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Abby Sage reveals stunning new single ‘The Florist’

LA/London based alt-pop artist Abby Sage announces her forthcoming sophomore EP The Florist out October 21 via Nettwerk. The announcement arrives with the release of the stunning title track single.

Abby Sage’s upcoming EP is fueled by a love for character sketches, with each song becoming a tiny play or narrative. Take the new single ‘The Florist,’ and its depiction of a woman who can bring beauty to the lives of others. “I’m someone who’s so protective of their friends,” shares Abby. “When something is broken, I want to fix it. And a florist is someone who through their actions makes a room prettier – because flowers always manage to do that.”

Commanded by a pillowy production, deliberately impassive vocals, and a skittering drumbeat, ‘The Florist’ is an appetizing slice of soulful indie goodness. Gentle and quiet songwriting is at the forefront, with labelmate Boy Willows providing a hand in co-writing a portion of this beautiful and sweeping track that enthralls with notable and radiant power.


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