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KOTA!, the dynamic and genre-defying artist known for her infectious blend of rock-pop fusion, is excited to share her new single ‘Killin It’. The single is an anthem of empowerment and resilience and is available now on all streaming platforms. The song showcases KOTA!’s signature style and reflects her deep-seated passion for music and storytelling. ‘Killin It’ is inspired by a tarot reading that sparked a conversation about strength and empowerment, ‘Killin It’ is a tribute to resilience in the face of societal challenges. KOTA! shares, “This song is for all of us who have been pushed down by society, and I hope it’ll especially be a girl power anthem!” Produced in collaboration with Asa Bennett, the track combines heavy riffs, catchy pop melodies, and anthemic rock energy, reminiscent of influences like No Doubt and Nirvana. Describing the creative process behind ‘Killin It,’ KOTA! recalls, “The tag line, ‘I’m killin’ it,’ came immediately—it seemed like the perfect anthem lyric to show off the strength we all have inside.” Drawing from her diverse musical upbringing and early experiences in the industry, KOTA! has crafted a song that resonates with authenticity and power.

Australian metal outfit Ammify is thrilled to unleash the powerful music video for their soul-stirring track ‘Favourite,’ featured on their acclaimed album Lost, Not Hiding, released via Wormholedeath Records. ‘Favourite’ is a heartfelt reflection on love and loss. Through intense lyrics and emotive melodies, this song delves into the depths of heartbreak and longing. Join us on a journey of raw emotion as we explore the complexities of moving on after a relationship ends. From the relief of finally being able to breathe freely to the lingering memories of a past love’s smile, ‘Favourite’ encapsulates the bittersweet reality of saying goodbye. Experience the power of music to capture the essence of human emotion in its purest form.

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS has released the third single, ‘Tonight I’m Alive,’ taken from their new album, Pirates II – Armada out now 2024 via Napalm Records. The percussive ‘Tonight I’m Alive’ surprises and captivates with the rhythms of a pirate party on the eve of combat, with the electrifying rumble of a hurricane – a unique, uncharted showcase of talent from VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. The song contains an uplifting melody and invites to conquer the seven seas with Pirate queen Clémentine Delauney and brave captain Michele Guaitoli on a pirate armada. Clémentine Delauney herself on ‘Tonight I’m Alive’: “We stand on the eve of a dark future, with threats, enemies and clouds gathering in every direction. On the edge of this cliff, staring into the void that awaits us, one could flee, one could lose their mind. We, pirates, we dance. We dance in the face of danger and death. We honor life; we honor our existence. We remember that the purity of our hearts and souls can never be taken away from us. We remember that in this very moment, we’re alive. Come what may, we’ll dance in the rain.” [via Outburn]

Multinational Gothic metal outfit, Imperia, have released a video for ‘Reach My Tears’, the new single from their upcoming album, Dark Paradise, out July 26 via Massacre Records.

Prepare to be swept away by the raw power and unrelenting energy of MOYRA‘s latest single, ‘Will Never Die.’ Hailing from Poland, this melodic death metal band delivers a blistering performance, showcasing their signature blend of ferocity and melody. With powerful growling vocals that echo through every verse, this track stands as a testament to the band’s unwavering spirit and commitment to their art. ‘Will Never Die’ is an anthem of resilience and defiance. The lyrics speak of heroes who remain true to themselves, never backing down despite the relentless attempts to break them. The chorus, with its haunting refrain “Will never die,” captures the essence of the band’s fight for authenticity and perseverance. MOYRA transforms deception into a battle for life, urging listeners to tear down walls and leave hatred behind. This single is more than just a song; it’s a rallying cry for those who refuse to give in. MOYRA’s powerful performance and the lyrical intensity of ‘Will Never Die’ will penetrate your soul, leaving an indelible mark. Get ready to join the ranks of the undenied and experience the unstoppable force that is MOYRA. [via DarkTunes]

London based Middle Eastern progressive doom band, Lowen, have just dropped their new single ‘The Seed That Dreamed Of Its Own Creation,’ along with its own music video. The track comes from their next album, Do Not Go To War With The Demons Of Mazandaran, which is due out on October 4, via Church Road Records. The latest single showcases a lot of the band’s electicisms, whilst shining an extra strong spotlight on Nina Saeidi‘s incredible vocal abilities. The band have detailed in their own words the meaning and background of the latest single: “’The Seed That Dreamed Of Its Own Creation’ is written and sung entirely in Farsi, the language of Iran. The song is about Azhi Dahāka, a serpent tyrant from ancient Iranian mythology that is overthrown after a violent reign of chaos, drought and instability. Zoroastrian eschatology is considered one of the oldest on earth and I was loosely inspired by its descriptions of the end of the world, but I wanted to introduce an element of hope to the song as well. The music video for this song shows Farsi calligraphy being painted on my body before being subsumed into a pool of black ink. It’s a horror-laden and simplistic exploration of the power of the written word. Words like “life, death, woman, fire and freedom”. They are all related both to the apocalypse, and the treatment of women in Iran in the continuing fight for freedom in the Woman, Life Freedom movement. Apocalypse is about the end of the world as we see it, not necessarily the end of our lives within it. After the end there must be hope.” [via Ghost Cult Mag]

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