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Joanie releases new single ‘Schadenfreude’

Joanie has unveiled her new single ‘Schadenfreude’ today via Permanent Creeps. ‘Schadenfreude’ has been produced by fellow music adventurer Jessica Winter. It’s disco-inflected, elegant pop that is smart and confident and the perfect introduction to this compelling new artist.

The track is taken from Joanie’s forthcoming debut EP, Neurotica. The record pulls you into the darkness, captivating the listener with its siren songs. Drown out the floods and slowly scorching earth with disco decadence and melodic hooks, all grounded in the unique, spellbinding charisma of Joanie. The modern world can feel dystopian, but Joanie invites you to dance away the fear with glitter and excess, with an EP produced by Jessica Winter.

On the track Joanie says: “‘Schadenfreude’ interrogates the sickness of the modern age, where the downfall of celebrated women is entertainment. Kind of a female take on what Ballard talks about. I was listening to a lot of late 70s disco songs when Schadenfreude was born. I felt this frustration about our culture of deriving pleasure from the downfall of others and at the same time, being house-bound during the pandemic I was compelled to dance and move and make music which would accommodate that need, in others.”

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  1. Charlton Forsyth

    Absolutely spellbinding!

  2. Olivia Langton

    Brilliant ! A wonderful talent ❤️

  3. Aralyn Hughes

    Bold and Impressive….a talent that I did not see or know when she was in Texas aspiring to make Cowboy boots

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