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Getting To Know: RAHH

After spending the last few months releasing a wave of broad and progressive efforts, including ‘Weave My Web’, ‘Run The Lights’, and the recent Ashoka collaboration ‘Good Tonight’, fast-rising R&B artist RAHH has now released her eagerly-awaited debut EP I Told You We’d Be Famous, alongside the stunning new single ‘OKAY’.

As an artist that never looks to pigeonhole herself within any confined space, her debut collection I Told You We’d Be Famous will continue that broad and adventurous spirit she has pursued to date. Bringing together her passionate and vibrant releases so far this year, her latest endeavour looks to cement her as a fresh and exciting name emerging on the UK’s progressive R&B scene.

We had a chat with RAHH all about what she’s been up to, the EP, her creative process and more. Read the Q&A below.

Hi! Hows it going? What have you been up to?

“The sun is baking hot so it’s going great! I love London in the sun. Things are busy, in a good way! I’m currently on tour with Liam Gallagher singing backing vocals, so I’m just back from an incredible 2 nights at Knebworth and in-between European festivals – I’m headed out to Spain today. Feels so great to be able to travel and work again.”

You’ve just released your debut EP I Told You We’d Be Famous. It must be so exciting to have your first body of work out in the world! What can you tell us about the record and what do you hope listeners take away from it?

“It is exciting. The EP is electronic RnB and its a collection of songs I wrote about why we’re all hurting and what we’re doing to distract ourselves from it. It’s the time when you realise your upbringing is having an influence on you, or you’re heartbroken for the first time, or lonely. Maybe just lost, skint and confused. It’s a lot of feelings and a lot of pretending they’re not there.

“I hope the listeners can relate and find themselves somewhere in the lyrics. If it can provoke some thought and reflection, that’d be perfect.”

What was your creative process for the EP like? What did you enjoy most about it and were there any challenges?

“I wrote ‘Home’ with my Brother and we came up with the beginning ideas of ‘OKAY’ together. I developed ‘OKAY’ further with another writer in Sweden. The others came from writing sessions and then were handed to producers, one of whom is Gloria Kaba (Frank Ocean, Solange, Kanye West). Gloria suggested Ashoka to feature on ‘Good Tonight’ which was a highlight. I also collaborated with tech company Wonder14 to create an animated video for the lead track, Run the lights. A lot of thought process and development went into creating the world of the video. So there are real mix of methods for this record.

“I have created a fashion brand for called Overkill Apparel which incorporates. All products and methods are fully sustainable. It’s a collection of oversized T-shirts and hoodies with embroidered poignant lyrics or song titles from the tracks on the EP. One of my favourite parts of the journey has been seeing the designs come to life and to be able to wear them myself. You can find Overkill Apparel on my website

“Hearing positive feedback is the most enjoyable part, when people get it and connect with the music. Budget and deadlines are always the challenge as an independent artist. We had some trouble getting some of the creative assets on time along the way which in turn knocks the releases back, but we found a way around it and here we are!”

Do you have any shows coming up in support of the record?

“At the moment I’m very busy with the Liam Gallagher tour but I’m hoping to book some gigs in in Autumn. Keep an eye on my Instagram for news!”

Finally, based on your musical journey so far, what has been your biggest takeway/piece of advice?

“Without a doubt it’s from Dave Stewart. Whilst singing with Dave, we’d be waiting side of stage ready to go on and he’d quietly say to me ‘ Go crazy’. Dave always encourages me to let go, be free on stage and to have fun, that way the audience has fun and they’re capturing something special. I carry this advice with me all the time.”

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