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Finnish rock sensations Ginger Evil are proudly unveiling their first official single and video, ‘Rainmaker’ via Frontiers Music. An energetic blast of rock,”Rainmaker is an empowering song for those who are in a ruff spot in their lives. It brings a beam of hope to the darkness and reminds of how important it is to stand by one another, during hard times.” – says singer Ella Tepponen. “But it’s not either too heavy or serious, and is a fun rock jam to sing along, especially the bridge/chorus-parts!.” – she continues.

Brazilian Rock band MALVADA is releasing its new single and video, ‘Veneno’ via Frontiers Music. The first song written with the band’s new line-up and the first to be released on Frontiers, ‘Veneno’ is a piece about duality and women’s psychology, as stated by singer Indira Castillo: “These lyrics describe a lot about what it is to be a woman, about our dualities, about what it is to be poison and at the same time our own antidote. I hope that people communicate and identify with this duality that exists in human being.” “’Veneno’, for me, is the light and shadow that exists in human beings, which is very present in female psychology. It is precisely about the importance of duality” – adds bassist Rafaela Reoli. Musically, “’Veneno’ it’s the juice of national pop rock” – according to drummer Juliana Salgado. “We took a little bit of everything we like to hear in Brazilian rock music, put it together and it turned out in something really… Malvada.” Guitarist Bruna Tsuruda also recalls how Veneno “was the first song we made together with the new formation, and that’s why it’s so special: it was the first sign of the new era. We flowed very easily and Veneno was the proof that the new formation would flow easily.

Canadian blackened death symphonic metal band Valfreya is proud to announce the release of their sixth album Dawn of Reckoning on May 24. To whet the palettes of those who enjoy epic and dark metal, now they are releasing a lyric video for the single ‘The Rise’. The concept album sees the band take their darkest turn as they lean into the blackened end of the metal spectrum and follow the goddess Hel as she wreaks havoc upon humanity. The band comments on the album: “Dawn of Reckoning is a concept album. The main theme revolves around the anger of the goddess Hel which plays the metaphorical role of a fatal justice towards a guilty humanity. The songs convey this anger, but also a range of intense emotions related to the execution of humankind. Musically, you will hear dark symphonies, epic choirs, versatile vocals alongside tumultuous guitars and violin riffs.”

LEAGUE OF DISTORTION have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘My Hate Will Go On’, is the brand new single from the German modern metal band and marks their first new music since their self-titled debut album, which was released back in November 2022. Speaking about the new single, the band says, “yes, we are back with a new song that is like a good punch in your face. Provocative and strong as ever, with a deep message processing injustice. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and are proud to share this new song and video with you now. This is a promise that we will not surrender and there will be more from LEAGUE OF DISTORTION coming soon.” [via Distorted Sound]

Canadian modern power metal icons UNLEASH THE ARCHERS recently announced the upcoming release of their massive sixth studio album, Phantoma, out May 10 via Napalm Records. Following the album’s first two singles ‘Green & Glass’ and ‘Ghosts In The Mist’, the Vancouver based five-piece has revealed their soaring third single, ‘Seeking Vengeance,’ along with a new music video. Beginning with a fast paced guitar lead and modernized power metal attacks, the song entrances with a powerful chorus and intricate dual solo. On the new concept album, listeners join protagonist Phantoma, a Phase 4 / Network Tier 0 unit – model A, on an inspiring yet harrowing journey as she discovers the brutal truths behind the manufactured sheen of social media posturing on a dystopian, near-future planet earth. With the band’s one-of-a-kind blend of power metal, traditional heavy metal, modern prog and pop sensibilities, Phantoma spins a web of sharp musicality, high sci-fi concept and important social commentary. Brittney Slayes of UNLEASH THE ARCHERS says about ‘Seeking Vengeance’: “This is the moment in the story when Phantoma comes to terms with what she must do and who she must become in order to do it. We worked really hard to make sure the music reflects the energy of the moment, and I think the video does a great job of portraying the inner struggle as well. This was filmed and edited by the boys at RuneGate Studio and they focused on using lighting and different lenses to create a dynamic visual experience. The song is the darkest moment of the album but it is juxtaposed with an uplifting chorus melody that was actually inspired by classic Disney ’hero anthems’. This one was a unanimous single choice for us and we can’t wait to play it live for you all at our upcoming shows! Hope you enjoy.” [via Outburn]

AD INFINITUM have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Outer Space’, is the brand new single from the Swiss/German symphonic metal band and marks their first new music since their latest studio record, Chapter III: Downfall, which was released in March last year. Speaking about the new single, the band shares, “welcome to a new page of the AD INFINITUM story where a new era begins. A journey from the ominous darkness of the Abyss to the freeing and energizing dreamscapes of Elysium, passing through the hope and empowerment found at the Surface. Discover our new single Outer Space, a song that resounds like a sincere and intimate piece of a diary. A grey lullaby tinted with a few drops of hopeful colors.” [via Distorted Sound]

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