out on May 10 via Frontiers Music. “I’m so happy to release my third single, Rapture, with an amazing video made by Patric Ulleus” – Anette says. “Rapture is also the album’s name, and this song is probably the catchiest song on it! Enjoy it!”

Exsomnis is an atmospheric and melodic powerhouse in progressive gothic metal, hailing from Montreal, Canada and they are proud to announce the release of their debut single, ‘Inertia’. This haunting track delves deep into the abyss of existential contemplation, enveloping listeners in a symphony of gloomy soundscapes, haunting riffs, and orchestral grandeur. Vocalist Viky Boyer comments on the track: “’Inertia’ is one of the earliest songs we wrote and one of the songs I spent the most time writing and re-writing. With every scrap of lyrics and melody, I felt like I was getting closer to the message I actually wanted to put out. I am also very glad that the band was on board with me including some French spoken words in the song, sort of like a mini poem, as I feel like it really completes the vision I had for it. I really hope my experience with the theme of the song will resonate with the listeners, partly for my artistic ego, but also as a sign that I am not alone struggling with those particular feelings of dread when it comes to life choices.”

The hard rock sensation, Beautiful Skeletons, is proud to announce the release of their gripping new music video, ‘Letter to a Narcissist’. The track stands out from their highly anticipated EP, Temperance, set to launch on May 10 via Wormholedeath. ‘Letter to a Narcissist’ is a dark, melodic journey that blends haunting vocals with Beautiful Skeletons’ signature gritty and intense sound. This song is about the painful realization that you’ve been manipulated. The lyrics explore the journey from justifying a narcissist’s behavior to recognizing the damage they’ve caused. Ultimately, it’s about taking back your power and confronting the abuse you’ve endured.

Rising symphonic metal force ELVELLON released their second single and next harbinger, ‘My Forever Endeavour’, taken from their upcoming new album, Ascending in Synergy, set for release on May 17. The track convinces with an enchanting, uplifting intro building up to a strong chorus that is topped by Nele Messerschmidt’s magnificent vocal skills, inviting the listener to get lost in dreamy worlds. [via Metal Planet]

Lacuna Coil have dropped a crushing new song called ‘In the Mean Time’ that features soaring vocals from New Years Day singer Ash Costello. The track is Lacuna Coil’s first since their 2023 one-off ‘Never Dawn,’ and it’s ostensibly the first taste of the band’s upcoming new album, which frontwoman Cristina Scabbia teased to Revolver late last year. “‘In The Mean Time’ is a reflection on how much our society has generally ‘lost the plot,'” Lacuna said in a press statement. “We are living in really mean times filled with unhappy people: lonely, anxious, depressed, destructive. The pressure that crushes from the outside doesn’t allow to see things with the right clarity. This song is like group therapy: not a lamentation, but acceptance that once broken, it’s hard to put oneself back together again. We need to take our minds off all the inescapable toxicity and find that there’s so much more to this life…and know that in the meantime, everything cannot be aligned. We invited Ash Costello from New Years Day to feature on the track and we’re thrilled she came on board adding exactly what we needed for this song with her warm voice and charisma.” [via Revolver]

Renowned symphonic metal band XANDRIA have unveiled a catchy brand-new single, entitled ‘Universal’, accompanied by a mesmerizing official video. The track, mixed by acclaimed Danish producer Jacob Hansen, harmoniously combines symphonic choruses and captivating refrains with classic heavy metal guitar work. XANDRIA about ‘Universal’: “We have been overwhelmed by the amazing feedback for our album The Wonders Still Awaiting and are so grateful for our wonderful fans! All this positive energy inspired us to write new music quickly, and here is the first song of the new music waiting for you! We hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for your support! In memory of Jina Mahsa Amini and for all the brave people everywhere else in the world who fight for human rights. Human rights are universal. But they are not respected everywhere, and where they are, they can be taken away again. That means that we all need to be constantly defending them, and we need to be standing together with all people in the world for that. ” [via FrontView Mag]

Polish heavy metal act, Crystal Viper, will release their new studio album, The Silver Key, on June 28 via Listenable Records. The band have also released the new digital single, ‘Fever Of The Gods’. Watch a video for the song below. Band leader Marta Gabriel comments: “Not counting the intro (which is entitled ‘Return To Providence’), ‘Fever Of The Gods’ is the opening song of the album, and the first single. We all agreed, that if we would need to show the world what the new album is all about with just 1 song, it needs to be this one. It is fast, very dynamic, and it has some new elements, but also very classic riffing and harmonies, and its chorus is very easy to remember. We also filmed a video for this song, together with the Grupa 13 production house. They did some amazing videos for bands such as Kreator, Arch Enemy or Behemoth, so we knew our song will be in right hands. Lyrics for ‘Fever Of The Gods’ are a story about meeting various shapeless forms during a dream-quest of Kadath. Lovecraft fans will probably have a big smile on their faces right now!” [via Brave New Words]

DEFENCES have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘The Curse’, is the brand new single from the Hertfordshire-based alternative metal band and marks their first new music since 2021’s In The Balance. The release of the new single comes as the band sign with Long Branch Records. Speaking about the new song, vocalist Cherry Duesbury says, “’The Curse’ is a song about feeling like the universe is against you, trying to sabotage your every endeavour despite your best efforts to achieve something. The feeling of being just a little too late, or pipped to the post, and having to start over again. To demonstrate this, it references the individual struggles of trying to be creative in an oversaturated industry, focusing on the internal fortitude required to not only persevere but to enjoy creativity for its own sake. By making these fears and inadequacies into a character, we wanted to show how powerful this feeling of being cursed can seem, and the importance of recognising and accepting it as part of yourself.” [via Distorted Sound]

Red Handed Denial, who recently announced the May 24 release of their new album, A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia (Paid Vacation Records), have released a second song and video from the 10-song album: ‘One More Night’. “This might be my favorite song we’ve ever done, definitely my favorite on the album,” vocalist Lauren Babic says of the four-minute track. “There’s something special about it. I think it’s a really fresh take on what rock/metal can be by combining EDM and future bass elements. It’s not the heaviest on the album by any means, but there is a heaviness and sense of despair that translates in the vocal delivery so powerfully.” [via FrontView Mag]

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