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Photo credit: Samuel Houston


Marci – the solo project of TOPS’ Marta Cikojevic – presents to us her debut self-titled album.

Produced by Cikojevic’s TOPS bandmate David Carriere, the songs comprising Marci are thoughtfully arranged, with plenty of space allowing each element to shine independently. Carrierre and Cikojevic approached Marci with the idea that they wanted to craft hits—songs that were catchy and danceable while still being emotionally honest and down-to-earth. The result is a guileless collection of synth pop songs that brim with unabashed sincerity. Marci is about finding catharsis in all its forms, whether it be through a crying session behind closed doors or the euphoria that hits when you hear your favorite song on the radio.

Marci was put together over the course of a year in a Montreal apartment reminiscent of a 1993 pawnshop, full of synthesizers and obscure instruments dating back to the 1980s. The songs were written on Rhodes and bass and then fleshed out with harmonies, guitars, samplers, and FM and analogue synthesizers—and a little help from their friends. Rounding out the band on Marci are Mitch Davis, Rene Wilson, Austin Tufts (Braids) on drums, and Chloé Soldevila (Anemone), Adam Byczkowski (Better Person) and Jane Penny (TOPS) on backing vocals.

This fall, Marci will kick off her debut solo North American tour, starting in Montreal on Sat. Oct. 8th. She’ll play Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto before wrapping up the tour in Los Angeles on Fri. Oct. 28th.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Marta all about the project and album, taking Marci on tour and more! Read the interview below.

Hi Marta! How are you? What does a typical day look like for you at the moment?

“Hi She Makes Music! I’m well thank you! Thanks for having me:) My typical day is looking a lot like me relaxing and also meeting up with friends since I just got back from a long tour (with TOPS), also starting to plan the Marci live show.”

You have just released your debut solo album Marci which is about finding catharsis in all its forms. Why was now the right time to strike out on your own and make such a record? And what do you hope fans take away from it?

“It just felt right for me to make a move.. I felt confident in myself. I hope fans will also feel confident and happy while listening to it.”

What did you draw inspiration from sonically for this record/who were you listening to around the time of writing it?

“Alot of 80s and 90s pop and R&B, rock, a little bit of everything honestly. Here are three songs that might encapsulate the mood: Brandy- Full moon, Rodney Crowell- Aint no Money, The S.O.S Band- Just Be Good to Me.”

Photo credit: Samuel Houston

What was your creative process for Marci like? What was your favourite part making the album? Did you face any challenges?

“I always write on keys, and record everything at every step, piece it together and keep playing it till it makes sense. That way I have a demo I can show David and we can make the song kick butt. My favourite part was working with David and making the songs come to life with more instruments. I also looove singing. Challenge wise, it was very hard to pick a track listing haha.”

We’ve seen some fantastic visuals for the singles you’ve released from the album. What or who has been the biggest influences on the aethestics for the project?

“My biggest influences for the project were my friends.. They are all so talented and inspiring. Everyone who worked on any visual is someone who I really respect artistically and personally. For example, years before the album even existed I knew that Justin Aranha would be the one to shoot the cover.. He has been a friend for over 10 years, we’ve worked together on so many different projects.”

You must be excited to tour the new record later this year. I’m assuming things will be a bit different compared to performing with TOPS. What are you looking forward to the most about bringing Marci to the stage?

“I’m very much looking forward to singing!! Yaaay it’s gonna feel so good.”

Which of the songs are you most excited see the reaction to? How do you want people to feel when they leave your shows?

“I’m most excited to hear ‘Immaterial Girl’ live, the vocals are so sassy so it will be fun to enjoy with an audience. Ok but also ‘Entertainment’ … Im hoping that intro gets people pumped! I want people to feel energized after they see a Marci show, energized and ready to party haha.”

You worked with your TOPS bandmate David Carriere on Marci. Is there anyone else you would love to work/collaborate with in the future and why?

“Definitely! I’m a big fan of Cecile Believe, and Dev Hynes. Would also be fun to make a party song with my pal Chloe Soldevila (who filmed the ‘Immaterial Girl’ music video). I bumped into Marie Davidson yesterday… she’s so cool, i’d love to collaborate with her too.”

Based on your musical journey thus far, what would you say has been your biggest takeaway/piece of advice?

“Don’t be afraid to just go for it! Lean into what you got going on…”

Finally, what’s next for you? Do you plan on continuing the Marci project?

“Oh yes.. Marci is making more tunes. I’m hoping to release more music soon after the record is out. Also very excited to start rehearsing and playing these shows live!! Ahh! Lets goooo!”

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